35 Thank You Note to Boss for Raise or Bonus Examples with Tips!

Receiving a salary increase or bonus feels terrific. In this post, I will share an actual thank you note I wrote to my boss thanking him for a raise. Reasons to thank your boss will be shared, followed by some tips and then ending with thank-you note examples.

Below is the actual thank-you note I wrote to my boss in 2015 for my annual merit increase. Back then, I wasn’t using Grammarly, so the note I gave to my boss has a grammar issue. I could have not included it in the post, but I want to be transparent as it took quite a while before someone told me in a comment!

If you received cash from your boss that wasn’t a raise or bonus, please read the thank your boss for cash examples in this post.

Thank you note to boss

The grammar error in my note has been pointed out! I should have either started over or made the correction in the note. If I had checked the note in Grammarly (affiliate link) the error would have been caught as well. Click on the photo to learn more about when to start your thank-you note over!

Note: If you’d like to see the note I wrote in April 2016, check out this post where I analyze my 2016 thank you note.

  • If you received a promotion along with your raise, you may want to check out this post which has thank-you note examples for a promotion.

Why you should thank your boss for the raise and/or bonus

Unless getting a raise and/or bonus is written into the terms of your employment, you are not automatically entitled to get a raise. We may feel like we should be getting more after all the hard work we’ve done but it is not usually guaranteed. Remember that our salaries are the amount we agree to work for when we decide to work for a company.

Also, saying thank you shows your gratitude for what you’ve been given. Even if your raise and/or bonus was less that you expected (we always want more, right!?) we should still say thank you. It could have been nothing!

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How to thank your boss for the raise and/or bonus

One of the easiest ways to thank your boss is with a handwritten thank-you note. Email is easier and faster. However, a handwritten note will have a greater impact. They take a bit more time and feel more personal.

I have not seen a boss (or any co-worker) print an email thank-you and display it on their desk or somewhere in their cube. But I have seen many handwritten cards on display.

If your boss is in a different location than you, you can still mail a thank-you note. The address for their location should be available in an internal directory (or you can ask them).

Tips for thanking your boss with a thank-you note

$ Do not include the amount of your raise or boss in your thank-you note. It is possible that not everyone on your team or in your company received the same percentage. This will help avoid any potential drama if someone else happens to see it that received a different amount.

$ Be careful of what you say as you don’t know who else will see the note. Even if you decide to send an email, someone else could still see it.

$ In most cases when you receive money, I recommend telling the recipient what you will be doing with the money. This situation does not qualify. Your boss does not need to know how you are spending your money.

If you are feeling bitter about the amount you received, wait a few days to write the note. Better to wait than to have regrets!

$ Include a compliment to the team or the boss. But don’t go overboard with sucking up to the boss!

$ You can use a simple notecard design. Do not let choosing the design of the card be an obstacle to writing the thank-you note. If you really can’t decide, send it in an email.

$ If you receive a bonus shortly before Christmas or year-end, you can also wish your boss a Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you are not sure if they celebrate Christmas) and Happy New Year.

$ I wrote my thank you note using purple ink as my love for purple is quite well known at my office. You may want to stick to a traditional blue or black. Don’t use a cheap pen that leaves behind ink globs. No one wants to see ink globs. Ever.

$ Use a tool like Grammarly to check your grammar, especially if sending your note via email. Grammarly offers plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and MS Office, so you can use it for much more than checking your thank-you notes! (affiliate links). And there is a free version.

Depending on your boss, you may want to include a cute thank you meme if you are sending an email thank you. Not all bosses will appreciate an image. And not all bosses like cats. Only include a cat thank you meme (or another meme), if you know it will be well received by your boss, otherwise, don’t risk it.

thank you boss cat meme

Template thank-you note message for thanking your boss for a raise or bonus

Start the note with Dear [insert boss name] and end it with Sincerely, Best Regards, or Thanks Again. In the middle, write two or three sentences. Like this:

Dear [insert boss name],

Thank you for the raise. Second sentence. Third Sentence.


Sign your name

Note: In the examples, switch out the word raise or bonus as needed for your situation.

