21 Thank You For The Update Email Messages

Saying thank you for the update can be done in many business and personal situations.

The update could be about a situation, development, or other news.

This post will help you with writing a thank you for the update in an email, or if you choose, you could write a handwritten thank you note.

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How To Say Thank You For The Update

The most straightforward approach is to write one sentence that says, “Thank you for the update.”

However, sometimes you may want to write a little more to express your gratitude and appreciation.

  1. You can start your messages with “Thank you for the update.” And for less formal situations, “Thanks for the update” is also OK.
  2. Next, express your gratitude by adding “I greatly appreciate it,” or “I am grateful for it,” or other variations.
  3. If applicable, add more sentences about why you are thankful for the update or add “Please keep us posted” if you expect more updates on the situation.
  4. If applicable, include any next steps (such as if you are thanking your boss for an update).
  5. As an alternative, you may also be able to use a synonym phrase for “Thanks for the update”:
    • Thanks for letting me know.
    • Thank you for informing me.
    • I appreciate the heads-up!
    • Thank you for the additional information.
    • Thanks! I am grateful for the new details.
    • Thank you for providing the extra details.
    • Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
    • Thank you for letting me know what’s going on.
    • Thanks! I appreciate the new information.
    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    • I appreciate you for bringing this up.

You may also want to review related thank you examples (and possibly combine examples). In some situations, these examples could be used as an alternative wording to “thank you for the update.”

The additional examples may be helpful when you want to thank someone for the update and the information or response.

Also, you can review the steps for how to write a thank-you note. The example messages below are the “thank you” section of the note. Of course, your email should still include a greeting and closing.

You can use a free tool like Grammarly (which also has paid features) to make sure the grammar in your email is perfect.

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Thank You For The Update At Work


  • The examples in this section will focus on when you want to thank your boss, human resources, coworkers, or other employees for an update in an email.
  • Words like “project” can be replaced with words that make sense for your situation.
  • Replying to a status update email can feel challenging when you do not have much to say about the update. In this case, replying with “thank you for the update” can be sufficient and serves as an acknowledgment of receiving the email.

#1 Thank you for the update about the project. I am grateful to know that the project is moving along. I will look forward to the next update and start planning the new reports for when the database is ready for use.

#2 Thank you for providing the update on where we are in the hiring process. I look forward to having a new person on the team soon. Please keep me posted on when their first day will be. I appreciate being kept in the loop as we will be able to plan a lunch with the team.

#3 Thanks for keeping me informed and providing the updates regarding the delay. I appreciate your consideration. Even though the date keeps getting pushed out, I am grateful to be told, as this allows my team to prioritize other work.

#4 I appreciate the update this week. I hope that we will have more information by next week. Please keep me posted.

#5 This week’s update was beneficial. I’m hoping that by next week, we’ll have more information. Please keep me updated on any progress.

#6 The update was not what I was expecting. Thank you for letting me know that the progress on the new server is taking longer than we planned. I will wait until I hear from you before moving on to the next stage.

#7 Thanks for the update! Hearing that Jake will start next week is music to my ears. I will figure out which projects he can take over from Violet. The team has been feeling overworked and is grateful that hiring a new person was approved.

#8 Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate the update.

#9 Thank you for informing me. I really appreciate the new information.

#10 The update was not what I had hoped for. Thank you for letting me know that the work is taking longer than expected. Please check with the boss on what the next steps should be.

Thank You For The Update – Personal

Note: For the samples, I am using situations where an update might be provided, like when expecting a baby, health issues, schedule changes, and other times when expressing gratitude for an update is appreciated.

The examples are intended to inspire wording for your email, note, or text message.

#11 Thank you for letting me know that you will be late for dinner. I appreciate the update and will see you soon!

#12 Thanks for the heads up! I will talk to you later to arrange another day to meet. [Written as a response to someone canceling a meeting for lunch, dinner, or another occassion].

#13 Thank you for the update. I hope you feel better soon.

#14 I am sorry that you are still not feeling well. I appreciate the update and will continue to pray for your recovery.

#15 Thank you for the update and detailed information regarding Charlotte’s condition. We are trying to worry, and having regular updates helps. In a nutshell, it sounds like she is gradually improving. We are so thankful.

#16 Thanks for the update and for sending the ultrasound pictures. We are happy that everything is going well with the baby.

#17 Thank you so much for the update! We’re thrilled to hear that your pregnancy is going well and eagerly await the next update. We are looking forward to the next announcement.

#18 I feel blessed to you have you in my life. Thank you for giving me regular updates on the mom cat and kittens you rescued from my yard. I’m so happy that they are doing well, and you are the best for fostering them.

#19 Thank you for the update on your midterm grades. I can see that you are doing quite well as a college student. You will have many options in your future at your level once you graduate.

#20 I appreciate the update on what’s been going on with the others in the neighborhood. I can confirm that I will be able to attend the block party and look forward to meeting the others.

#21 Thank you for letting me know the latest information about the school events. It feels like so much to keep track of. I appreciate how well organized you are and for helping me keep the kids on track.

Thank You For The Update Summary

With a few sentences, you can thank someone for an update. Or, sometimes, a one-sentence thank you is sufficient.

The example thank you messages provided above will help you express your gratitude and let the recipient know that you are thankful for the update.

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