Easily Say Thank You for the Bonus to your Boss – A Guide with 25 Examples

Receiving a bonus can feel rewarding and help you to feel appreciated. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to thank say thank you for the bonus. Letting your boss know that you are thankful shows your appreciation and gratitude for the bonus.

In this post, you will learn how to say thank you for a bonus by writing your boss a thank-you note.

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Tips for Thanking Your Boss For Bonus With a Thank-You Note

Here are a few tips to take into consideration when saying thank you for a bonus.

  • Keep it Quiet. Do not include the amount of your bonus in your note. It is possible that your coworkers received less than you. Leaving out the amount will help avoid any potential drama if someone else happens to read the note and notices that you received a different amount than them.
  • Keep Your Money Plan to Yourself. In most situations, when writing a thank you for money, I recommend telling the recipient what you will be doing with a money gift. However, there is no reason that your boss needs to know about your personal spending.
  • Consider the Timing. If you are feeling bitter or disappointed with your bonus, wait a few days to write the note. Otherwise, write your note within a day or two of receiving notification of the raise.
  • Include Compliments. You can compliment the team or the boss, but don’t go overboard with flattery. Your compliment should be genuine and sincere.
  • Include Happy Holidays. If you receive a bonus shortly before Christmas or at year-end, you can also wish your boss a Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you are not sure if they celebrate Christmas) and a Happy New Year.
  • Check Your Grammar. Use a tool like Grammarly to check your grammar, especially if sending your note via email. You can sign up for free!
  • Handwritten or Emailed. I prefer a handwritten note if you are able to give the note to your boss or leave it on their desk. It’s not good business etiquette to ask your boss for their home address to mail them a note. Otherwise, you can send a thank you for the bonus email.

Template Thank-You Note Message For Thanking Your Boss for a Bonus

Here is a 5-step template thank you note to thank your boss for the bonus, which can be used for a handwritten note or an email.

There are plenty of examples following the template. Also, your note can be customized based on the reason for the bonus.

[1] Dear [Boss’s Name],

[2] Thank you for the bonus. [3] It feels good to be financially appreciated. I enjoy working for you and [Company] name. I am grateful to have such a generous boss.

[4] Sincerely,

[5] Sign your name

Step [1] – Begin your note with the greeting. Using Dear is formal. You could also begin with Hi or Hello or use only their name. For their name, use the name you refer to them when you interact with them. For example, if you call your boss by their first name, use their first name in the note. Otherwise, use their last name like this: Mr. Smith or Ms. Jones.

Step [2] – Express your gratitude for the bonus. “Thank you for the bonus” is a simple, straightforward way to say thank you. The example messages will show you other ways to say thanks for the bonus.

Step [3] – Add another sentence or two about why you are grateful. Here’s where you can vary the wording if the bonus was an annual boss, for meeting sales goals, an unexpected bonus, or a holiday bonus. You could also compliment the boss, the team, or the company.

Step [4] – Use a closing appropriate for the workplace, such as Kind Regards, Sincerely, Best Regards, or Thanks Again.

Step [5] – Sign your name. Even with an email thank you, your name should be included. If you have a close working relationship with your boss, using only your first name is okay.

Note: Writing a thank you note for a bonus is similar to writing a thank you note for a raise. Some of the examples below could also be used to say thank you for a bonus. You could modify the message by swapping “bonus” with “raise.”

Thank You For Bonus Example Messages

Here are some examples of how to say thank you for a bonus. You’ll want to be sure to follow the template and include the greeting, closing, and your name in your thank-you note or email thank you.

#1 What an excellent company we work for! Thank you for my holiday bonus. A little extra this time of year is fun for my family and me.

#2 I am delighted with this year’s bonus! Thank you for my percentage. Being acknowledged financially is fantastic. I am excited about next year!

#3 The way you lead the team is brilliant. I am thankful every day for the opportunity to work on your team. The bonus reflecting our accomplishments is appreciated.

#4 What a pleasant surprise to receive a bonus this week! Being new to the team, I wasn’t expecting to be included. Thank you for sharing value with your boss, as I am aware that she makes the final decision regarding the bonus payouts.

#5 I enjoy working with you and the team so much. Thank you for the raise and bonus.

#6 Thanks for the bonus. I look forward to seeing how much the team can get done during the next bonus qualifying time period. Thanks again!

#7 I am excited about this year’s bonus! The amount is appreciated. I enjoy working with our team and am grateful for the financial recognition of our accomplishments.

#8 Thank you for all your support with [project] throughout the year. The bonus I received for my efforts is appreciated.

#9 You are an amazing boss. Thank you for your guidance and training this year. It’s exciting that our team was ranked the highest in the company, which was reflected in our bonus! I am motivated to do all I can do next year!

#10 Thank you for the generous bonus. It was a huge surprise! I am grateful that my hard work on efforts on [project] is being recognized. Also, I am grateful for all you have done to support my professional growth.

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Thank You for the Bonus and Raise Examples

Sometimes, you may receive a bonus and a salary increment at the same time. These examples will help you word a thank you note to your boss for both the bonus and the raise. There are also some examples in the thank you for the raise guide.

#1 Thank you for the recent salary increase and bonus following my performance review. I am so glad to be part of your team. You’re a wonderful boss and mentor.

#2 I want to let you know how grateful I am for the recent bonus and salary raise. I feel highly appreciated for all the hard work. Many employers would not be so generous! Thank you for taking good care of the employees. [Company Name] is a wonderful company.

#3 Thank you for my recent raise. Also, the bonus was an awesome surprise. Thank you for being a generous boss! I am grateful that you and upper management have recognized my hard work.

#4 Thank you for the bonus and raise. I sincerely appreciate the recognition and increase in pay.

#5 Thank you for the raise and bonus. I am thankful for them. You are a wonderful boss, and I am grateful to be working on your team. You continue to be a great role model.

Thank You Messages for A Chrismtas bonus written over a Christmas background.

How to Say Thank You For Christmas Bonus

Here are some example thank-you note messages to say thank you for a Christmas bonus.

When writing your handwritten note or thank you email, you can refer to the bonus as a Christmas bonus and include a holiday thank-you message or greeting (Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, etc. ) Or mention the holiday if you are writing your thank you for bonus note after Christmas.

#1 Thank you for the Christmas bonus and for letting us leave early on the day before [holiday name]. The unexpected bonus is a great way to kick off the holiday. See you in a couple of weeks!

#2 I am excited about the holiday bonus I was given. Thank you so much. The timing is perfect, just before Christmas. I hope you have a nice holiday vacation. I plan to enjoy every minute of my time off. See you next year!

#3 The Christmas bonus made my day! I am thankful for the profit-sharing program. Thank you for being a great boss. Have a great holiday!

#4 Thank you for the Christmas bonus. What a fantastic way to end the year! I am looking forward to an excellent future with [Company]. I also appreciate your guidance and support throughout the year.

#5 Thank you for the holiday bonus! I’m happy that our department had such a great year.

#6 I hope you had a great Christmas! Thank you for the holiday bonus. It was a blessing for my family and me. I am so happy to work at [Company].

#7 Thank you for the bonus that was passed out just before Christmas. I had a wonderful break and hope that you did too with your family. I wish you a Happy New Year!

#8 Wow! The Christmas bonus was fantastic this year. I am so grateful that our team exceeded the goals. The profit-sharing plan is great motivation. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

#9 Thank you for being a generous boss! I really appreciate the holiday bonus. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

#10 Thank you for the year end holiday bonus. It was a delightful surprise. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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