Write a Thank You Note for Valentine’s Day Gifts in 5 Minutes or Less

Did you receive a gift for Valentine’s Day? Do you feel like you should write a thank you but it will take too much time? This post will help you discover how to write a Valentine’s Day thank you note in less than 5 minutes.

If you are looking for thank you messages to include in a Valentine’s Day card read this. If you are looking for examples to thank someone for the Valentine flowers, check out this post. If your gift was chocolate, you may also want to read this Thank You for the chocolate post.

Write a Valentine’s Day thank you note in less than 5 minutes

First, remember that this is a thank you note for a specific gift. Even though it was for Valentine’s Day, it does not need to be turned into a love note. Love notes are great. However, a love note will not help you quickly write a thank-you note for the gift. Feel free to include a love note on separate note paper in your thank you card (but don’t count it has part of the 5 minutes!).

Next, don’t be overly creative. Use words you would use if speaking to the person in real life. No need to get out your thesaurus. Express in your own words why you are thankful for the gift.

Don’t spend a half hour searching online for examples. Perhaps, that is how you arrived on this site (Thank you for visiting!) Examples can be helpful and I will provide some, but ultimately the process is faster when the words come from your heart.

More Valentine’s Day thank you note writing tips

♥If you live with the person that gave you the gift, a verbal thanks is probably sufficient to show your gratitude. However, if you desire, you can still write them a thank you.

♥Name the gift specifically. Only saying “Thank you for the Valentine’s Day gift” will leave them wondering if you know what they gave you.

♥If appropriate it, use “I Love you” as the closing or just “Love”. Including love, will not be appropriate for a co-worker, boss, teacher, or student.

♥Examples are provided below, but remember to be yourself when writing your note and substitute words as needed.

♥You can use any hank you note card, but you may want to use a heart themed card for Valentine’s Day. Or any card with a picture that you like (or the receiver will like) that is blank on the inside.

♥Include an additional sentence that is appropriate based on your relationship with the giver. It can be to declare your love or thanking them for being your friend.

The 5 minute (or less) Valentine’s Day thank you note template:

Dear [name of person who gave gift],

Thank you for the [insert gift] for Valentine’s day. The [insert gift] is awesome. I will think of you when using it [and be reminded of your love – if appropriate].

[insert closing*],

*The closing will need to be adjusted depending on who you are thanking. For family members or significant others Love is fine, otherwise go with Sincerely or Best Regards.

Valentine’s Day Thank you note for a family member example

In my family, my mom gives each of her kids and grandkids a $5 treat for Valentine’s Day. I will write her a note that is similar to this one:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the Valentine’s Day treat. Ted and I will have fun spending the money on something we enjoy soon. We also liked the stickers you used on the envelopes.

Heidi and Ted

(Ted is my husband)

Valentine’s Day Thank you note for candy from a co-worker

Dear Betsy,

Thank you for the little box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. My sweet tooth appreciates them. I am glad we are on the same team!


This example would work for anyone who passed out candy at work, even the boss. Consider the presentation, effort, and amount of chocolate to determine if a thank you note is necessary. If it’s just 1 piece of Valentine’s candy, a verbal thank you or email will do.

Valentine’s Day Thank you note for roses

Dear Ted,

Thank you for giving me roses for Valentine’s Day. They look and smell amazing sitting on my desk. I will think of you and our love whenever I see them.


Note, my husband no longer gives me flowers for Valentine’s Day because we have cats. And our cats like to smell/eat flowers resulting in knocked over vases. For a few years he sent them to me at work, but after getting married we decided to forgo the expensive flowers.

You will have to decide for yourself if a thank you note is right for your situation for flowers. It may seem awkward if you live with the person who gave them to you or are dating them. The example is shared in case it makes sense for your situation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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