Be Yourself When Writing Thank You Notes

The best thank you notes are those that are sincere, genuine, and naturally written. These notes will also feel real and personable. Thank you notes are that are generic, include words you’ve never said before, or are too short should be avoided, when possible.

Writing a well-written thank-you note is important as it is a representation of you. The below may sound like a bunch of hard to follow rules if you are new to thank you note writing. Think of them as guidelines and suggestions that will help you write a better thank you.

Examples of what to avoid

1. A thank you note where only your name is written inside
The problem is the giver may not know what you are thanking them for. They could also wonder if you were too lazy to write a couple of sentences.

2. Too short – only writing one sentence

Only writing “Thank you for the gift” and then signing your name is not personal. This is similar to buying a card that comes with words printed on the inside. And again, this too-short note leaves the person wondering if you know what they gave you.

3. Using words you have never say in your day to day life
The issue here is that the person may wonder who sent them the card! If you never say swell (meaning nice), do not write thank you for the swell gift!

Tips for being yourself when writing thank you notes

1. Choose your words wisely [without over-thinking them]

There is no need to use a thesaurus. Fancy adjectives that you would never say in person are not needed. Also, searching for the “perfect” words could add a considerable amount of time to the process depending on how long you look. Such words may also make someone wonder if you copied the text from an online thank you note example or generator. Using your own words is best.

Be natural. How do you typically describe things? Avoid being creative to impress someone as it could make your note feel phony or fake. Your own words will feel authentic.

This may sound complicated. The key is to write what you would say about the gift if thanking the person verbally. If you’ve never written a thank you note before, check out these how to write a thank you steps.

2. Be specific [name the gift/service/etc.]

Always name the gift. Remember, people want to know that you appreciated the gift. The best way to do this is to Include a sentence or two about how you are using the gift or why you liked it.

If you received many gifts at one time (wedding, baby shower, etc) and didn’t keep track of who gave you each gift, your note will be somewhat generic. That is hard to avoid it this situation as you will need to use the generic “Thank you for the gift”. To make it feel more real, include another sentence thanking them for coming to the event. Think of this as a learning experience and next time be better organized.

3. Think about how the person will feel when reading your note

Your thank-you note may leave a lasting impression. If well written, the person will remember you as grateful and appreciative. How would you feel if you received the thank you note you had written?

Share your tips and comments below. I’d love to hear from you. And remember to be yourself when writing out thank you note cards!!

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.

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