How To Say Thank You After Writing a Guest Post

A guest post is when you share a post on someone else’s blog or website that provides value to their readers. This makes the other person the guest post host. Guest posting is usually done as a marketing strategy.

The first guest post I did was on Jon Stolpe’s blog. I was about how to encourage children to write thank-you notes. I mailed him a thank you note shortly after to thank you for the opportunity.

After your post is live on their site, take a few minutes to thank the host. This may or may not be your first time interacting with a host. A thank-you will leave a great impression.

How To Thank the Guest Post Host

  1. Handwritten thank-you note
  2. An email thank-you note
  3. A small thank-you gift
  4. A thank-you on social media

A combination of the above can be used as well.

A handwritten note will be memorable. If you want to take your thank-you notes for your website or business to the next level, read Kent Sanders’s post: How to Say Thank You in a Way They’ll Never Forget. It includes instructions on printing your customized stationery and using wax seals.

I recommend only doing this for a gift if you know the guest post host well enough to know what type of gift they will appreciate. Perhaps they have mentioned their favorite coffee or are a chocolate lover.

Another option is to send a thank you email the day your post goes live and then send a handwritten note a few days later. If you wait a few days, you’ll be able to let the guest post host know the impact the guest post had on your site.

Two things to thank the guest post host for:

Their Time – The host most likely read your article before posting and possibly making edits. Then, there is the technical time to post it to the site. They may also spend time promoting the post on social media.

Access to their audience – a guest post on another’s site is a great way to introduce yourself and your site to new readers.

Guest Post Host Thank You Examples

For email or handwritten note:
Dear [person’s name],

Thank you for allowing me to share my message with your audience. After reading the guest post, over 1,000 people have visited my site, and many have signed up for my newsletter.

Thanks again,

Dear [person’s name],

I am thankful for the opportunity to share a post on your site! I appreciate your time reviewing the article and suggesting the edits to improve it. If you ever want to post on my site, let me know!

[your name]

Person’s name,

My guest post on your site boosted views on my site by 50% during the past three days. Thank you for allowing me to share my message with your audience. By the number of comments on the post, I think they found the information valuable. I am also grateful for your editing skills and for improving the article. I have learned a lot from you during this process.

[your name]

For social media:

  1. Thanks for having me as a guest poster on your site today, @HeidiABender. [insert link to post]
  2. Hey, @HeidiABender, thanks for having me on your blog today! [insert link to post]
  3. I am honored to be posting on @HeidiABender site! Read this post about [insert subject] here [insert a link to post]

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