The 5 Best Ways to Thank Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

The teachers are absolutely amazing! Once a year, an entire week is dedicated to appreciating and recognizing teachers for all that they do.

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first full week of May.

Teacher Appreciation Week Dates in 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week Dates
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With May 1st on a Monday, some schools will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1-5.

While other schools may wait until the following week, May 8 – 12, which is the first full week of May.

Check with your school system to find out when your school is participating.

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea: Food

Teacher Appreciation Week Food
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Food is an excellent way to appreciate teachers.

Breakfast or lunch could be provided in the staff break room. Snacks are another option.

A different food theme could be chosen for each day. You’ll want to be organized.

Also, students could bring their teachers the teacher’s favorite treat.

Keep in mind that the teachers could be getting many items during this week, so you may want to give food items that are packaged and do not need to be consumed right away.

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea: Thank You Notes

Teacher Appreciation Week Thank You Notes
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Students and parents can write the teacher thank you notes.

Schools could have an activity where each student writes a thank you note to at least one teacher during the week. A gratitude box could be used to collect the cards.

Parents can email thank you note messages or write handwritten thank you letters.  In addition, you can download free teacher printable teacher thank-you cards.

Teachers like knowing how your child is being impacted by their teaching.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Idea: Classroom Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week Classroom
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Find out what the teacher needs for the classroom and donate the supplies.

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea: Gift Cards

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Cards
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When I asked my teacher friends what they wanted most for Teacher Appreciation Day, gift cards were among the top choices.

Gift cards give you and the teachers flexibility. You can choose from restaurants, spas, retail stores, and coffee shops.

Asking a teacher where they eat, or shop will ensure they get a gift card they actually want and will use.

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea: Kindness

Teacher Appreciation Week Kindness
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Encourage your kids to be on their best behavior in the classroom.

Parents can take a break from contacting teachers with complaints and special requests. You want to avoid becoming one of the 10 types of parents that teachers dislike.

What NOT to Give Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week Too Many Mugs
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Teachers do not need any more mugs and teacher-themed items to sit on their desks.

While your intentions are good, teachers can quickly acquire too many things.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day
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Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday in the first full week in May.

Depending on your school system, the day may be recognized on May 2nd or May 9th.

Share Gratitude All Year

Teacher Appreciation Week - Gratitude All Year
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Teachers get extra attention during Teacher Appreciation Week.

The best thing you can do is to show gratitude to teachers throughout the school year.

Teaching is a hard job, and they will appreciate the encouragement.

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Thank You Memes From Tons of Thanks

Thank You Berry Much Meme
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Looking to say thank you with a picture?

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