Dear Sister, Thanks for the free yard work!

Dear Sister, Thanks for the free yard work!

Have you every had someone do something really nice for you by surprise? Something that you do not enjoy doing yourself? That happened to me this week and I am very grateful.

ThankYouThursday Yardwork

My oldest sister, Renee, came to for a visit earlier this week. She had not been to my home recently and asked for a yard tour. My yard is not big but does have many bushes and plants.

The Yard Work

Renee noticed that we had neglected to keep up with the yard maintenance (other than mowing). It turns out that Renee really likes yard work. She enjoys trimming bushes and pulling weeds. She likes it so much that she keeps clippers in her truck to trim stuff that has been neglected at public parks she visits.

While in the backyard Renee volunteered to trim my bushes! They are tall and skinny and provide built-in privacy for the deck from our neighbors with the wind chimes. These bushes have been neglected for years and have been damaged by heavy snowfall.

Also, last fall we didn’t bother to sweep the dead bush leaves off of the deck. With Renee’s motivation, most of the dead leaves are now removed from the deck. I got out the rakes and we did it together.

Bushes - Post Trimming

Bushes – Post Trimming

The bushes look great now! I do not have any before pictures as we had not planned to do yard work in advance.

She also pulled the weeds and dead stems from last year out of the hosta plants while I picked up pizza.

I am amazed at how quickly she was able to make the hostas look wonderful. In less than a half-hour, she had them looking great. In my mind, I imagined that this task would take hours!

The Thank-You Note

I am thankful that she helped with my yard work. I will be sending her a handwritten thank-you note soon. It will look something like this:

Dear Renee,

I very much appreciate the work you did in my yard during your recent visit. I’m am glad you like doing yard work as your efforts improved the appearance of my yard! Also, thank you for pointing out that the shrubs are overhanging onto the portion of the deck that is covered. Now, we will be able to do something about it. When I was taking pictures tonight, I also noticed that you pruned the grapevine. I didn’t know the correct method for that so I’m glad that it is just done. I also had a nice time visiting with you!


If you want to thank your neighbor for helping you with yard work or something else, check out the example notes here.

When someone does something nice for you, especially something you do not enjoy but they do, be sure to thank them! Has this ever happened to you?

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