Thank You Note Sentence Starters With Examples

One challenging aspect of writing thank-you notes is coming up with what to say in the notes. Examples of thank-you note wording can help.

Another method is sentence completion exercises and using sentence starters.

Sentence completion exercises can help you focus and organize your thoughts. The result can be used to write a meaningful thank-you note in your own words.

Sentence Completion For Thank-you Notes

Complete one or more of the following sentences regarding what the thank-you note is for. This could be a gift, act of service, for dinner, etc.

In the examples below, substitute “gift” with what is appropriate for your thank-you note situation.

Pick 1, 2, or 3 that seem easy to answer. Then, use your responses to help write the thank-you note. I’ll show you a few examples.

  • I am thankful for the gift because…
  • The person helped me with…
  • The event was meaningful because…
  • I am thankful for the act of service because…
  • When I received the gift, I felt…
  • The reason I appreciate this gift is…
  • I will spend the money I received on…
  • I will save the money I received for…
  • What I liked best about this gift is…
  • One more thing I liked…

Thank You Sentence Starter Examples

Here are a few thank-you sentence starters:

  1. Thank you for the ____.
  2. I was happy that you___. 
  3. I appreciate you for____.
  4. Thanks for helping me with____.
  5. You’re a great friend. I am thank for your _____.

Thank You Sentence Exercise #1

For this example, I will pretend that I received a cat t-shirt as a gift from my friend Alice.

I am thankful for the gift because…I love cats.
What I liked best about this gift is…The design of the T-shirt and the color of it.

The thank-you note:

Dear Alice,

Thank you for the cat T-shirt. I like the unique design and am happy to add another cat t-shirt to my collection. Also, choosing purple as the color was perfect for me!

Thanks Again!

Thank You Sentence Exercise #2

The gift of $50 for my birthday from my grandma

I am thankful for the gift because…having a bit of extra money is fun to spend
When I received this gift, I felt…excited to spend it
I will spend the money I received on… a new swimsuit

Tip: When writing a thank-you note for cash, the amount does not need to be mentioned).

Hi Grandma,

Thank you for the birthday money! I am excited to spend it on a new swimsuit. I’ve had my eye on one for a while. I hope to see you soon.


Thank You Sentence Exercise #3

My friend Ann, who brought me food after my surgery

The person helped me with….meals
The event was meaningful because…I didn’t have to worry about cooking.
I am thankful for the act of service because…I was unable to do it myself.

Dear Ann,

I am glad I did not have to worry about cooking after my surgery. I could not stand long enough to make anything for a few days. Thank you so much for bringing over two casseroles. The egg and sausage one was fantastic for breakfast. The kids loved the lasagna casserole. We enjoyed your cooking.

Best regards,
Heidi and the kids

Thank You Sentence Exercise #4

My boss, Bob, took me to a networking event

The event was meaningful because…I met many new contacts in the industry. I made two appointments for lunch next week with potential new customers. The company finds value in networking.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for taking me to the networking event at the Local Convention Center last week. I enjoyed meeting new contacts in our industry. I also set up two lunches with people interested in our product! I am pleased that our company appreciates the value of networking in person. I am already looking forward to the next event!


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