14 Quick Tips To Be a Good Gift Giver

Discover the thrill of giving your friends and loved ones the perfect gift. 

These gift-giving tips will increase your chances of giving someone a gift they actually want. No more re-gifting! 

Choosing the Best Gifts

Good Gift Giver - Choosing the Best Gifts
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The best gifts are thoughtful and personal, tailored to the recipient’s interests and preferences. 

They can be practical or sentimental, but they should always show that the giver has put effort into considering what the recipient would truly appreciate. 

Pay Attention to Their Interests

Good Gift Giver - Pay Attention to Their Interests
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Consider the recipient’s interests and preferences. Take note of what the person enjoys, such as hobbies, favorite foods, and activities. 

Paying attention to what they like can help you choose a gift tailored to their interests and personality. And also, this will help you pick a gift they are more likely to appreciate and use.

Get Creative

Good Gift Giver - Get Creative
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Think outside the box and consider unique gift ideas that the person may not have considered themselves.

For example, you could give them an experience, like a cooking class or a concert ticket.

Consider the Occasion

Good Gift Giver - Consider the Occasion
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The type of gift you choose will depend on the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

Select a gift that is appropriate for the occasion and reflects your relationship with the person.

Details Matter

Good Gift Giver - Presentation Matters
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Put thought into the presentation. Take the time to wrap the gift nicely or put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. It shows that you put effort and care into the present.

Consider Their Needs – Practical Gifts

Good Gift Giver - Practical Gifts
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Listen to their needs. Sometimes, the best gift you can give someone is something they really need. 

Listen to their complaints and try to address a problem, like a new kitchen gadget if they’ve been struggling with cooking or a gift certificate for a massage if they’ve been feeling stressed.

Gifts that are useful and can be used regularly are usually appreciated. 


Good Gift Giver - Quality
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Gifts that are well-made and built to last can demonstrate the giver’s commitment to providing a thoughtful and lasting gift.

Rather than giving multiple smaller gifts, consider investing in one high-quality item that the recipient will love and use for a long time.

Higher Cost Doesn’t Mean Better

Good Gift Giver - The Cost
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Don’t focus on the price. A more expensive gift doesn’t necessarily mean a better gift. 

Focus on choosing a meaningful gift tailored to the person rather than how much you spend.

Be Mindful

Good Gift Giver - Mindful
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Be mindful of cultural and religious differences.

If you are giving a gift to someone from a different culture or religion, take the time to learn about their customs and traditions. This can help you choose a gift that is appropriate and respectful.

Personalize the Gift

Good Gift Giver - Personalize
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Adding a personal touch to a gift can make it feel more special and meaningful. Consider adding a handwritten note, engraving, or customization to make the gift more personal.

Gifts that are personalized with the recipient’s name, initials, or other meaningful details show that the giver has put thought and effort into selecting the gift.

Give An Experience Instead of Things

Good Gift Giver - Experiences Instead of Things
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Instead of a physical gift, consider gifting an experience, such as a cooking class, concert tickets, or a weekend getaway. 

Experiential gifts, such as tickets to a concert or a weekend getaway, can create lasting memories, provide an opportunity to have new experiences, and be more meaningful than material items.

Unique Gifts

Good Gift Giver - Unique Gifts
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Unique gifts can be especially memorable and show that the giver has gone above and beyond to find something special.

Remember to keep the previous tips mentioned to be sure a unique gift will be something they actually like. For instance, you can get them a treadmill if they are interested in fitness.

Ask Them

Good Gift Giver - Ask Them
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The quickest way to choose a gift that someone wants is to ask them what they would like. 

Some people may appreciate this method, while others may feel disappointed that you needed to ask them. However, they will get a gift they like, and you’ll know their preference the next time you want to choose a gift for them. 

Keep the Gift Receipt

Good Gift Giver - Keep the Gift Receipt
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Even if you put a lot of thought into a gift, it’s always a good idea to include a gift receipt just in case the recipient needs to exchange or return the item.

Ultimately, the best gifts make the recipient feel seen, appreciated, and valued.

More From Tons of Thanks

Good Gift Giver - Thank You Gifts
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Sometimes looking at a list of gifts can provide inspiration. 

You may like our list of gift ideas when giving someone a thank-you gift. 

Finding a Gift Can Take Patience

Skeleton Waiting Meme - Patience is a Virtue
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Choosing a good gift can take some time and may test your patience. It will be worth it when the person is happy with the gift.

Meanwhile, enjoy some more skeleton waiting memes. 

Author: Josh Petrawski


Josh Petrawski is the CEO of Sports & Fitness Exchange