27 Veterinarian Thank You Note Example Messages

I am grateful for having a great veterinarian. Over the years, my vet has helped my cats with many issues.

What has your veterinarian done for you and your pets?

According to veterinarian statistics provided by Pet Keen, there is currently a vet shortage in the United States. So, if you are fortunate to have an excellent veterinarian, take some time to let them know they are appreciated!

How To Thank a Veterinarian

The easiest way to thank your vet is with a thank you note. Thanking your vet for caring for your beloved pet with a thank you note is a fantastic way to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Thank You Messages

You can write a handwritten note card and mail it to the office. You could also drop off the note with the receptionist.

When my cats have an illness requiring multiple vet appointments, I hand the thank you note card to the veterinarian. This way, I know for sure that he gets it. 

If your veterinarian’s office may have an email address, you can send a thank you email. Just so you know, it may be the vet office staff reading the emails and not your vet. 

Your veterinarian can be thanked when times are good for routine care for your pet. And it’s kind to thank your vet after your pet’s death, especially if they were involved in treatment as your pet declined or euthanasia.

Below, I’ve included many example thank-you card messages to help you word your thank you vet note. 

Also, remember that veterinarians rarely work alone. So, please feel free to mention the office staff and veterinary technicians as appropriate. 

Good Reviews and Recommendations 

Another way to thank a vet is by sharing good reviews of their office online. This could be on the Google page for the office location or on social media.

I’m in a local Facebook group, and pet owners sometimes ask for veterinarian recommendations. 

You can also recommend your vet to your friends and family. For example, my sister told me about my current vet after she was pleased with her dog’s care. 

Thank You Gifts

Regarding a gift for your veterinarian, I encourage you to choose practical items.

A nice framed photo of your pets sounds like a nice idea, but what would the vet’s office do with it? Of course, they could rotate pet pictures, but the vet office could quickly get more frames than they can easily handle. 

However, you could send a picture of your photo of your pet in a thank-you card. And then the pet could be posted on a bulletin board for a while (and perhaps your card too). Just don’t be disappointed the vet office eventually tosses out your card and photo as they continue to get cards and pictures from people. 

Gift cards are a good choice. You could check with the office staff for a recommendation for a gift card that your vet would enjoy. 

When To Thank a Veterinarian

There are many opportunities to express gratitude to your veterinarian. You may also want to thank the office staff. 

  • After the loss of your pet.
  • After an emergency visit.  
  • Ongoing care of your pets.
  • After your veterinarian travels to your home, farm, or elsewhere.
  • After the veterinarian identifies the cause of your pet’s illness or another issue.
  • You like how your vet cares for your pet.
  • You can also express gratitude and thank your veterinarian for World Veterinary Day, celebrated last Saturday in April.

Veterinarian Thank You Note Message Examples

The examples are split into sections for general pet care, after surgery, and after the death of your pet.

I’ve had experience with cats with a long-term illness (thyroid problem), euthanasia, dying at home, unusual issues, emergencies, dental cleanings, teeth removal, and plenty of annual check-ups. 

Also, the examples are only the center section of a thank you note. To see the complete contents of a thank-you note and what else to include, you can look at how to write a thank you.

#1 I appreciate you and the office staff. Helping the stray mom cat and her kittens has been more involved than ever. Thank you for giving us the stray cat discount to get tested for the nasty cat viruses. I am so relieved that they are all okay!

#2 I was worried when my cat lost so much weight. I am grateful that you could diagnose her issue and start treatment. I had no idea cats could have hyperactive thyroid! Thank you for being so thorough when explaining the various treatment options. This helped make my decision of choosing which treatment easier.

#3 I want to let you know how much I appreciate the staff at the office. They are friendly and always take the time to answer my latest cat question. And they are excellent about fitting in my cat at the last minute when they are sick.

#4 Thank you for figuring out what was wrong with Violet! She had been so itchy lately. The allergy medicine is working already, and she seems much more comfortable.

#5 Thank you for being willing to work with Jake. He can be challenging to manage when he is scared. However, you seem to have the touch to calm him down. I appreciate your gentle and kind way with him; he responds well and can get his annual shots.

