What To Write in a Boss’s Day Card: 28 Thank You Messages

Boss’s Day is a great day for employees to share their gratitude and thank their bosses, supervisors, or managers while wishing them a Happy Boss’s Day.

National Boss’s Day is on October 16th in the United States. When the date is on a weekend, it’s usually celebrated on Monday or Friday.

Writing your boss a quick thank you message is an easy way to show them appreciation while wishing them a Happy Boss’s Day. Some people give their boss gifts on Boss’s Day. If you decide on a gift, I still encourage you to write your boss a thank you message.

We will cover:

  • What to say and not say 
  • Short quotes for Boss’s Day
  • Example Boss’s Day thank-you messages
  • Messages bosses can write to say thank you for boss’s day gifts

What NOT to Say to Your Boss on Boss’s Day

Sometimes, what you don’t say is more important than what you do say. Here are some things to leave out of your boss day thank you message.

  • Confidential Information. Do not include anything confidential, as others may see your note (even if it is in an email). This could be an amount of a recent bonus or raise or a promotion that hasn’t been announced yet. 
  • Comparisons. Don’t compare your boss to a different boss. This means don’t say, “You’re so much better than John.”
  • Negativity. If you don’t like your boss or have a not-so-good boss, try to find one thing you can thank them for. 

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What To Thank Your Boss for on Boss’s Day

Here are some ideas for what you could thank your boss for on boss’s day.

  • Their support throughout the year
  • Their support recently
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Guidance
  • Inspiration
  • Flexibility
  • Being an awesome, great, the best, etc. (compliment of your choice)
  • Whatever you’d like that is appropriate for your boss

Handwritten notes may also help you stand out, depending on the boss! I had a boss once who told me a handwritten note card had no impact on him and that an email was just fine. You could choose from these free printable thank-you cards if you do not have thank-you cards or a Boss’s Day card.

Short Boss’s Day Thank You Quotes

The short thank phrases for Boss’s Day will be followed by examples of longer thank-you messages for your boss. While I strongly encourage you to write a personalized note to your boss for something specific, I understand that sometimes you need nice things to say to your boss, even if it sounds generic.

  1. Thank you for being a great mentor and boss. Happy Boss’s Day!
  2. Happy Boss’s Day! Thank you for being a great role model.
  3. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. Have a great boss’s day!
  4. Good managers make coming to work a joy. Happy Boss’s Day!
  5. I wish you a very happy boss’ day. Thanks for all that you do for the team.
  6. You’re a special boss. Thanks for being great. Happy Boss’s Day!
  7. Happy Boss’s Day! Thanks for your leadership, guidance, and flexibility.
  8. It’s an honor working with you. Happy Boss’s Day!
  9. We are lucky to have you as our boss. I hope you have a great Boss’s Day.
  10. Our workplace is better because of you. You’re an awesome boss. Happy Boss’s Day!
  11. Thank you for always going the extra mile for the team. Happy Boss’s Day!
  12. You’re the best kind of boss to have: kind, caring, honest, and dedicated. Happy Boss’s Day!

Boss’s Day Thank You Note Messages Examples

Here are some examples that will help you say thank you on Boss Day with a personalized message.

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[Boss’s Name]

I want to take Boss’s Day as an opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for providing so much support recently on [project name].

Learning the different roles of the project has been a challenge for me. I am grateful for your extra time explaining the details to me. You are an excellent mentor.

Happy Boss’s Day,

Your Name

#2 I am thankful you have arranged work-from-home days for me. This has made appointments for my cats and doctor’s appointments much easier to get to. And I’ve been able to have breakfast with my husband more often as well.

#3 I appreciate that you are not only my boss but also my friend. I wish you the best Boss’s Day! Thank you for asking about my family and covering for me while I had dental appointments. This has been a trying year for me, and I’m grateful that I didn’t need to worry about time off of work being a problem.

#4 Thank you for sending me to the training for [whatever training was for]. This has changed the way I work on [process name]. I am happy that you encouraged me to go! I am grateful for your dedication to our team to help us grow in our careers.

#5 This last year has been interesting! Thank you for helping me as I learned about new customers. Your support made it much easier, and I’m glad I can always come to you with questions!

#6 I love working for you! Your mentoring on becoming a leader has changed my outlook on the business world. I am excited to learn more and more from you. I’d like to take you to lunch next week for boss’s day.

#7 Thank you for understanding when I misunderstood the policy for taking time off at the last minute. I am glad that I was able to keep my job! What a relief, as I enjoy working for you. Happy Boss’s Day.

#8 Your recent training on [training topic] was fantastic. I look forward to learning more from you and improving my skills. I also appreciate the team lunches we’ve had this year. I hope you have a great boss’s day!

#9 Happy Boss’s Day! You are a fantastic boss. I am happy I was assigned to your team, as I have learned much from you. I am amazed at how you can explain problems in a way that I can quickly understand.

#10 I am grateful for all of your support. Working with [customer] has been challenging, and I’m thankful you have been on the calls. I am sure your communication skills are starting to rub off on me! I wish you a happy boss’s day!

#11 I wish you the best boss’s day! Thank you for your excellent leadership. I also appreciate your enthusiasm for each new project we take on. You’re a wonderful boss, and I hope to be a boss like you someday.

Thank You for the Boss’s Day Gift Messages

When you are the boss, you may receive a gift or card. Here are some ways to say thank you, which may be to your team or an individual. 

  1. Thank you for the boss’s day gift. I was surprised, and it made me feel special. 
  2. Thank you for the funny boss’s day card. I appreciate all of you for recognizing me today. 
  3. You’re the best team! Thanks for the boss’s day gift. 
  4. Thank you for treating me to lunch on boss’s day. I had a wonderful time. 
  5. I appreciate the appreciation shown to me on Boss’s Day. Thank you for the gift card. I will enjoy dinner with my [wife/husband/partner/family] soon. 

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