17 Pet Groomer Thank You Note Examples

The pet groomer can make your pet look wonderful. An occasional thank-you message for your groomer is a great way to express your gratitude for them. 

The groomer may choose to display your note at the pet drop-off area. This will let people know that the groomer is doing a good job and is appreciated.

I recommend thanking the groomer for whatever services they did for your pet and can include a compliment about how great your pet looks. 

You may also want to thank your pet groomer near International Pet Groomer Day on November 1st.

It’s also popular to thank your groomer at the end of the year. You could add “Happy New Year” at the end of your note if writing the thank you message at the end of the year. If you want to get your groomer a thank-you gift, you can choose a cat or dog-themed item (or whatever type of pet your groomer is grooming – horses, etc.). Or a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop will please most people.

Pet Groomer Thank You Note Examples

Note: The examples are in the center section of the message only. You can see the full layout of a handwritten note here.

#1 Thank you for clipping Buster’s nails. You are wonderful with him, as he will not let me do it. He also looks great with his hair trimmed! I appreciate all you do to keep him looking good.

#2 Jake always looks great after he’s been with you! Thank you for taking the extra time to deal with his hair situation. He sheds so much this time of year.

#3 I appreciate the excellent job you did removing the poo from Elwood’s hair. I don’t understand why dogs roll around in it! He was a mess when he came home. I am so thankful that you squeezed him in on short notice.

#4 I love having a cat and can depend on you to clip Violet’s nails. She is a lovely cat. She looks so pretty after you brush her. I appreciate your tips on how to care for a ragdoll cat. Thank you for making her look more beautiful than ever!

#5 Thank you for your patience with Kayla. I know that she can be quite a handful. I appreciate how gentle you are with her when washing her when she is attempting to escape. You are a gift!

#6 Nala looks lovely with her hair trimmed. Thank you for giving her a shampoo as well. I was also amazed that you clipped her nails for no charge. That was very kind of you.

#7 Cinnamon always looks great after she visits you. Thank you for being gentle with her and bathing her. Also, I love the bows you place in her hair! They get many compliments from my friends and family.

#8 Thank you for being a great dog groomer! I appreciate having Indy’s nails clipped after six weeks. With her being a large dog, it’s much easier for me to rely on you. And, of course, she loves to see you as well.

#9 You are the best groomer! My dogs look fabulous after their time with you. I am thankful for your expertise throughout the year. And they look forward to getting a special treat from you at the end of each visit. It makes the experience feel fun for them, which I appreciate.

#10 I want to thank you for all the tips you have trimmed my cat’s claws. Those super thick claws on Charcoal are hard for me to cut quickly. He seems to stay calmer for you. He can probably sense my nervousness. I value your skills with my cat.

#11 Thank you for helping my dog when a skunk sprayed her. I appreciate you so much for knowing exactly how to remove the smell. Zoey smelled so fresh when she came home. And the purple bow on her collar was adorable.

#12 You are so wonderful with my dogs! They look gorgeous with their hair trimmed after a bath. And I am glad you can so easily clip their toenails. I appreciate all that you do for them.

Christmas Message to Pet Groomer

Here are some thank-you messages you can use to thank your dog groomer or other pet groomer at the end of the year. You can swap dog with cat, horse, or other pet as needed. 

These messages could be adjusted to work for any time of the year by removing any references to Christmas or the end of the year. 

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  1. Thank you for being such a great dog groomer all year. I wish you a Merry Christmas!
  2. My dogs always look great after they visit you. Thank you for your excellent work. Happy Holidays!
  3. Thank you for making my dogs look beautiful. You’re the best groomer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  4. We appreciate all that you do for Buster throughout the year. He looks so nice and fresh! We hope you have a great Christmas. 
  5. Thanks for keeping Harvey looking great. We appreciate how well you groom him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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