24 Thank You For The Book Messages

If you received a book from someone as a gift, you can send the person a thank-you note or thank-you message.

How To Say Thank You for a Book Gift

What to say in your message is the hard part. If you’ve read the book before saying thank you for it, you can share something you liked from the book or learned from it. 

If you say thank you before reading the book, you can use a short thank you message.

  1. Thank you for the book for my birthday. I am excited to read it. 
  2. Thanks for the book! Author Name is my favorite.
  3. Thank you for the book. I appreciate you for thinking of me.
  4. I love reading. Thank you for giving me books for Christmas.
  5. Thank you for gifting me Book Name. I will let you know what I learn from it. 

Note: This post is part of the thank you note for a gift series.


If you need to see a thank you note template, click here. The examples are going to the message part of the note only.

If writing a handwritten note, you will still need to include the opening, closing, and signing of your name at the end. You can also download and print free PDF printable cards.

You may also want to review the “thank you for letting me borrow” sample messages, as there is a section for books.  The messages there can be modified (by removing the references to borrowing) to work for a book that was a gift.

Thank You for the Book Example Messages

Note: Words in [brackets] should be replaced as appropriate for your note.

#1 Thank you for giving me [book title] for [event/holiday]. I enjoyed reading it because [reason]. And I also learned [what you learned]. I appreciate that you thought of me.

#2 Thank you for giving me [book title] for my birthday. I learned so much about how to automate my finances. The methods will help me save money and reach my financial goals more quickly.

#3 I loved the book about cat breeds you gave me for Christmas. The pictures will help me identify various breeds, and I will learn more about the characteristics of each breed.

#4 Thank you for the book you gave me last week! You choose a great story for me to read. I have already read it and loved the love story in it. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to read the entire series.

#5 I want to thank you for the book you gave me about [topic]. I could relate to how [author name] talks about his personal experiences. I am confident that the recommendations for handling [topic]. You were right when you told me I needed to read [book title]. Getting help from a book is easier than discussing problems with my friends.

#6 Thank you for the cookbook for Christmas. You are fantastic at selecting gifts. So far, I’ve made two recipes, and I like reading the little stories that come before the recipes.

#7 I loved reading [book title]. Thank you for giving it to me for Christmas. I could relate so well to the story, and of course, you know that I enjoy a good romance!

#8 You are great at picking out books for me! Thank you for introducing me to the [series name] book series. And I always look forward to what new book you will give me next.

#9 The book on drawing cats has been very beneficial when I make acrylic cat paintings. The cats are starting to look more like cats. Thank you for giving me the book for my birthday.

#10 Thank you for [book title]. I will look forward to reading it during my upcoming vacation. The story sounds interesting, and it was thoughtful of you to give me a book to read on the plane.

#11 I am glad that we both enjoy reading so much. Thank you for sharing [book title] with me. It was a great mystery, and we can discuss it the next time we see each other for lunch. I didn’t want to wait until then to say thank you!

#12 Thank you for the Ramit Sethi book. His way of managing money and earning more makes sense to me! I will implement his methods soon and let you know the progress that [spouse name] and I make.

#13 I immensely enjoyed the [author name] book you gave me last week. The story felt so real, and it was funny too! And I learned some cooking tips from it, which I didn’t expect. I will be passing this book on to my mom as she will enjoy it too.

#14 I was shocked when you gave me the book last week. I have learned so much about [topic] from it. Thank you for thinking of me when you saw it at the secondhand store. It’s been a delight to read.

#15 Thank you for the how-to cookbook. I liked how easy it was to learn basic skills and make recipes that also taste great. The next time you are in town, I can make you a simple dinner to show you how much I’ve learned. Let’s make a plan soon!

#16 [Book title] was a fantastic book! Thank you for giving me the book and introducing me to science fiction. I am hooked and will look for more books by [author name] to read next.

#17 I am thankful for you and the list of inspirational books for women you gave me. I am making my way through the list. I liked every page of [book title]. Let’s meet soon to talk about it.

#18 Thanks for the books! My kids were thrilled to read through your son’s old Berenstain Bear books. Someday we will pay it forward and pass them on to another young reader.

#19 Thanks for the book. Reading through [book title] was a delight. The pictures of the [animals, house, whatever] were beautiful and added to my enjoyment of the book. Maybe someday I can take pictures as well as [Author Name].

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