21 Thank You for Sharing Messages for Various Situations

There are many reasons that you can thank someone for sharing.

Recently, I’ve been saying, “Thank you for sharing that with me,” when my friends send me funny cat memes or videos.

Like most situations, what you write in your thank you message depends on what and who you are thanking and what was shared. Below, you will find:

  • Short Thank You for Sharing Messages
  • Thank you for Sharing the Information Messages
  • Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge Messages
  • Thank You for Sharing Your Story Messages

If someone shared a recipe with you, please read the thank you for sharing the recipe messages.

Your message can be written in a handwritten thank you card, an email, a text, or responding to a social media post. You can decide what is best for your recipient.

Short Thank You for Sharing Quotes

Here are some generic ways to thank you for sharing that will work for many situations.

  1. Thank you for sharing your information. It was helpful.
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.
  3. I appreciate you for sharing your story.
  4. Thanks for sharing. You’re an inspiration to many!
  5. You’re an awesome friend/coworker/boss. Thank you for sharing the information.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Thank You for Sharing the Information Messages

At work or in personal situations, sometimes people will give us information. Here are some examples which you can customize based on your situation.

#1 Thank you for sharing the information about [Topic]. I appreciate you thinking of me when you came across the article.

#2 I had a wonderful time chatting with you last week. Thank you for sharing all your information about how I could improve my career. I will start implementing your tips at the office next week.

#3 I appreciate the information. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Your information saved me so much time!

#4  Thanks for sharing the information with me. Your wisdom about [Topic or Situation] is vast.

#5 I appreciate your willingness to share information whenever I ask. You’re a great coworker!

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Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge Messages

Here are some example thank you messages for when someone shares their knowledge with you.

#1 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am learning so much from you about how to manage money.  In the first two weeks of tracking my spending, I was shocked by how much I spent eating out.

#2 I appreciate your insights into the report. I will modify the summary before sending it to the client.

#3 Thank you for listening to my dilemma last night. I have thought about what you shared. I’m thankful to have you as a friend and am grateful for your insights.

#4 I was impressed with your knowledge about [Topic]. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing with me whenever I come to you for advice.

#5 Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights with me. I appreciate your willingness to mentor me and give my pointers as I learn my role.

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Thank You for Sharing Your Story or Experience Messages

Sometimes, in a group setting or a personal conversation, someone will share their story or experience. It may have been difficult for them to share, depending on the situation.

Here are some examples of how to thank them for sharing. You can modify the wording based on what they shared and how it impacted you.

#1 Thank you for opening up last night. Your story is inspiring!

#2 I was astonished when you shared your story about going bankrupt years ago. I never would have guessed based on your current success. Thank you for sharing. It gave me hope that I will be able to get my finances straightened out.

#3 Thank you for sharing your story with me. It means a lot that you can trust me with it. I will be praying for you!

#4 Thank you for sharing your story with the group tonight. That took courage!

#5 Thank you for sharing your experience with your bad boyfriend with me. This situation I’m in with [Name] is not what I had hoped for. After our chat, I have confidence that my future will be okay without him in my life.

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