How To Write an Awesome Thank You Note

You can write an awesome thank you message following a few steps. 

Gratitude is the basis for writing thank you notes; writing a thank you note is an easy way to show your gratitude to others.

With some practice and intention, all your thank-you notes will be awesome.

What Makes a Thank You Note Awesome?

  • * Handwrite the note. Handwritten thank-you notes feel more personal. They will make more of an impact and leave a longer-lasting impression. They take more time than an email, text, Facebook message, or tweet. Taking a few minutes to handwrite the note will make you stand out.
  • Be specific in your thank you note. This is the #1 tip for awesomeness in your thank you note. Write exactly what you are thankful for and why you are appreciative.
    • A generic thank you note that doesn’t include details, while it may be thoughtful, could leave the recipient wondering what you are thanking them for. Describe how you used the gift. For example, if you received money, say what you plan to do with or what you spent it on.
  • Take your time and be intentional with the words you choose. Do NOT use words that you would never say in person to someone. The thesaurus is not always your friend.
  • Spelling Matters. Take care to spell words correctly, especially names. If you mess up their name, it could ruin the note for them. 
  • Write legibly. If the person can’t read your scribbles, it will waste your time and theirs. If you tend to have messy handwriting, try writing your note slowly and focus on making it readable.

Thank You Note Cheat Sheet

Review these five steps to write an awesome thank you. A few examples follow the cheat sheet. 

For a detailed explanation of each step, read How To Write A Good Thank You Note.

Thank you note cheat sheet

Writing the AWESOME thank you note:

This template can be used for most gifts, services, help, etc.

Dear [insert name of gift giver],

Thank you for the [gift]. [Insert specific detail about gift]. [Insert optional one or two sentences about the gift of seeing the person again, etc.]

[Insert closing],[Sign your Name]


Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for having me over for dinner. I loved the meal, and the homemade apple pie was delicious! I look forward to seeing you again soon.



Dear Mom,

Thank you for [insert book name]. I look forward to reading it soon. I am very touched that you remembered I wanted this book when I mentioned it a few months ago.

Thanks Again,


Dear Bob,

I appreciate your help with my flat tire this week. Since you came to my rescue, I could avoid calling a tow truck. When I took the tire in for repair, a nail was in it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me out.

Best Regards,


More Information: I encourage you to read writing your first thank you note. It will go over mindset issues and more information on getting started.

If you are looking for examples of a specific topic, check out the thank you message topics.