25 Quick Ways to Say Thank You For The Pizza

After you’ve had a pizza, you may want to thank the person who provided it.

The easiest way to say thanks for the pizza is with a thank you message. In most situations, a quick text message or a thank-you email is OK.

However, you can write a handwritten thank you card if you’d like. The recipient may be impressed with the extra effort.

Pizza is one of America’s most liked foods, so there is a good chance you’ve had a pizza recently.

Pizza is celebrated on these national days:

Thank You for the Pizza Messages

These short messages are perfect for a family member or a casual pizza with someone.  I like to thank my husband whenever he makes homemade deep-dish pizza!

If you’d like for your note to be longer, add a bit more describing why you liked the pizza so much. Or, include a sentence about enjoying the meal together.

#1 Thank you for the pizza. I enjoyed every cheesy bite.

#2 Thank you for the pizza. It was delicious.

#3 Thanks for the pizza treat. Having it for dinner was terrific.

#4 Thank you for ordering pizza for lunch. The indulgence was just what I needed today!

#5 Thank you for the pizza from [Restaurant Name]. It was a tasty treat.

#6 Thank you for making the homemade pizza. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it and for putting my favorite toppings on my half.

#7 The pizza pie was so good. Thank you for making it!

#8 The stuffed crust pizza was delightful and yummy. Thank you for choosing it for our dinner.

#9 Thank you for dinner last night. I enjoyed the delicious pizza treat!

#10 I had fun at the pizza party yesterday. Thank you for getting all our friends together for an evening of fun and laughs.

#11 I love getting together with you! Thank you for treating me last night. The pizza was perfect.

#12 Thank you for remembering that pizza is my favorite. The pizza from [Restaurant Name] was great last night as we enjoyed watching the movie.

#13 Yum! The homemade pizza was the best. Thank you for making it with my favorite toppings.

#14 Thank you for taking me to [Restaurant Name] last night for pizza. A night out was just wanted I needed.

#15 The pizza was awesome. Thank you for choosing it for dinner.

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Saying Thank You When the Pizza Was For Appreciation

Sometimes pizza is used as a thank-you meal for volunteers or employees. You can express gratitude for the pizza and the recognition with these messages.

The message can be sent to your boss, the group leader, or whoever organized the pizza.

#1 Any way you slice it, we make a great team! Thanks for the pizza lunch.

#2 Thank you for the pizza party for [group/event]. I enjoyed getting together with everyone. And the stuffed crust pepperoni pizza was fantastic.

#3 Thanks for the pizza! I appreciate the appreciation!

#4 The pizza party for employee appreciation day was fun. Thank you!

#5 Having pizza ordered for lunch on employee appreciation day was a nice surprise. Thank you for the free lunch. I enjoyed the salad as well.

#6 Thank you for recognizing the team’s recent accomplishments with a pizza lunch. I had fun socializing with everyone. Also, the homemade chocolate chip cookies were the best!

#7 The loaded pizza was excellent at our team lunch today. I greatly appreciate that a cheese pizza was ordered just for me!

#8 Thank you for organizing the pizza for us! I was grateful for the opportunity to get to know some of the other volunteers.

#9 Thank you for organizing the pizza lunch for the team lunch. I appreciate you for taking the time to make sure everyone was happy with the topping choices. You’re a gem!

#10 You are a thoughtful boss. Thank you for the pizza today. It was great.


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