25 Thank you for visiting note examples

After a visit, if you were the host, you may want to thank the person or family for visiting.

If you were the guest, you might want to thank the friend, relative, or another person that had you over for a visit and should read the “Thank you for having me over” post.

The examples below will help you with the wording to say thank you to someone that visited and express your gratitude.

The sample messages are for personal visits at homes to thank someone for visiting, not for when someone visited a business, restaurant, event, fundraiser, etc.

If you’d like to thank the person in another way besides a note, read this post for other ideas. If you opt for another idea, you can still write a thank-you note!

Some things to thank the visitor(s) for

  • Travel time, if they came from a distance.
  • Any food, dessert, or treat they brought (you make want to review the thank you for the cookies examples too)
  • The conversation or anything useful you learned.
  • Anything fun you did together during the visit.

Tips for your Note

  • Most people enjoy compliments, so consider including one.
  • Be as specific as possible about what you are thanking the person for.
  • If the visit was for a holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, your birthday, another event, or another special occasion, you could modify the examples to include appropriate wording. For example, adding “birthday” before the word “visit.”
  • You can also mention future visits if you plan to meet again soon.
  • Read through all the examples, as you can pick and choose wording that will work best for you when you write your note. You want the note to sound like things you would actually say and not like you copied a random example from the Internet.
  • If you write a handwritten note or email, make sure you include all the thank-you note parts. You can see all 5 parts of a thank you note here, or follow the template below:

Thank you for visiting message template

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for visiting [me/us] [say here when they visited (ex. last week)]. I enjoyed spending time with you [and your family – or whoever else visited]. [Mention more things about the visit, perhaps from the list above].

Please stop by again [if you want them to – or say “Thanks Again” instead]

[Your Name]

Note: fill in words in [brackets] as needed for your note.

Thank you for visiting examples

#1 Thanks for visiting me last week. The cookies were wonderful, and our conversation was delightful. I enjoyed every minute of the visit and looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.

#2 I am thankful for the time we spent together on Wednesday visiting. You are the best neighbor I ever had, and I appreciate it when you stop to see me when you are in town. The chocolate truffles were fantastic too. I thought of you each time I had one this week. Please visit again soon!

#3 Thank you for visiting our home. We were delighted to have you and your family over and hope everyone had a great time. I was happy to get to know you better and glad that we met at [place where you met]. Let’s plan another date for a visit soon.

#4 The travel stories you shared last week during your visit were fascinating to me. The places you go to sound exotic, and you are an excellent storyteller. I am thankful for our time together when you are in town. The treats you brought back from [vacation location] were fantastic too.

#5 I enjoyed our visit at my house last weekend. And thank you for making all the meals. You are a wonderful cook, and I appreciated the break. The chicken pizza was my favorite. You may be the perfect house guest! Thank you for making the trip from [far away place] to come and see me.

#6 Thank you for visiting us. [Spouse/Partner Name] and I were excited that you stopped by with your family when you were in town to see your parents.

#7 Thank you for coming all the way to [city where you live] to visit it. We appreciate that you are willing to travel so far to see us. The time we spent together at the amusement park was super fun, and we are excited that you’d like to make it an annual tradition. Let’s plan for it!

#8 I am grateful that you were finally able to meet [Person’s Name] when you stopped by my home last weekend. It made my day! He’s heard so much about you and the fun times we had growing up. And we are both excited that you will be attending our wedding next year.

#9 I want to let you know how grateful I am for you visiting me last Saturday. You are the best! Losing my cat [or other pet] was difficult. Since you also love cats and have lost some, I felt like you understood more than others what I was going through.

#10 Thank you for coming over to answer my questions about money. Your advice on how I could get started with investing was helpful. Please know how much I appreciate the efforts you’ve made to help me feel comfortable talking about money. I feel that my finances are finally headed in the right direction!

#11 I want to share how much our visit meant to me on Monday evening from the bottom of my heart. Our friendship means a lot to me, and I hope we can meet more often in the future. Chatting with you in person always feels wonderful, but I know finding times that work for both of us can be difficult.

#12 Thanks for coming to visit me. You are a good friend, and the time you spend with me is appreciated. There is nothing like the way you can cheer me up! Also, playing checkers with you brought back pleasant memories from our childhood. I hope we will be friends forever.

#13 I love our long visits. Thank you for coming to chat with me and sharing what happens in your life. As you know, it’s hard for me to go places, so I’m happy whenever you can visit my home. Our friendship is good for my heart. And thank you for the homemade treats as well. They are great!

#14 Thank you for your visit and for making the long drive to see us. We are grateful for your presence whenever you have the time to see us. The chocolate chip cookies that you made were delicious. And we enjoyed petting your new dog. He seems like an excellent travel companion. Most of all, we appreciated the conversation with you and hearing about your life [you could make this more specific in your note].

#15 I want to share how much I enjoyed visiting with you at [new restaurant name or another place]. I feel that we have so much fun chatting, and it’s a bummer when it’s time to leave. You are an empathic listener too! I look forward to our future dinners and hearing your advice about my [career issues].

#16 Thanks a lot for visiting me! Hearing about your life and all the things you do brightens my day. [In your note, mention something specific that was shared, so your note doesn’t feel generic.]

#17 We had a wonderful time visiting with you and your family at the event [say what even in your note]. I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to you for noticing us. Chatting with you was refreshing. We want to invite you to come to our home for a longer visit next month.

#18 Thank you for visiting. We had fun showing you around town and taking you to our favorite places. We hope you enjoyed the time spent together as much as we did. Please visit us again soon.

Holiday or other special day visit examples

#1 Thank you for the [holiday] visit. We enjoyed our time together. The [food – say what the food was] was delicious. I hope we can see each other again before next [holiday].

#2 Thank you for the Christmas visit. I had a nice time talking with me and hearing about your family. The brownies were excellent too.

#3 We were excited to see you on Halloween. It was a nice surprise when you brought the kids to trick-or-treat at my house. The short visit was refreshing as we love to see your kids. They have so much energy, and little [Kid’s name] always seems to be full of joy! She loved showing me her costume.

#4 What a good time we had visiting with you [on/at] [special occasion – say what it was]. We always have a great experience meeting new people and making new friends attending this event. It was our pleasure to meet you, so thank you for coming.

#5 Thank you for visiting me on my birthday! I appreciate our friendship and would like to get together more often. Let me know if you’d like to meet for dinner soon.

#6 Seeing you on Easter was great! Thank you for coming over to my place after the church service. The family enjoys your presence, and you’re welcome to join us whenever you’d like.

#7 Thank you very much for visiting me on my birthday. I know you have a busy life, and I appreciated that you made time to stop by. The flowers are beautiful too. I will keep them on the table for a long as possible and think of you when I see them. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

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