25 Thank You for the Raise Messages for Your Boss

Receiving a salary increase or raise feels terrific. Congratulations!

Letting your boss know you are thankful shows your appreciation and gratitude for the raise.

How To Thank Your Boss For A Raise

A thank-you note is the easiest way to thank your boss for a salary increment or increase.

In an office setting, sending a thank you email is acceptable. However, a handwritten note may be more meaningful.

However, I do not recommend asking your boss for their home address if you or your boss work remotely. So, if you cannot hand the thank-you note to your boss, send an email for the raise instead. 

Here are a few tips to consider when saying thank you for a raise.

  • Leave Out The Amount. You do not include the amount of your raise or bonus in your thank-you note. This will help avoid any potential drama if someone else happens to read your message and notices that you received a different amount than them.
  • Keep Your Money Plan to Yourself. When writing a thank you for money, I recommend telling the recipient what you will do with the money. However, there is no reason that your boss needs to know.
  • Consider the Timing. If you are bitter or disappointed with your raise, wait a few days to write the note. Otherwise, write your note within a day or two of receiving notification of the raise.
  • Include Compliments. Compliment the team or the boss, but don’t go overboard. Your compliment should be sincere.
  • Use A Simple Card. Use a simple notecard that looks professional. However, if you already have notecards of any kind, you can use them. For example, I have lots of cat-themed cards. You can also download and print a free PDF thank you card.
  • Include Happy Holidays. If you receive a raise shortly before Christmas or at year-end, you can also wish your boss a Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you are not sure they celebrate Christmas) and a Happy New Year. 
  • Check Your Grammar. Use a tool like Grammarly (affiliate link) to check your grammar, especially if sending your note via email. You can sign up for free!

Thank You for the Raise Template Email

Here is a template thank you note messages for a raise in 5 steps. Many example messages will follow the template to help you write  your thank you message for the salary increment.

[1] Dear [Boss’s Name],

[2] Thank you for the raise. [3] It feels good to be appreciated. I enjoy working at [Company name] and have learned much from you this past year.

[4] Sincerely,

[5] Sign your name

Step [1] – Begin your note with the greeting. Using Dear is formal. You could also begin with Hi or Hello or use only their name.

For their name, use the name you refer to them when you interact with them. For example, if you call your boss by their first name, use their first name in the note. Otherwise, use their last name like this: Mr. Smith or Ms. Jones.

Step [2] – Express your gratitude for the raise. “Thank you for the raise” is the simplest way to say thank you. The example messages below include alternatives. 

Step [3] – Add another sentence or two. This could also be a nice compliment of the boss, the team, or the company.

If you received the raise near the end of the year, you could also wish your boss a Happy Holidays or New Year.

Step [4] – Use a closing appropriate for the workplace, such as Kind Regards, Sincerely, Best Regards, or Thanks Again.

Step [5] – Sign your name. Even with an email thank you, your name should be included. Using only your first name is okay if you have a close working relationship with your boss.

Note: Writing a thank you note for a raise is similar to writing a thank you note for a bonus. Most examples below could also be used to thank you for a bonus. You could easily modify the message by swapping “raise” with “bonus.”

Thank You for the Raise Example Messages

Here are some example messages to help you thank your boss for a raise or salary increase. The messages are the “thank you” part of the note, steps 2 and 3 in the template. Please be sure to include all five steps in your note or email.

Sometimes, you may receive a bonus and raise at the same time. There is a section below to say thanks for both. 

#1 I want to thank you for this year’s raise. It’s always nice to be appreciated financially!

#2 Thank you for the raise. I also appreciate the time you spent helping me with issues this year. I am thankful for what I learned.

#3 I am glad to be on your team. Thank you for the annual merit increase. A little more in the pocket is always appreciated!

#4 I am grateful for the recent salary increase! Thank you for the percentage that was allocated to me. Happy New Year!

#5 I appreciate the recent raise. Thank you for following through with my request for an increase with upper management. I am glad you and management agreed that I deserved a pay increase. This is a great company to work for!

#6  Thank you for the raise. I realize it’s routine, but I don’t take it for granted. I hope you have a great holiday!

#7 Another year and another great raise! Thank you for the portion of the raise pool that was directed my way.

#8 I am grateful for this year’s raise. It helped me to feel like a valued team member. Thank you for considering my ideas about [project name] and implementing a few of them.

#9 Thank you for the excellent raise. I enjoy working with you and the others on our team. You are incredible at getting us all to focus on goals to complete projects on time.

#10 I love working with you and the rest of the team. Our work together is better than working alone. We have such productive collaboration. Thanks for the raise.

#11 Thanks for the raise. I enjoy working with our team and seeing what we can do together. We’ve done well this year.

#12 Thank you for the excellent raise. I am glad you are my boss, as we work well together. I am looking forward to the next year together!

#13 Thank you for the raise. I also appreciate the feedback from my performance review, which helps me know how my raise percentage was determined.

#14 My raise was excellent this year! Thank you for whatever input you had in determining the amount. I like working with you and our team.

#15 Being recognized with a raise and a bonus feels great! Thank you for the financial appreciation and compensation.

#16 Thank you for my raise and excellent performance evaluation. Your support and training have helped me improve my skills. You’re a fantastic boss, and I sincerely appreciate the salary increment.

#17 I am grateful for my recent raise. Thank you for recognizing my value to the company and our innovative team. You are a great boss and mentor. I wish you a happy holiday season.

#18 Thank you for letting me know about my annual raise. You have my sincere thanks. This year’s amount was a pleasant surprise. I am grateful that my value is being recognized. I also appreciate all your support and guidance during the year.

Thank You Note For Bonus and Raise Messages

These examples are for when you receive a bonus and raise at the same time. You can say thank you for both in the same note. 

#1 This year’s bonus and salary raise are appreciated. Thank You.

#2 What a wonderful day! Thank you for the raise and bonus. I appreciate both of them.

#3 The bonus and raise are appreciated. Both help me to feel that my contributions are valuable. Thank You.

#4 The bonus was an awesome surprise. I am also grateful for the raise. I am excited about working for the company and what the next year will bring.

#5 I am glad I was assigned to your team. This team’s work is rewarding, and I delight in team collaboration, which helps us all be more productive. Thank you for this year’s recognition in the form of a salary raise and holiday bonus.

#6 I’ve enjoyed working with you this year and learned much from you. Thank you for the raise. I appreciate it. Getting a bonus was excellent, too!

#7 I am thrilled that we met our targets to receive both this year! Thank you for the raise and bonus. I hope next year is even better for the company. I will continue to work hard and do my part.

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My Actual Handwritten Thank You Note For A Raise To My Boss

Thank you note to boss

Back then, I wasn’t using Grammarly, so the note I gave my boss had a grammar issue. In the last sentence, I wrote, “I am look forward to another successful year.” I should have said, “I am looking forward…

An example of the Grammarly tool finding a grammar error.

I should have either started over or corrected the note. The error would have also been caught if I had checked the note in Grammarly. 

If you’d like to see another note I gave to my boss for a raise, you can read my analysis of it here.

Note: Links to Grammarly are my affiliate links.

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