Thank You, Teacher! 14 Heartfelt Messages for Terrific Teachers

Thank you, Teachers! 

Teachers spend countless hours helping children learn. The best teachers are kind, patient, compassionate, and excellent role models to the students. 

According to data from Zippia, the average teacher will impact more than 3,000 students throughout their career.

Expressing your gratitude can encourage the teacher and let them know they are making a difference. 

A teacher can be thanked any time of the year. Popular times to thank teachers include:

The teacher will appreciate hearing that they are doing a good job. A little gratitude can go a long way in encouraging teachers that their efforts are worth it!

5 Ways to Thank a Teacher:

  1. A handwritten note card or an email with a teacher appreciation message. 
  2. A “thank you” in person.
  3. A small trinket for their desk (not recommended, as it’s very easy for teachers to accumulate too many).
  4. A gift card (Starbucks, Amazon, local restaurants, local stores, etc.) The teacher may like gift cards which could be used to purchase classroom supplies. 
  5. Graduation Parties. Invite them to your student’s high school graduation party or your college graduation party.

A combination of these methods can be used. For example, you can send a note with a gift card. The thank-you can come from a parent or the student.

Also, teachers may have different preferences for how they are thanked. If you know that a teacher loves thank-you notes, write them handwritten ones. 

When I asked my teacher friends how they wanted to be appreciated on Teacher Appreciation Day, one friend mentioned that she appreciated it when people asked her where she likes shopping. That way, she gets gift cards she is excited to use.

Gifts may be easier than writing a thank you note or coming up with words to say in person. However, some teachers are much more likely to remember your words than what gift you gave them. For example, a teacher once told me:

A gift is probably more special at Christmas or at the end of the year. A note at any time is wonderful. Though nice, gifts do not give you that “this makes it all worthwhile” feeling like a touching note does. So, each has its own place, I would say. I certainly remember notes more in the long run than gift cards!

What To Thank A Teacher For:

Think about how the teacher is impacting your student.

  • Your child has taken an interest in a subject because of how well the teacher teaches it.
  • Does your child want to be a teacher because of a specific teacher? 
  • Did your child have a class teacher t they can’t stop talking about?
  • The teacher helped your student learn how to study for a test. As a result, the student’s test scores are improving.
  • Has your child’s behavior improved due to the teacher’s efforts?
  • Did the teacher do a fun experiment or game that helped your student learn the subject matter?

Thank You Note to Teacher From Student

I contacted a teacher as part of my research for this post. At his school, the 8th grade Language Arts have students write letters to the teacher who meant the most to them in middle school.

He said, “Coming down to my mailbox and finding a stack of those inside is always heart-warming and makes me feel I made the right decision to become a teacher.”

Here is one of the letters he received. Your words and your student’s words are powerful. They give the teachers encouragement and positive affirmation.

Teacher Thank You Note Letter from student

Teacher Thank You Note Tips:

  • If the note is from the student, do not use the teacher’s first name. Instead, use Mr, Mrs., or Ms. or however they refer to the teacher at school.
  • Use the note as a genuine way to thank the teacher. Resist the urge to “suck up” to the teacher.
  • Thank the teacher as situations occur instead of waiting for Christmas or the end of the year. Teachers like encouragement all year long!
  • The note does not need to be a novel. Three or Four sentences will do! But, of course, if you have much to say, a longer letter is fine too.
  • When possible, include a specific example of how the teacher has helped you or your student. 
  • If your note is for Teacher Appreciation Day, you can include a “Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!” in your message. 
  • You can include a compliment in your thank you message, such as “You’re a wonderful teacher.” Choose an adjective of your choice! 
  • Check your grammar! Teachers may be more likely to notice errors, especially the English teacher. 

Teacher Thank You Note Templates

Here are template notes to help you get started with saying thank you to a teacher.

Younger students may need help from their parents. You could also consider having your child draw or color a picture to go along with a handwritten thank you card written by the parent. 

Thank You Note To Teacher From the Parent

Dear [Teacher name],

[Student’s name] is enjoying your class this year! He/She is excited about all your interactive projects with the class. Your efforts are appreciated! [Student’s name] is learning more about [class subject] than ever before!


[Your Name]

Thank You Note To Teacher From the Student

Dear [Teacher name],

I loved being in your class this year. The way you teach makes [class name] fun and interesting to learn about.

Thank you,

[Student Name]

Teacher Thank You Note From the Parent Example Messages

The examples will only include the thank-you message part of a thank-you note. Include the greeting, closing, and sign your name when writing a thank you card or email. 

These samples will help you thank your child’s teachers. 

#1 Thank you for teaching [student name] how to study for a test. She has been a weak test taker for years, and I haven’t been able to find a way to help her. Your method is working. Her test scores have improved in your and all other classes. The time you have spent with her will change her life.

#2 You have been a huge blessing to my family. Because of the extra time you have spent teaching [student name] the “new” way of doing math, the stress in my household has reduced considerably. My husband and I still want to do it in the “old” method we learned in school. We are very thankful that [student name] fully grasps the concepts and can do his homework independently.

#3 Thank you for making [class name] enjoyable! [Student Name] likes your class so much that he does his homework independently. Also, he is excited to share what he is learning. He also wants us to visit the museum you took the class to. This is the most excited he has ever been to go to school. He loves your class! You are an excellent teacher!

#4 You’re an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the guidance you provide to Jake. He was so proud when he earned Student of the Month. 

#5 Thank you for inspiring Bob to take piano lessons. Your passion for music comes through in your lessons. He enjoys his practice and seems to have some natural talent for it. 

#6 I want to let you know you’re a wonderful teacher. Sally talks about your class every night at dinner. Your approach to teaching [Subject] connects with her. This is the most excited she’s ever been to get to school. 

#7 Thank you for all you do as a teacher. We appreciate the positive learning environment in your classroom. Violet is responding very well to your approach this year. 

Teacher Thank You Note From the Student Example Messages

The thank you notes from elementary kids can be simpler than those from a high school or college student.  

#1 Thank you for helping me with my math assignments. The way you’ve been able to explain things to me after class has helped me a lot. I finally understand algebra!

#2 I loved being in your class this year. The way you teach makes [class name] fun and interesting to learn about. I wish you could be my teacher for every class!

#3 Thank you for being my teacher. I had fun and learned a lot this year. 

#4 Thank you for all the support you’ve given me throughout high school. You are an excellent teacher, and I will be going on to study [subject] name at college because of you. Will you please attend my high school graduation party? (Include the party invitation in the envelope.)

#5 Thank you for never giving up on me! I will be forever grateful that I was assigned to your class. Your guidance, support, and understanding have changed my life. I feel that I have a bright future because of you. 

#6 You’ve been an excellent role model for me. I’ve decided to become a teacher and have enrolled at [College/University Name]. I want to influence children in a positive way, as you did for me. I had some rough times in the past few years, and you were always there to encourage me when no one else was. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. 

#7 Thanks for being a great teacher. I appreciate all the extra time after school you gave me to help me finish the biology projects. Your patience is very much appreciated. And my understanding is improved. And I learned what it looks like to be a good mentor! A skill I can use as I move on to my next phase of life. 

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