21 Thank You For Checking On Me Messages

You can respond with a thank you message when someone checks up on you.

The friend, family member, acquaintance, or coworker reached out because they care enough to be concerned about you. Showing your appreciation for being checked on can be done in two to four sentences.

How you respond to a thank you for checking on my message will depend on why the person was checking on you.

  • Was it a colleague checking up on how your work is going?
  • Have you been sick, and family members are wondering how you are doing?
  • Are you going through a difficult time?

In most situations, you will likely reply to an email or text message. Therefore, I recommend answering in the same manner that you were contacted. However, depending on the situation (such as a lengthy illness), you may want to write a handwritten thank you note.

Template message for replying when checked on

Here is a template that will help you frame your message that works for any context. Since coming up with wording is the most challenging part of writing a thank you note, examples will be provided after the template.

Note: The template is for a handwritten thank you note or email. If you reply to a text message, you can leave out the Dear… and the Sincerely…, and you don’t need to include your name.

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for checking on me. I appreciate your concern and that you thought of me. ***I am doing much better and hope to be well enough to see you soon.

Sincerely [or Best Regards, Kind Regards, Thanks Again, etc.],

[Your Name]

***The last two sentences sharing your status or an update on the situation will vary based on the reason for being checked on. Examples are provided below to help inspire your wording.

Workplace Thank You For Checking On Me Messages

The examples in this section are for when a boss or coworker checks up on you. You may also want to read through the thank you messages for coworkers and thank you examples for a boss.

#1 Thanks for checking on me! Learning the new process has been challenging, but I am getting the hang of it. I will reach out if I get stuck for more than twenty minutes. Your support means a lot to me!

#2 I appreciate that you took the time to check on me. I’m still reviewing the training material and will let you know if I have any questions.

#3 You’re a fantastic boss. Thanks so much for reaching out. I am having a hard time with [program name]. Can you please stop by my desk this afternoon so I can show you the issue?

#4 Thank you for checking on me. I’m grateful to have such caring coworkers. However, I am struggling with the reporting tool. Can you please show me the steps again?

#5 It is nice of you to check up on me. Your message is greatly appreciated. I am doing well and do not need any extra help at this time.

#6 Thank you for checking on me. You’re an amazing [boss/coworker/teammate]. The new reports are almost done. They will be ready for tomorrow morning.

#7 Thank you for asking about my progress on the assignment. I appreciate your guidance last week, as it’s been tremendously helpful today. I should have everything done by the end of the day.

Thank You For Checking On Me While Sick Messages

The examples in this section will help you write a good response when someone checks on you while you are sick. If the person brought you a meal, you could also read the thank you for the meals while sick examples.

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#1 Thank you for checking on me! It’s been a rough time this week. Thankfully, I’m starting to feel better.

#2 I appreciate your message. Thanks for thinking of me. I’m still not feeling very well. Having a virtual hug from you helped to cheer me up.

#3 Thank you for asking about me. I’m feeling better! I will see you at church next Sunday. I am grateful that my absence during the last couple of weeks was noticed.

#4 You’re such a sweet friend. Thank you for checking in with me. I’m doing well on the new eating plan and am settling into a daily cooking routine.

#5 Thanks for checking on me. I’m recovering well from the surgery. This week I start physical therapy. I hope to be fully recovered in three to four weeks. Much love and gratitude to you for caring about me.

#6 I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to check on me. I’m finally feeling a bit better and will talk to you soon.

#7 Thanks for checking on me. I appreciate your support, concern, and kind words. Stopping by around 4:00 is fine for me as I’m mostly better. I’ll be ready and look forward to seeing you.

Thank You For Checking On Me During a Difficult Time Messages

This section is to help you thank someone for checking on you during a difficult time. You may also want to read the examples in these posts:

Tip: The messages could be adjusted to be used on Facebook or other social media if people are checking on you through social media.

#1 Thank you for checking on us. Having you as a close friend has helped during this time of tragedy. The difficult times don’t ever feel like they are going to get easier. Thank you for caring and continuing to check in on us.

#2 Thank you for your kind words during this time of loss. Losing mom has been terribly difficult. Thank you for checking on me. I appreciate you for reaching out and sending a sympathy card.

#3 Thank you for checking on me. I received the gift card in the mail last week. Having a gift card to [restaurant name] reduced the meal planning strain during this difficult time. Please accept my deepest gratitude.

#4 Thank you for reaching out last night. Losing Bob was hard for all of us. We are grateful for close friends and family. The gesture of checking on us means a lot to us. Your kindness is appreciated. We could use some assistance with [____whatever you need help with].

#5 I am grateful to have you as a best friend. Thank you for the encouraging text messages this week. When I’m feeling down, I look at them. I look forward to seeing you next week.

#6 You’re such a great sister! Thank you for being there for me and taking the time to check on me this week. It’s been a rough week with losing my cat to cancer, and I know you’ve been worrying about me. I love you, and thank you for loving me.

#7 Thank you for checking on me. I am grateful that we are best friends. Losing my job has been so difficult. I am glad that I can share my frustrations with you. You’ll be happy to know that I have an interview next week!

Thank You For Checking On Me Summary

There are many ways we can say thank you for checking me. However, when responding, the wording will depend on why the person checked on you.

Friends, family, members, or coworkers may check on you during a difficult time, when you are sick, or during a workplace situation.

This post has many examples to help you write a thank you message.

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