25 Thank You For The Plant Messages

This post will help you write a thank you note for a plant.

There are example messages to help you say thank you for the plant received as a gift or for a funeral.

Thank you for the plant messages are similar, so thank you for the flowers. You may also want to review the thank you for the flowers note template.

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Tips for saying thank you for a plant

  • Include the type of plant, if you know what it is.
  • Compliment the plant or gift giver.
  • If received a plant that is poisonous to your pet, it’s okay to tell the giver that you’ve rehomed the plant for the safety of your pets.
  • If the plant was a gift for a specific occasion, such as your birthday or a holiday, you can include the event in your message. For example birthday plant, Christmas plant, etc.
  • If handwritomg your note, you could use a thank you card that features a plant on the front.

Thank You For the Plant Gift Messages

These examples will help you say thanks for most plants received as a gift.

If you want to add some humor to your thank you note message, you could add a plant pun.

#1 Thank you for the plant for my birthday. I will enjoy taking care of it and watching it grow. I hope I have a green thumb so that it grows for years to come.

#2 Thank you for the lovely plant for my [event/occasion]. I was surprised to get a delivery. It made my day! It is a great gift, and it looks great on my kitchen table.

#3 You are a wonderful friend! Thanks for giving me the succulent plants. The variety you choose is pretty, and I appreciate the details you gave me on how to take care of it.

#4 I feel lucky to have you as a friend. Thank you for the surprise plant to cheer me up. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I have a deep appreciation for our friendship. You know me well and knew the plant was the perfect gift for me. It’s great having a living plant in the house.

#5 Thank you so much for the gorgeous plant you sent me for my [event/occasion]. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a delivery. It looks wonderful on my desk.

#6 I consider myself fortunate to have you as a friend. Thank you for the unexpected plant that brightened my day. I appreciate your warmth and thoughtfulness. Our friendship means a great deal to me. It’s wonderful to have a live plant in the house.

#7 Thank you for the beautiful plant. The succulent garden arrangement is impressive. I could gaze at it for hours. Looking at the details of each plant is relaxes me.

#8 You’ve been a great friend. Thank you for giving me the mums last weekend. I am hoping that next year the plant will grow again. Mums are my favorite, but I haven’t had much luck with them surviving to the next season. If you have any tips, please let me know.

#9 Thank you for giving my family the poinsettia for Christmas. Having a colorful plant for the holidays is terrific, and we appreciate your annual tradition of giving us the poinsettia.

#10 The Christmas plant is beautiful. Also, thank you for visiting with us when you dropped it off. We enjoyed catching up with you and hearing your family updates.

#11 I am happy you gave me some greenery for around my door. It felt like a special gift to be given a plant. Thank you. I added some Christmas lights and red ribbons to it as well.

#12 I appreciate the plant you give me for my birthday. I was surprised! Unfortunately, this type of plant is poisonous to my cats. So, I’ve given the plant to my mom. She loves it, and I can see it when I visit her.

#13 The Easter lilies are beautiful. Thank you for giving them to us. Their smell is lovely. However, my cats can get sick from lilies, so I gave them to my neighbor. She loves them, and I can see them on her table when she has the blinds open.

#14 Thank you so much for the birthday plant. The succulent garden design is stunning. It calms me to look at the intricacies of each plant. And I will like watching it grow.

#15 I love the plant you gave me last week! I appreciate you for thinking of me when you saw the plant at the farmer’s market. It’s a beautiful arrangement, and I will delight in caring for it. Thank you for surprising me with the plant gift.

#16 Thank you for the onion plants for my garden. I am grateful that you like to share your large order of garden plants with me. It’s great having fresh onions for cooking in the fall and winter. Also, thank you for the tips for helping the plants grow.

#17 The small cactus plant is doing well. So far, I haven’t overwatered it. Thank you for sending the growing tips along with the plant. When I see it, I think of the beautiful cacti pictures you have shared while camping in the desert.

#18 I was very surprised to find the plant on my doorstep when I arrived home last week. It took me a while to figure that it was from you. Finally, your mom let me know that it was a thank you plant. It was my pleasure to help you out last week, and I love the plant.

Thank You for the Funeral Plant Messages

These examples provide suggested wording to thank someone for a plant after a funeral or for sympathy.

You may also want to want to review the flower thank you messages in the after the funeral thank-you note examples.

#19 I want to thank you for the plant you sent for Bob’s funeral. The peace lily was thoughtful, and you 9are a great friend for remembering our family during this difficult time.

#20 Thank you for the plant for my mom’s funeral. Many family members commented on its beauty and how much mom loved roses. Once it’s warm enough, we will be planting the rose bush in the yard.

#21 Thank you for the sympathy plant. Losing John was difficult, and the family appreciates being remembered by you. We are grateful that you remembered how much John liked [type of plant]. You were a great friend to him, and he always spoke highly of you.

#22 I appreciate your sympathy when my grandma passed away. The plant was beautiful, and I hope it thrives for years to come. Could you let me know what kind of plant it is? I would love to learn how to help it grow successfully.

#23 Thank you for coming to Betty’s funeral and for the lovely plant. My aunt loves plants and took it home to care for it. When the garden outgrows the basket, she plans to put it in a bigger pot. She is happy to have the plant to remember Betty.

#24 I was very surprised to see a lipstick plant at my mom’s funeral. I was very touched that you remembered my stories of how my mom had a lipstick plant when she was younger. The plant will be a treasure for my family and help keep her memory alive. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

#25 We appreciated the funeral plant for [person’s name] funeral. The family is grateful to you for thinking of us during this difficult time. [Family member’s name] will be taking the plant to add to his flower garden.

I hope these examples helped you express your gratitude for the plant.

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