Boss’s Day Thank You Note Examples

Boss’s Day is on October 16th in the United States unless it falls on a weekend. Are you ready for it this year?

Some people give gifts on Boss’s day. There are some ideas for Boss’s Day gifts here. This post will focus on the gift of your words expressed in a thank you note!

Handwritten notes may help you stand out as well, depending on the boss! You can do a gift and a thank-you note if you want to. If you want to print a thank you card, you can choose from these free printable thank you cards.

What to thank your boss for on Boss’s Day suggestions:

Boss’s Day thank you note tips:

  • Do not include anything confidential as others may see your note (even if it is in an email).
  • Don’t compare your boss to a different boss. That is a little tacky.
  • If you don’t like your boss or have a not-so-good boss, try to find 1 thing that you can thank them for. If you can’t come up with anything, don’t write a note and consider looking for another job!
  • The note can be started or ended with “Happy Boss’s Day!” or “Have a great day!”
    Compliments are nice too!

Below are some examples of Boss’s Day cards available on Amazon. You could write your thank you note inside a card like one of these.