31 Thank You for Letting Me Borrow Note Examples

Having people in your life that let you borrow things is a blessing!

Sharing is caring. Borrowing can help you save money too.

The thank-you note examples below will provide you with suggested wording for thanking the person you borrowed from.

For borrowed money, please read the borrowed money section in the how to write a thank-you note for money post.

For a borrowed vehicle, review thank you for lending me your car examples.

Tips for your note

  • Don’t be generic! It’s doubtful that you forgot what you borrowed, so mention the item in your note.
  • Include a sentence about why you are grateful to have borrowed the item or how you enjoyed the item.
  • The examples will be for commonly borrowed items – books, clothes, and equipment.
  • These notes are intended to be an inspiration, so read through them all to review wording that may work for you. You can switch out the borrowed item in the examples with that you borrowed.
  • The thank-you note can be given to the person when returning the item or you can mail it.

Template thank-you note for borrowing something

Dear Person’s Name,

Thank you for letting me borrow [item]. I appreciate being able to borrow it because [list your reason]. You are a generous person to share with me! If you ever want to borrow anything from me, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Your Name

Notes: Replace the words in [brackets] as appropriate for your note. The third sentence can be a compliment of the person or item (but only include a compliment if you can honestly say it). If you don’t want to start the note with “Thank you,” you can begin the note with a compliment.

Thank you for lending me a book or textbook

1. Thank you for letting me borrow your Science textbook the day I forgot to bring mine with me. Having the book in class helps me to follow along with the lesson.

2. You are a kind person! I appreciate being able to borrow your textbooks from the classes you took last semester. I realize you could have sold them right away! You can borrow my textbooks anytime!

3. I passed the final exam! Thank you for letting me borrow your [topic] textbook. I still haven’t found mine. I am very grateful to have been able to borrow yours while I finished the semester.

4. The book for book club was awesome! Thank you for letting me borrow [book name]. I enjoyed the story and was happy to join your book club. I’ll buy next month’s book, and you can borrow it!

5. I am excited to read the next book in the [book series name]. Thank you for letting me borrow the first book! I don’t think I would have read this book if you had not suggested it. The story was intriguing, and I read it all in one day!

Self-help book thank you messages

6. Thank you for lending me [book title]. My eyes have been opened to a new way of approaching [money/eating/relationships/point of the book]. This book will change my life for the better! Because of what I learned, I will now [list the changes you will or have made already].

7. I feel better about my financial situation since reading [money book]. The plan laid out for managing money and getting rid of debt is exactly what my family needs. We have started making changes and have already paid off one credit card that had a small balance. For the first time in years, I am excited about making a budget and an investment plan. Talking about money with [spouse name] can be challenging! Reading the book together helped us to communicate about our money and get on the same page. Thank you for letting us borrow the book!

8. [Book Title] is the best book I have read so far about [diet type – keto, paleo, Atkins, etc.]. The information on why eating this way is beneficial convinced me that I should try it out. The recipes that I’ve made from the book have been delicious and easy to make. My body is started to feel better! Thank you for lending me the book as it has helped me along on my food journey.

9. Thank you for letting me borrow 48 Days to the Work You Love. The process outlined in the book worked for me! On day 45, I accepted my dream job! Having me read this book has changed my life in the best way possible. Let’s meet for dinner soon, and I will tell you more about it.

10. I loved the views on relationships and boundaries in [book title]. This book gave me several ideas on how to better approach or handle some relationships in my life. This was the perfect book for me to borrow. Thank you for recognizing that this was a book I needed to read. I like it so much that I’ve bought a copy!

Thank you for letting me borrow your clothing examples 

Tip: Unless specifically asked not to, it’s polite to wash the clothing item before returning it. However, some things may have special cleaning instructions, so the person you borrowed from my prefer to do the cleaning themselves.

11. Thank you for letting me borrow your dress! It was the perfect dress for the occasion. [Add a sentence about the event, to make your note not feel generic]. I also received many compliments, so I would say you have great taste for picking out dresses!

