The 12 Times Everyone Should Say Thank You to Their Boss

October 16th is Boss’s Day, an easy day to say thank you to your boss.

There are many other times during your career when you should thank your boss.

Below are some occasions you don’t want to miss thanking your boss.

Boss’s Day

Happy Boss
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National Boss’s Day is on October 16th in the United States. When the date is on a weekend, it’s usually celebrated on Monday or Friday.

When you wish your boss a Happy Boss’s Day, you can include a short thank you message.

Thank You Note for Boss When Leaving Job

Thank You Note for Boss When Leaving Job
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When you leave your job, you can thank your boss.

You never know when your paths may cross again, so do your best to make a favorable impression on the way out.

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Thank You Your Boss For Helping You

Thank You for Boss For Help
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After your boss helps you or provides extra support, you can send them a quick thank-you email.

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Thank Your Boss For Opportunities

Thank You to Boss For Opportunities
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Sometimes, a boss will help you find new opportunities, such as a new position, an exciting project to work on, or additional training for new skills.

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Thank You to Boss for Happy Work Anniversary Wishes

Thank You to Boss for Happy Work Anniversary Wishes
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On your work anniversary, your boss may wish you a happy anniversary. It’s polite to respond with a thank you, especially if you were given special recognition in any way.

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Thank You to Boss for Raise

Thank You to Boss for Raise
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When you are given a raise, your boss may have had input into how much you were given. You can show your gratitude to your boss for the raise with a thank-you email.

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Thank You to Boss for Bonus

Thank You to Boss for Bonus
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I’ve had two jobs where bosses were given a pool of bonus money to distribute at the end of the year. However, the boss was not required to give each team member the same amount or percentage.

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Thank Your Boss for a Promotion

Thank You to Boss for Promotion
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When you are promoted, your boss likely provides input into the decision. Say thank you for letting your boss know you are grateful for any involvement they had.

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Thank Your Boss For Lunch

Thank You to Boss for Lunch
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Before the pandemic, my boss would take the team out for lunch a couple of teams a year.

And a prior boss would occasionally take out each team member for lunch.

While the company likely picked up the tab, the boss set aside time for lunch.

Thank You to Boss for the Appreciation

Thank You to Boss for Appreciation
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Sometimes your boss may appreciate you! Perhaps they sent you a nice thank you email or recognized your excellent work at a meeting.

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Thank You To Boss for Gifts

Thank You to Boss for Gifts
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There are many reasons that a boss may give an employee a gift. Some examples are weddings, baby showers, on your work anniversary, or to welcome you to the team.

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Retirement Thank You

Thank You to Boss Retirement
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At some point in your career, you may work with a boss that retires. Or you may be the one that retirees.

As when leaving a job, you can make a good impression on the boss by expressing gratitude at retirement time.


Mistakes to Avoid When Thanking Boss

Mistakes to Avoid When Thanking Boss
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When thanking your boss, there are mistakes you will want to avoid.

One mistake is spelling their name wrong. Not knowing how to spell your boss’s name shows disrespect.

Some names have multiple spellings, such as Jon or John, Michelle or Michele, and Erin or Aaron.

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