25 Thank You Messages For Appreciation From Your Boss

When your boss shows you appreciation, you might want to thank them. Having a boss that understands the importance of appreciation and praise is fantastic.

This guide will help you write a thanks message to the boss for appreciation. If you want to show appreciation to your boss, please read the thank you notes TO your boss post.

For more information and for thanking your boss for other reasons, please review the thank you messages for a boss guide.

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How do you say thank you to your boss for appreciation?

You can thank your boss for appreciation by sending them a thank you message in an email. Here are three easy steps to follow:

  1. Say thank you. A short thank message for the appreciation, such as “Thank you for appreciating me.”
  2. Share more. Include how the recognition made you feel or another positive statement. You may also want to restate the reason for the appreciation.
  3. Compliment the boss. Only include a compliment if you can do so honestly.

I’ve included many examples below of how to reply to your boss for you to take a look at, showing how to use the three steps.

If the boss sent the recognition to you in an email, you could reply to their message. If the praise is verbal, you can write a thank you email or handwrite a thank you note.

Also, remember that a short, one-sentence thank you message to acknowledge the appreciation is also okay. Sometimes, you may want to refrain from sharing your feelings, or you may not have positive things to say about the boss.

Tip: Only do a handwritten note card if you can hand it to them or leave it on their desk (It’s not professional etiquette to ask them for their home address).

Tip: Use Grammarly (free or paid) to check the grammar of your thank you email.

Thank You Reply Message To Boss For Appreciation Example

This sample message to thank your boss for appreciation uses the three steps described above. Your email might look like this when replying to the appreciation message from your boss.

[Boss’s Name],

[1] Thank you for your appreciation. [2] I am happy to know that I’m a valued team member. I am looking forward to the next project. [3] Also, you are the best boss and a great leader.


[Your Name]

The examples below will include some one-sentence thank you messages for when you only want to write a short note.

Thank You Messages To Boss For Appreciation Examples

Here are more sample messages to help you express your gratitude for the appreciation received from your boss.

First will be a list of short appreciation quotes. They can be used as a complete message when you don’t want to share more or compliment the boss (so only do step one from above). The goal of a shorter note is to acknowledge the appreciation. They can also be used as the first sentence in a longer note.

  1. Thank you for appreciating me!
  2. I appreciate the apperception. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your email and kind words.
  4. Thank you for recognizing my hard work.
  5. It feels great to be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much.
  7. Thank you for your appreciation.
  8. Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for your encouraging words and appreciation.
  10. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much.

#1 Thank you for appreciating me! I was astonished when you shared my contributions to [Project Name] in the staff meeting. I am looking forward to the next big project!

#2 Thank you for sharing that you are pleased with my work for [project]. Knowing that I am exceeding expectations feels good! I appreciate your guidance and inspiration.

#3 I am grateful for your kind words of appreciation. Thank you for sharing that you and the team are happy with the work I have delivered.

#4 Thank you for letting me know how much you and the client appreciated that I was able to provide the requested results early. It made working the extra hours feel worth it.

#5 You are such a wonderful boss. Thank you for letting me know how much you appreciated my extra work last week to meet the deadline. I also liked how you recognized my efforts at the team meeting without sounding like a brag! I was happy to help the team (and ultimately the customer) by putting in additional hours to help get the project done.

#6 I will never forget your words of recognition and gratitude in my promotion letter. They are the nicest things a boss has ever said about me, and I’m glad others know how proud you are of me. I hope to make my next boss just as proud in the new position.

#7 Thank you for recognizing me at the conference! I was surprised to learn that I set the regional sales record for the year. You were sneaky to keep that from me the week leading up to the event! I will enjoy the bonus that comes along with being number one! I also felt blessed to hear your words of appreciation.

#8 This note is a little overdue! I am thankful for the years of encouragement and appreciation I’ve received from you since joining your team, and I needed to share that with you. Your positive attitude has helped me to love coming to work every day. Knowing that you appreciate me and the entire team helps us all do better work, and this is an enjoyable place to work.

#9 Wow! I am so happy to be the employee of the month. The letter that you submitted to nominate me was awesome. Also, being recognized at the all-staff meeting felt terrific. A few people have told me how glad they are that I was finally selected! Thank you so much for appreciating me.

#10 Thank you for your wonderful words of appreciation and recognition of my work at the staff meeting! I have felt blessed to be on your team, as you are such a great boss. I look forward to the success of the next team project/

#11 You are an inspiring boss! Your gratitude for the hard work the team puts in is appreciated. It makes working the extra hours feel not so bad. It was also nice of you to recognize that I’ve been with the company for 20 years at the last team meeting.

#12 Thank you for your email. Your kind words made my day. I want to share that you’ve been an excellent mentor to me and are an amazing boss. I enjoy coming to work every day!

#13 Thank you so much for your message. Knowing that I’m doing okay in the new role is encouraging and the motivation I need to keep working hard on the current project. I appreciate it when you take time out of your busy day to share your expertise with me.

#14 Wow, thank you for the words of appreciation. You are a great manager that makes the workplace better.

#15 Thanks, boss. You are the best! Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me. Thank you for letting me know that the whole department appreciated my work on the [Big Project].

Thanking Your Boss for Appreciation Summary

With a few sentences, you can let your boss or manager know that you are thankful after they share their appreciation. Expressing your gratitude can be as simple as replying to an email from them with a thank you note.

The provided steps and example thank-you messages will show you how to say thank you to your boss for appreciation.

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