27 Pet Sitter Thank You Note Examples

Having a reliable pet sitter makes it easier to go away without worrying about your pets.

My sister is my pet sitter when my husband and I go out of town. She checks on the cats, feeds them, scoops the litter boxes, spends time with them, and brings in the mail. That all takes time out of her day as she comes over at least twice a day.

Even when you are paying the pet sitter, I still recommend a thank you note. Your money has compensated them for their time. You can write a thank-you message to express your gratitude and appreciation.

The note can be written as if the pets wrote it or from yourself. Or you can write two notes – one from you and one from the pets. A handwritten thank you note can be left on the table for them to find during their first pet check. Or you can send the note after you’ve returned from your trip.

Pet Sitter Thank You From the Pet

Here is some example thank you note wording for when the dog, cat, or other pet is writing the thank you.

Thank You Note From Cat to Pet Sitter

Here are thank you notes written by a cat to the pet sitter. 

#1 Thank you for feeding us while our human parents are away. We like to eat and have fresh water every day. We also like that you play with us and talk to us a little.

#2 We love it when you watch us. We look forward to the extra treats we get from you! Also, thanks for coming over twice a day to check on us. We usually sleep all day, but we like the attention.

#3 Thank you for taking such good care of me. When you give me daily medicine, I will try to be a good cat. It’s not so bad, but it makes me a little nervous. Thank you in advance for giving me treats afterward!

#4 Thank you for checking on me each day. Even though I ignored you during your visits, you are my favorite pet sitter. I appreciate you for letting me judge you from a distance. You did very well scooping my litter boxes and dishing out wet food. 

#5 You’re great at pet sitting. Thank you for your excellent care while my humans were on vacation. I enjoyed sitting on your lap while you watched a movie each evening on the couch. And I won’t tell Mom about all the extra cat treats! 

Thank You Note From Dog to Dog Sitter

Here are thank you notes written by a dog to the pet sitter. 

#1 I am glad I don’t have to be boarded while my [pet owner name] is away. I like the walks you take me on and that you spend time brushing me. And of course, I like eating every day!

#2 Thank you for coming over to let me out a few times a day. I love to stretch my legs in the backyard, and I was so happy when you played fetch with me. You’re the best dog sitter! 

#3 Thank you for walking me twice a day. Going on a new route was fun for me. So many new things to smell and mark! And I enjoyed going to the dog park too. I will miss you when my usual human returns. 

#4 I felt loved while you were my dog sitter. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I was so happy that you could sleep in the bed with me each night. And you are also a great dog walker. 

#5 Thank you for staying with us last week. We liked hanging out with you and running around in the yard as you threw the Frisbee. Having you in the house with us gave us peace of mind, especially during the night. You’re our favorite dog sitter. 

Thank You Note From Other Pets to Pet Sitter

According to Pet Helpful, dogs and cats are the most popular pets in America. I currently have cats; however, as a kid, we had gerbils, rabbits, and fish. So these thank-you notes could work for animal lovers with pets other than cats and dogs. 

#1 Thank you for coming over and feeding us each day. We appreciate you for checking on us. You’re a wonderful pet sitter. 

#2 We loved how you talked to us when visiting us while the usual people were on vacation. We won’t sure your secrets with them. Thank you for all the time you spent with us. 

#3 Thank you for helping us have a great time while our family was on vacation. All the extra treats were fun too. 

#4 We want to share that you are a wonderful pet sitter. Thank you for coming to see us daily and giving us fresh food and water. 

#5 Thank you for being our pet sitter. You did an excellent job caring for us. 

Pet Owner Thank You to Pet Sitter

Here are some thank you note messages from the pet owner to thank the pet sitter for taking care of your pets.

You can adjust the wording based on the animals the pet sitter cared for. Also, you can change up the wording based on if you are writing the note after you have returned or plan to place a note in your home for them to discover on their first day of pet sitting. 

#1 Thank you for watching the dogs while we are away. Knowing that they will be looked after and let out regularly is a comfort. Also, I appreciate your willingness to stay at the house, bring in the mail, and feed the fish.

#2 I am glad that you were once again about to watch my cats while I traveled. It’s a lot to ask to have you scoop 11 litter boxes twice a day. However, cats like clean boxes and are much more likely to use them when they are not full of “clumps.” Thank you so much for being willing to do all the cat care duties. 

#3 We appreciate you for letting out the dogs during the day while we are away. I realize this requires you to get up extra early each morning. However, the dogs love spending time with you. And it’s great that you take the time to walk them after work. They like routine!

#4 Thank you for letting the dogs stay at your place. They would not do well at home alone with us. And they seem to enjoy spending time with your dog. I am glad they all get along okay.

#5 Thank you for taking care of my dog while I was away. I am so grateful you could watch [Dog Name] on such short notice. You’re a wonderful friend and pet sitter.  

#6 You’re the best pet sitter! Thank you for being reliable and trustworthy. We know our pets are in good hands when you are watching them. I’m thankful that all went smoothly while we were away. 

#7 Thank you for the wonderful care of our cats while we were on vacation. We are grateful as we know you love them too. You’re a great pet sitter! 

#8 Thank you for looking after my dog last weekend. I was able to relax knowing that [Dog Name] was in good hands. I had a great weekend away. Please let me know whenever I can return the favor and watch your cats. 

#9 I am grateful that you watched our pets last weekend. Your dedication to stopping by three times a day was greatly appreciated. Also, thank you for bringing in the mail and packages. 

#10 Thank you for being a good pet sitter. We know we can trust you to take care of our dogs and cats while we are away. Please reach out if anything comes up while we are away. 

#11 Thanks for watching the cats for us. We know you will be an excellent caretaker. Unfortunately, the rescue cat, Violet, who is gray, may avoid you the entire time. She will come out to eat when you are not around. 

#12 Thank you for looking after my cat and my house for the last month. I was able to enjoy the time in Far Away Place, knowing that she was in good hands. You’re a great pet sitter.

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