24 Thank You Messages to Employees for Great Customer Service

When an employee provides outstanding customer service, thanking them is an excellent way to show appreciation and gratitude.

Employees can be thanked for their excellent customer service any time of the year. However, you may want to give them special recognition during Customer Service Week (the first full week of October or on Customer Service Day (January 17th).

The example messages below are for thanking an employee for customer service. In addition, you can read the general thank you messages for employees.

Along with the recognition in the thank you note, an employee might feel more valued with monetary recognition such as a gift card, cash bonus, lunch, points in an employee rewards program, or extra paid time off.

Acknowledging the good work of the customer service department may also help improve employee morale. Words of appreciation can go a long way.

Customer Service Thank You Messages to Employees

When writing your employee a thank you message, please provide a specific example of their excellent customer service when possible.

However, a short generic message can work too, especially during Customer Service Week or Day, when you may not have a recent example for each customer service employee.

Longer messages will follow the short quote list customer service thank-you messages. The short messages could be combined to create a longer appreciation for customer service note.

  1. Thank you for your excellent service.
  2. We appreciate your excellent customer service!
  3. We’ve noticed your exemplary customer service. Thank you for being such a great example and role model.
  4. With deep appreciation for your dedicated customer service, please enjoy this gift card during Customer Service Week.
  5. Thank you for helping [Company Name]’s success with your consistent, fantastic customer service.
  6. Thank you for going above and beyond as you serve our customers.
  7. You’re an awesome customer service representative. Thank you so much!
  8. We have the best employees! Thank you for providing our customers with fast, efficient customer service every day.
  9. You’re an awesome customer service rep! Thanks for all that you do to keep customers happy.
  10. Thank you for helping us build a strong client base by giving customers an excellent customer service experience.

Customer Service Week [or Day] Thank You Messages

These examples could be used in a thank you email during Customer Service Week or Day.

#1 Employee recognition is easy when we have great customer service representatives like you! We hope you have a great Customer Service Week! I’d like you to stay tuned for how we will celebrate the team’s outstanding performance each day this week.

#2 A huge thank you to you during Customer Service Week! We hope you can participate in all the activities this week that recognize the employees in the customer service department. In addition, we appreciate the fantastic job of our representatives who keep our company running daily, answering phones and taking orders. We couldn’t do it without you!

#3 Thank you for your passion for customer service. Your dedication is an inspiration in the workplace. We are grateful for your loyalty. Please enjoy the catered lunch on Customer Service Day.

#4 Customer Service Week is here! Thank you to the entire team for your customer service expertise. Our customer service is top-notch, and we appreciate all of you. Please enjoy lunch on Wednesday from [Restaurant Name], and we will have a special surprise for you on Friday.

#5 Thank you to the whole team for your great customer service. We appreciate you for helping demanding customers and finding solutions. This year, for Customer Service Week, we will have an employee lunch on Wednesday where [CEO Name] will read letters of praise sent in by customers.

#6 We want to make sure you feel valued during Customer Service Week. Please enjoy the candy and treats in the breakroom. Each day, we will have lunch ordered. Violet will be coordinating menu selections. Thank you for all of your hard work!

#7 We look forward to a fun Customer Service week! Thank you for another year of great customer service. We appreciate you for taking orders and keeping an open mind in difficult situations. All your hard work is noticed. On Monday, you will receive an email with the agenda for the week.

Customer Service Thank You Messages

These examples could be used any time of the year. For instance, they could be modified for Customer Service Week by adding a line mentioning Customer Service Week.

#1 Thank you for all the hard work throughout the year. We appreciate your enthusiasm and innovation in solving customer issues. We are glad that you are part of our team.

#2 We appreciate you for recently going the extra mile when a customer was upset with their purchase. She had only kind words to say about you as you suggested solutions. Employees like you make all the difference at [Company Name].

#3 We are happy that you are part of our customer service team. Your new ideas for helping customers find products have increased sales. For your excellent performance, please feel free to leave a few hours early on Friday.

#4 Thank you for your teamwork and collaboration last week when we faced a difficult situation with the customer. You did an excellent job and are a highly valued team member. We are continually impressed with your creativity and calmness when speaking with upset customers.

#5 Thank you for your great work last week. Jake mentioned that the client was thrilled with your customer service when the client requested extra reports. I appreciate your excellent work ethic and professionalism.

#6 Thank you for contributing to the company’s success with your upbeat customer service. We received another appreciation letter from a customer who specifically mentioned their experience buying a car from you.

#7 On your work anniversary, please accept this gift card as a token of appreciation. We have sincere gratitude for your dedicated customer service and high-quality work. You are a valued team member and colleague.

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