29 Pet Loss Thank You Note Example Messages

Pet loss can be difficult. The bond between the pet owner(s) and the pet can be strong.

I’ve lost several cats in the past few years and know how much of a sad time it can be. Unfortunately, losing a beloved pet is never easy for pet owners.

When you experience a pet loss, it’s likely that many friends and family have expressed their condolences and sympathy, especially if you shared about the death of your dog, cat, or other pet on Facebook or other social media.

This post will help you thank those that reached out in some way after the death of your pet.

You may also want to express your gratitude to the vet involved with your pet’s care. Please read through the pet loss section in the veterinarian thank you messages post for examples to thank the vet.

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  • A pet loss sympathy card can be acknowledged with a thank-you message. Also, a quick text message is OK!
  • If you were given a memorial gift or flowers, I recommend writing a thank you note.
  • Your messages can be short. Most people will understand that you are grieving.
  • You can thank people for their kind words, support, empathy, or compassion.

If you decide to write a thank you note or thank you email, you can see an example of writing a complete thank you note here. The examples below are the “message” part of the note only.

You can download a free printable thank you card here.

The examples below will help you express your gratitude to anyone that expressed sympathy while you were grieving the loss of your pet.

Pet Loss Thank You Messages

Pet Loss Gifts Thank You Messages

#1 Thank you for the guardian angel solar cat in remembrance of Charcoal. He was one of my favorite outdoor cats. We will place the angel on the deck and think of him when we see it. Also, your note was very thoughtful, and I’m glad we’ve become cat lady friends.

#2 I was very surprised by the wind chimes you gave us when our dog passed away. Thank you for thinking of us and for the gift. Your kind words and sympathy meant a lot. I know you understand how hard it is when our pets pass away.

#3 Thanks for sending our family flowers when [Pet Name] passed away. We are still all in shock at how quickly he declined. His whole life was lived in our home, and we miss him dearly. We appreciate your friendship and your thoughtful message that was with the flowers.

#4 The kids and I were so sad when the [cat/dog/other pet] died last week. We want to express our gratitude to you for sending us a card, flowers, and the heart-shaped memorial stone. We will place it in the garden. Thanks again for thinking of us.

#5 Thank you for thinking of us when Roxy died. We have cried so much in the last few days and appreciate the framed photo of Roxy that we received last week from you. It will look great sitting on the mantle.

#6 We are grateful for the [memorial gift] you dropped off last weekend. It looks a lot like [pet name]. He will always have a special place in our hearts. The kids said we should put it in the garden, where he liked to nap in the sun. Thank you again for thinking of us during this difficult time.

#7 Thanks for the paw print frame with a picture of Violet. We will miss her dearly and appreciate you for thinking of us as we grieve her. She was one of the family, and I know you will miss her sitting on your lap when you visit us.

Saying Thank You for Pet Sympathy Cards

#1 Thank you for sending me a sympathy card. I was very surprised to get a card with the rainbow bridge poem.

#2 I was surprised to receive a pet sympathy card in the mail. Thank you so much for thinking of the whole family and me. Fluffy had been with our family for his entire life, and we miss him greatly. We appreciate your support.

#3 The card you sent when my dog passed was beautiful. Thank you for thinking of us. The kids miss Jake greatly, and he will always have a special place in our hearts.

#4 Thanks for the card in remembrance of Lina. She was a wonderful cat and felt like one of my best friends. Your message on the card was comforting.

#5 Jake was like a best friend as I shared everything with him. As you know, he was much more than “just a dog” to me. Thank you for sending me a card and writing a thoughtful message on the card.

#6 Thank you for the card. The cat on the front reminded me so much of Charcoal. The card was a comfort to me, and I am grateful for our friendship.

#7 You’ve always been a wonderful and caring friend. Thank you so much for sending a card when my ferret died.

Responding to Pet loss Condolences

You may want to respond to multiple messages about that pet that was recently lost at the same time on a social media post. If you’re going to make a new post, it can be a pet longer and include “as we remember [Pet’s Name]

  1. Thank you for all of the kind words and sympathy regarding the loss of [Pet Name]. We are missing him very much and appreciate your support.
  2. Thanks, everyone, for your condolences. This time of grief has been difficult for the family, and we appreciate your empathy and support.
  3. Thanks all for your words of kindness and support.
  4. We appreciate all of the support and prayers. Thank You!
  5. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.
  6. You’re all wonderful friends. Thank you for all the messages of support as we grieve Violet. She was the best cat.
  7. Losing [Pet’s Name’] was so hard and unexpected. Thank you all for your sympathies during this sad time.
  8. Thanks for your support during this difficult time. I read and appreciate all of the messages. Thanks again for your sympathy.

In Person or On The Phone

When I’ve had cats pass, good friends and acquaintances may say something like, “I’m sorry about your cat that died” when they see me in person. Others may also want to know what happened.

If you need to respond to condolences for the loss of a pet in person or on the phone, there are examples below of what you can say. Also, talking about the animal that has passed may help with the grieving process.

It’s OK to be brief and not elaborate if you are not up to talking about your deceased pet.

If you want to talk more about your pet that died, you can go into more detail after saying something similar to the below examples. If you don’t want to say anything else, you can say you’d rather not talk more about it right now.

  1. Thank You. It’s been a hard week for the family.
  2. Thanks for thinking of me. Losing my cat was hard as he was a family member. Let’s not talk more about it now, as I don’t want to cry while we are at [location].
  3. Thanks. We miss her.
  4. Thank you.
  5. The family is doing OK. Thank you for asking.
  6. We appreciated the beautiful flowers you sent last week. But, unfortunately, we are still struggling with the loss of [Pet name].
  7. Yes, thank you for asking. We are doing okay this week after losing [pet name]. What happened was _________________________.

Thank You Messages After A Pet Loss Summary

Losing a pet can be a very difficult and sad time. While you are grieving, friends and family members may express sympathy with a pet loss card, gift, or condolences.

The examples in this post will help you with wording thank you notes or messages to those who reached out after a pet loss.

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