How To Sincerely Thank a Nurse with 25 Example Thank You Messages

Nurses are amazing. A sincere thank-you note is the best way to thank a nurse.

Sometimes a small gift can also be given to a nurse. However, nurses are likely to have rules on accepting gifts of significant monetary value. So, it’s best to stick to small gifts like chocolates, flowers, snacks, treats, fruit baskets, or other things that can be shared.

What you say in your thank-you messages will depend on why you are thanking the nurses.

Words of Encouragement for Nurses Matter

Thank-you messages are an excellent way to encourage nurses. Your words can let them know they are appreciated and doing their job well.

When I recently visited a family member in the ICU, I noticed a bulletin board in the hallway. Thank you cards and letters were pinned to it.

A nurse friend at a hospital shared that thank you cards were generally displayed at the nurse’s station.

When to Thank a Nurse

After you receive care from a nurse, you may want to thank them. You may also want to thank a nurse that helped care for a family member.

Also, there are many national days dedicated to nurses. Topping the list is National Nurses Month which takes place in May.

National Nurses Day is May 6th which kicks off National Nurses Week, which is always May 6th – 12th. May 12 is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the founder of modern nursing.

General Thank You Note Messages for Nurses

Here are quotes to thank you, nurses. These messages are for when you are not thanking them for specific care you or a family member received.

Other medical professionals could also use these examples to thank the nurses they work with.

Also, anyone can thank nurses on social media. For example, on National Nurses Day.

  1. Thank you for choosing nursing as a profession. We appreciate your service to those that need care.
  2. Thank you to every nurse at Hospital Name. We are grateful for everything you do to help others.
  3.  You’re long hours are appreciated! Thank you for being extraordinary nurses.
  4. Nurses are exceptional! Thank you for providing care, compassion, and empathy to those facing healthcare issues.
  5. Thank you for your dedication and great care. We appreciate all the hard-working nurses at Location Name.
  6. Thank you for everything you do to serve our patients!
  7. You’re all amazing. Thank you, nurses!
  8. Nurses are heroes every day. Thanks for all that you do.
  9. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your patients.
  10. Thank you for being an excellent nurse. We appreciate you.

If those examples felt generic, it’s because they are. Meaningful thank-you messages will thank the nurse for something specific.

Thank You Messages to Nurses From a Patient

After you have been around the care of nurses, for surgery or other reasons, you can write them a thank you message.

If you had an overnight stay, you most likely were cared for by multiple nurses. You can thank all the nurses. If a nurse stood out on a particular shift, you could also thank them by name.

#1 Thank you to all the nurses on floor five while I was in the hospital. I appreciate you all checking on me and ensuring I was recovering okay.

#2 Thank you to all the nurses that cared for me last week. I want to give a special shout-out to  Name for making sure dinner was ordered for me on that first night. I was thankful to have a little food after I was alert enough to have a meal following the surgery.

#3 I appreciate every nurse that was part of my care while at the Location. Thank you for the little things like helping me with the TV, opening the blinds each morning, and bringing me ice cream from the staff area when I was having that super rough night.

#4 Thank you for your care and support when our son was hospitalized. We will never forget your encouragement and hugs when his prognosis was uncertain. You made the difficult times easier for us.

#5 Thank you for your excellent care while I was admitted. All the nurses that helped me were fantastic. You never made me feel like a burden when I needed help getting to the bathroom and ordering meals.

Thank You Messages to Nurses After Having a Baby

After the birth of your baby, you may want to thank the nurses that helped.

#1 Thank you for helping to deliver my baby! I was so scared, with Buster being my first. I appreciate Name for holding my hand. We are doing well at home.

#2 We are thankful for all the nurses who helped with my difficult labor. We feel blessed that you were there to help and are grateful for your expertise as delivery nurses.

#3 Your dedication to helping mothers during labor is genuinely admirable. Thank you for answering all my questions as we waited for our baby to arrive.

#4 Thank you for everything you did when Baby John joined the world. We are grateful that you knew what to do to assist the doctor and help. We are so thankful that everything went smoothly.

#5 Thank you to all the nurses for your passion for babies! We had an excellent experience before, after, and during the delivery of our precious baby girl.

Thank You Messages to Nurses After a Death

Sometimes loved ones died unexpectedly, and other times, under the care of a nurse for quite some time at home or at a Hospice facility. Expressing gratitude to nurses that help with end-of-life care is kind.

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#1 Thank you to all the nurses at Location Name who cared for my dad as he was declining. He spoke highly of all of you. We appreciate your courage to help those in their final days.

#2 We thank you for your weekly visits to check on my mom. You are a great nurse, and Mom always enjoyed chatting with you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all you did for her during the past few years.

#3 You’ve been a blessing to our family! Thank you so much for your care, dedication, and support while Jake was declining.

#4 Thank you for all your home visits for Violet and for helping her with her medications. Because of your ongoing care, she could pass in the comfort of her own home. You’re a fantastic nurse and kind person.

#5 Thank you for your dedication as a Hospice nurse. We appreciate your sacrifice to help those nearing the end of their life.

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