Example messages for the center section of your thank-you note:

I want to thank you for this year’s raise. It’s always nice to be appreciated financially!

I’ve enjoyed working with you this year and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for the raise. I really appreciate it. Getting a bonus was awesome too!

I am thrilled that we met our targets to receive both this year! Thank you for the raise and bonus. I hope next year is even better for the company.

I am excited to have received a bonus. The timing is perfect just before Christmas. I hope you have a nice holiday vacation. See you next year!

Thank you for the raise. I also appreciate the time you spent helping me with issues this year. I am thankful for what I learned.

I am glad to be on your team. Thank you for the annual merit increase. A little more in the pocket is always appreciated!

Being recognized with a raise and a bonus feels great! Thank you for the financial appreciation.

I am grateful for the recent salary increase! Thank you for the percentage that was allocated to me. Happy New Year!

The recent raise is very much appreciated. Thank you for following through with my request for an increase with upper management. I am glad that you and management agreed that I deserved a pay increase. This is a great company to work for!

25 more examples to thank your boss for a raise

#1 The bonus made my day! I am thankful for the profit-sharing program. Have a great holiday!

#2 What an excellent company we work for! Thank you for my holiday bonus. A little extra this time of year is fun for my family and me.

#3 Thank you for the raise. I realize that it’s routine, but I don’t take it for granted. I hope you have a great holiday!

#4 Thank you for the bonus and for letting us leave early on the day before [holiday name]. The unexpected bonus is a great way to kick off the holiday! See you in a couple of weeks!

#5 The raise and bonus are appreciated. Thank You.

#6 What a wonderful day! Thank you for the raise and bonus. I appreciate both of them.

#7 Another year and another awesome raise! I thank you for the portion of the raise pool that was directed my way.

#8 The bonus and raise are appreciated. Both help me to feel that my contributions are valuable. Thank You.

#9 The bonus was an awesome surprise. I am also grateful for the raise. I am excited about working for the company and what the next year will bring.

#10 I am delighted with this year’s bonus! Thank you for my percentage. Being acknowledged financially is fantastic. I am excited about next year!

#11 The way you lead the team is brilliant. I am thankful every day for the opportunity to work on your team. The bonus reflecting our accomplishments is appreciated.

#12 What a pleasant surprise to receive a bonus this week! Being new to the team, I wasn’t expecting to be included this round. Thank you for sharing my input and value with your boss as I am aware that she makes the final decision regarding the bonus payouts.

#13 I enjoy working with you and the team so much. Thank you for the raise and bonus.

#14 I am grateful for this year’s raise. It helped me to feel like a valued team member. Thank you for taking my ideas about [project name] into consideration and implementing a few of them.

#15 Thank you for the excellent raise. I enjoy working with you and the others our team. You are incredible at getting us all to focus on goals to complete projects on time.

#16 I love working with you and the rest of the team. Our work together is better than if working alone. We have such productive collaboration. Thanks for the raise.

#17 Thanks for the raise. I enjoy working with our team and like seeing what our team can do together. We’ve done well this year.

#18 I am glad I was assigned to your team. The work this team does is rewarding, and I delight in team collaboration which helps us all be more productive. Thank you for this year’s recognition in the form of the raise and bonus.

#19 Thanks for the bonus. I look forward to seeing how much the team can get done during the next bonus qualifying time period. Thanks again!

#20 I am excited about this year’s bonus! The amount is appreciated. I enjoy working with our team and am grateful for the financial recognition of our accomplishments.

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#21 Thank you for the excellent raise. I am glad you are my boss as we work well together. I am looking forward to the next year together!

#22 Thank you for the raise. I also appreciate the feedback from my performance review which helps me know how my raise percent was determined.

#23 Thank you for all your support with [project] throughout the year. The bonus I received for my efforts is appreciated.

#24 You are an amazing boss. Thank you for your guidance and training this year. It’s exciting that our team was ranked the highest in the company and that was reflected in our bonus! I am motivated to do all I can do next year!

#25 My raise was excellent this year! Thank you for whatever input you had in determining the amount. I like working with you and our team.

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