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What is Current Catalog?

Current® began in 1950 in Colorado Springs, CO. They sell stationary, checks, address labels, wrapping paper, calendars, unique gifts, puzzles, list pads, and of course thank you note cards!

New products are added often and they stock seasonal/holiday items (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.). There are often (always?) sales and buy one get one free offers.

Current® is ideal for people looking for quality cards and other items at great, budget friendly, prices.

My history with Current Catalog

To be fair, I will share my long history with Current Catalog. My mom began shopping with Current Catalog in 1968 and still orders from their catalog to this day. That’s over 45 years of doing business with the same company. Talk about loyalty! This also means that I have been using Current Catalog products my entire life (or least since I have been old enough to write).

Up until the time I started Tons of Thanks, I had never ordered an item myself through Current Catalog. My mom always added the stuff I wanted on her order. And sometimes she would give me items as gifts. So, for the first time ever, a made an online order.

Current Catalog Thank you for Order

Website experience (not the mobile version)

I like cats. A LOT. Naturally, I decided that my order should include note cards with cats on them. I choose a cat card that is blank on the inside so that I can use them for thank you notes or any other kind of note. I also ordered some stickers and owl thank you note cards as they were “buy one get one free”.

The search tool is not perfect. When I entered cat into the search box, many items were returned that were not cat related. Perhaps, “cat” makes up part of another keyword? Having to search for what I wanted more than once was a bit frustrating. I just wanted to see the cat stuff. When I searched for “cats” I got better results.

Update 8/30/2014: Current has improved the search functionality! Searching for “cat” provides more cat results as I would have expected.

Current Catalog Quick Order Form
Current Catalog Quick Order Form

There is a feature on the website called Quick Order Form. This is convenient for people that pick out items in the printed catalog and want to place their order online.

They can enter the product codes and quantity from the catalog without having to search for each item on the website. A catalog can be requested via on the website.

Update 8/30/2014: Since initially writing this post, the link to the “Quick Order Form” as been moved to the bottom of the Current Home Page as “Catalog Quick Order”.

Limited Mobile site

A catalog was in the box with my order. On the back of it was a QR Code. So I scanned with my phone to see the “hot mobile deals”. There were indeed deals. Unfortunately, that is all there was on the mobile version of the site. It has a link to the full site, but it is not mobile friendly. This does not make it easy to shop from your phone.

Thank you note selection

Current carries a large variety of cards that have Thanks or Thank You on the front. This includes a large selection that can be personalized. There are also many cards with pictures on the front that are blank on the inside and could be used as a thank you note.

Finding thank you note cards that will work for a wedding thank you notes was a bit tricky. Typing in “wedding thank you” into the search box did not reveal any items! I kept digging. I found many formal cards in the Personalized Thank You Note Cards section that could work for wedding thank you notes. An alternative (and more expensive) option are the thank you notes on Minted.

Quality, Cost, and Shipping

The quality of Current items is excellent. However, I would not describe them as “high end”. The thank you note cards are not flimsy. The paper weight is standard. It is not cheap, but also not super thick. The stickers are great too. They do not feel like they will rip in off when removing them from the backer.

Excluding shipping, my order total was $13.54 (apparently they do not charge sales tax). That included 12 cat Note cards (customized with my name), 20 Owl thank you cards, 124 Woodland critters stickers, 100 flower stickers. I’d say that is a great deal!

Items in my Current Catalog Order
Items in my Current Catalog Order

Tip: if you sign for their email list you will receive an email with a coupon code in it.

I did this in reverse order! Before making your first order, take a minute to sign up and get a discount. My discount was for 15% of my order. The promotion in the email could change over time.

Shipping on my order was $7.99. I was surprised by this as I’ve become used to free shipping or the $3.99 option when buying things on Amazon. The good news is, in my order, I received a coupon for $2.99 off my next order (when made by a particular date). The shipping time was about a week.

A surprise in the box

Along with my order came advertisements for other items that are not related to Current. For example, I received a sample of pills to relieve leg cramps. I suppose Current probably makes money for including these “extras” but I feel like it was just clutter in my box. While I found this a little weird, it was easy enough to ignore.


Current Catalog has a wide variety of items and many choices for thank you notes. The online search tool is a bit quirky but with a bit of persistence, you can find what you are looking for. Current is a wonderful source to meet your thank you note needs for nearly every occasion. Current items are great for the price!!! In my lifetime, I have rarely (if ever) been disappointed with a Current item.

Have you ordered items from Current Catalog? What do you think?

Note: I am an affiliate for, Amazon,and Minted. If you follow the links from this page to their sites and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Your support is appreciated. Thank you!

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