10 Thank You for the Yard Work Messages

When someone mows your lawn or does other yard work for you, it’s kind to thank them. 

Even if it’s your paid gardener, you can thank them when they do a good job. 

Saying Thank You For The Yard Work Tips

My oldest sister enjoys doing yard work. And the day she visited me, she had tools for trimming weeds and small branches in her track. My yard looked fantastic when she was done!

When you write your thank you messages, here are some suggestions for what you might want to express gratitude for. 

  • Appearance. Does your yard (or bushes, trees, plants, etc.) look great now? Did they make suggestions for improvement?
  • Time Saved. They were probably able to complete the work faster than you. Also, that freed up your time for other things.
  • Money Saved. Did they bring their own tools, saving you the cost of buying or renting the right equipment?
  • For Doing the Work. Maybe you cannot do the yard work and are grateful that the person was able to do it for you.

Thank You for the Yard Work Example Messages

Here are some sample messages for thanking someone for yard work. The yard work could have been done for free or by someone (or a company) that was hired.

Note: If you write a handwritten note or email, include a greeting (Dear), appropriate closing (Sincerely, Kind Regards), and sign your name. You can see an example in the next section with the note I wrote to my sister.

#1 Thank you for doing the work in my yard! The grass looks great since you’ve mowed it and cleaned up the leaves. You are a blessing doing it for me this fall while I was out of town. I’ve been so busy, and I really appreciate your help with my yard.

#2 I want to let you know I appreciate you for trimming my tall bushes. You looked like a pro on the ladder, lopping off the top of the bushes. And I’m so grateful that you spotted the poison ivy on the tree and removed it, as I am very allergic to it.

#3 My yard looks amazing! Thank you for all the yard work you did last Saturday. I am grateful that the lawn is mowed and the low-hanging branches have been removed. Thank you for completing the work so quickly!

#4 Thank you for mowing my lawn this summer. My yard was the envy of the neighborhood. I appreciate the quick and clear communication when the service needed to be rescheduled due to weather conditions. I look forward to the same excellent service this winter with the snow removal.

#5 Thank you for edging my sidewalks. It’s amazing that two to three inches of the sidewalk had been overgrown! The lady who walks her big dog noticed and appreciates the wider path. I’m also grateful that you had an edger!

#6 Thank you for mowing my lawn for me while my lawn mower was being repaired. I am very thankful that I didn’t have to hire a company to mow it on top of paying for the repair. You’re the best neighbor, and I appreciate your support.

#7 Thank you for having your youth group do the leaf cleanup in my yard this week. I feel blessed to have such a great church family. The yard looks great, and it seemed like they had fun doing the work.

#8 Thank you for mowing the lawn today. You’re a wonderful neighbor. I was so surprised and glad that the task was done for me during this hot weather. 

#9 Thanks for mowing my lawn. I am grateful that you can help me with it. 

#10 My garden looks fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work pulling the weeds. And the new flowers around the edge are beautiful. 

The Thank Your For the Yard Work Note For My Sister

Here is an actual thank you note I wrote to my sister in a handwritten note card, which I mailed to her.

Dear Renee,

I very much appreciate the work you did in my yard during your recent visit. I am glad you like doing yard work, as your efforts improved the appearance of my yard! Also, thank you for pointing out that the shrubs are overhanging onto the portion of the deck that is covered. Now, we will be able to do something about it. When I was taking pictures tonight, I also noticed that you pruned the grapevine. I didn’t know the correct method, so I’m glad it is done. I also had a nice time visiting with you!


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    Just another thought…I can’t stand wind chimes either. Makes my ears hurt.
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