12. I am thankful that you had back-up clothes in your cabinet at work and that we wear about the same size! Spilling coffee on my pants was embarrassing enough! I am thankful that you had pants I could borrow for the day. Perhaps others on the team will also be inspired by you to have an extra set of clothes.

13. Your shirt that I borrowed is incredible! I felt confident and professional wearing it the job fair. You’ll be happy to know that I have three interviews lined up. Thank you for helping me make a great first impression!

14. Thank you for lending me your clothes anytime that I ask. Your wardrobe is extensive and beautiful and more than I can afford on my budget and I appreciate you sharing with me when I have an occasion where I need to dress up. You are very generous!

15. I appreciate you for letting me borrow your jacket last weekend! The air was chilly at the bonfire, and I was not prepared for it. Your jacket kept me warm so that I could still enjoy the evening. I’ve washed it so that it doesn’t smell like bonfire smoke.

16. Thank you for lending me your jacket! It went perfectly with the outfit that I wore on the blind date. I am grateful to have a friend that is willing to share clothes.

17. Up until you let me borrow your leggings, I didn’t think I would ever want to wear them! They are so comfortable. Thank you for convincing me to try them. I’ve since purchased a few pair of my own.

18. Your fancy shirt was a hit at my office party! I am thankful to you for letting me borrow it. Many people told me I looked great wearing it!

19. Thank you for letting me choose from your bridesmaid’s dresses to wear to my prom. The dress was beautiful, and I was thrilled not to have to buy a dress. If it’s okay with you, I will choose another for my senior prom next year.

20. You are a kind friend to let me borrow your clothes whenever I ask. Thank you for being generous with your clothing when I’m in a pinch. The dress I borrowed last week was perfect for the cocktail party. Everyone loved it, and it saved me the stress and time of shopping for a dress.

Borrowing Equipment or other stuff sample thank you messages

21.Thank you for letting me borrow your lawnmower. As you noticed, I was quite upset when my mower would not start. I will either get it repaired or buy a new one before next week. For now, my yard is no longer an embarrassment to the neighborhood.

22. Your power washer is terrific! Thank you for letting me borrow it. My sidewalk and driveway look fantastic.

23.Thank you for letting me borrow your carpet shampooer. Borrowing from you was much easier than renting a unit from the store. You’ll see a big difference in the carpet the next time you are over. I should not have waited 15 years to clean the carpet. It looks like new now!

24. I am glad you have so much yard equipment and are willing to share it with me! Thank you for loaning me your clippers, trimmers, saws, etc. whenever I ask. My yard looks well taken care of because of your generosity. Having to buy yard stuff was causing me to avoid doing the work myself.

25. I am grateful for your love of power tools! Thank you for letting me borrow your chainsaw to cut up the fallen tree. The chainsaw made the work quick, and I was glad I could borrow yours instead of renting or buying one. You’re a great friend!

26. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for letting us borrow your camping equipment for the week. It helped us be able to camp a few extra days since we didn’t have to invest gear. The tent was the perfect size for us!

27. I appreciate you for letting me borrow your humane live traps! The three feral cats in my yard have all been trapped, neutered, and returned to my yard. Thank you for introducing me to TNR. I will be happy not to have kittens born in my yard next spring.

28.Thank you for letting me borrow your card table and chairs for the party. The table was the perfect size to hold the birthday cake. We were also happy to visit with you at the party for [kid’s name].

29.Thank you for bringing your hose, sprinkler, and water-based games over for [Kid’s name] birthday party. He and his friends loved playing in the water. We were surprised by how much he enjoyed the water activities and will purchase equipment soon! We appreciate you for suggesting a water-themed party since it’s been so hot this summer. The idea worked out much better than entertaining the kids in the house.

30. You are a treasure! I am grateful to you for letting me borrow wedding decorations from your extensive collection. Your generosity helped us keep the wedding costs on budget. Also, thank you for helping us set up the tables and do the decorating. The time you spent on our wedding was a wonderful gift to us.

31. Thank you for letting me borrow your lawnmower. I was on the verge of getting a notice from the city for the grass being too high. Your extra large mower worked perfectly.

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