#6 Thank you for coming to the farm when issues come up with the animals. I appreciate how far you travel and that the animals can be treated at the farm. Thanks again for your service. [including a gas gift card in the note would be an excellent thank-you gift.]

#7 Thank you for seeing my dog, Nala, when she needed emergency care last Sunday after eating chocolate desserts. I am grateful that you could meet me at your office and help her. She is doing much better, and you saved her life!

#8 Thank you for your dedication to my cats and other pets. You’ve been a wonderful veterinarian for many years. I appreciate that you always ask if I have any further questions at the end of every visit. Thank you for being awesome!

#9 You are the best vet! Thank you so much for agreeing to see the feral cat. He sure was feisty. I am very grateful you treated him while he was in the trap.

#10 I appreciate the ongoing love and care you show to my ten cats. Also, your office staff is wonderful whenever I call to schedule appointments. 

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Short Thank You Veterinarian Quotes

When thanking your vet, being specific is best. Including details about your pet or situation will help your vet connect you with the thank you messages. Remember, they likely have hundreds of clients as pet owners. 

However, a short message with kind words, which may not feel like a meaningful thank you note, is better than no acknowledgment. Or these messages could be used on World Veterinary Day.

  1. Thank you for being an excellent veterinarian. You’re the best! 
  2. The care you provide my cats and dog is excellent. Thank you very much! 
  3. I’m so glad to have found your veterinary clinic. You’re a great vet, and the office staff is wonderful too. 
  4. Thank you for your compassion and your excellent care of our pets.
  5. Thanks for loving my dogs and providing them with fantastic care. 

Thank You Note to Vet After Surgery

You can follow up with a thank you note to the veterinarian when your pet has surgery. 

#1 Thank you for saving my dog’s leg. I’m so thankful for your expertise and grateful that the surgery succeeded. 

#2 I was surprised when Buster needed to have four teeth removed. I’m thankful that you could do the surgery to remove them while his teeth were being cleaned. Since the surgery, he’s been acting so much happier. We had no idea he had been suffering from dental pain. 

#3 Thank you for performing the surgery for [surgery type] on my [pet type]. [Pet Name] is doing well, and we all appreciate your skill. You’re a fantastic vet! 

#4 I’m thankful that my vet recommended us to you for [surgery type] for [Pet Name]. Also, we are grateful for the extra time we will now have with [Pet Name] because of the surgery. 

#5 Thank you for attempting to save Chloe’s life with surgery. We knew that the chance of survival was low, but we wanted to be sure we did all we could for her. We appreciate your efforts. Thank you for your empathy and compassion when telling us she didn’t make it. 

If you want to thank people other than your vet after your pet dies, perhaps to those that expressed sympathy, read through the pet loss thank you note examples.

#1 Thank you for all the care you’ve provided for my dog, [dog’s name], over the years. Thank you for being there for him and me when he got sick. It was unfortunate, and I appreciate the time you let me cry in the office.

#2 Losing [pet’s name] was tough. I appreciate your support at the end of his life. Also, thanks for caring for him for the past 15 years.

#3 Thank you for your kindness when Lina was euthanized. The process was more peaceful than I had expected. Also, thank you for allowing me to stay in the room with her as long as needed. Finally, I appreciate all the care you gave her during her life.

#4 The loss of my dog, Bruno, was challenging. I want to thank you for explaining euthanasia. Your thoroughness and professionalism helped my family members make what we felt was the best decision for Bruno. Also, we appreciated that the entire family could be in the room with him during his final moments.

#5 The loss of our cat was hard. Fluffy was our first pet. We appreciated your empathy as you helped her cross over the rainbow bridge. Please know that we are grateful that we were able to say our goodbyes. The sympathy card signed by everyone in the office was thoughtful.

#6 Thank you for your and the office staff’s compassion when Felix died. During this difficult time for my family, we are grateful for the support we’ve always felt from you. And your staff is terrific. Jim was kind and patient when I cried too much to speak on the phone when it became clear that Felix’s life would end soon.

#7 Thank you for trying everything you could to save Midnight. When he started to look sick, I assumed he would get better. I appreciate your kindness and for allowing me to come to the office at the end of the day when it became clear that he wouldn’t make it. I am thankful to you and [Vet Tech Name] for your empathy and care as Midnight was euthanized. He was an exceptional cat.

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