21 Thank You for your Guidance and Support Messages

Guidance can come from many people in our lives, friends, family, a boss, coworkers, or a mentor.

You can write a short thank you message to show your appreciation for the guidance. However, if you need to say thank you for advice received over a long period, you may want to send a longer thank you letter instead of a short note.

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Thank you for your Guidance Template and Tips

For your thank-you note, you can follow the template below. This section will help you learn how to say thank you to someone for guidance and support.


This template will work for emails, text messages, or handwritten notes.

For a text message, which is less formal communication, you can remove the opening (the dear), the closing (the sincerely), and you don’t need to say your name (unless it’s your first time to text message them).

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for your guidance and support. I appreciate your time guiding me about [guidance topic]. I have learned a great deal from you. You are a great mentor, and I feel much more confident about [guidance topic].

Sincerely [or Best Regards],

[Your Name]

Note: Please see the examples below, as there are many ways to express your gratitude. The samples will provide ideas for your thank you message.

You’ll want to choose the wording (paraphrasing as needed) that makes your message sound like something you would say.


  • You can learn more about writing a good thank you note here.
  • Add compliments when appropriate.
  • If you need to write a longer letter, the format is similar. The center section (the part where you say why you are thankful) can be repeated in several paragraphs.
  • Some people will appreciate the extra effort of a handwritten note. For example, at the workplace, it’s better etiquette to hand-deliver a handwritten thank you note instead of asking for an address.
  • For handwritten notes, there are plenty of note cards to choose from. I recommend Minted (fancy), Redbubble (unique), or Amazon (low-cost boxed sets). In addition, you can see my tips for choosing the note card design here.
  • Use Grammarly (free or paid version) to make sure your grammar is perfect.

Short Thank you for your Guidance Quotes

These sentences can be a way to start your thank you note or email. I recommend including at least one more sentence to express your appreciation for the specific guidance and support you received. A longer note (3-4 sentences) will likely feel more personal.

  1. Thank you for your guidance.
  2. Thanks for your guidance and support.
  3. Thank you for all the support and guidance.
  4. Thank you for your continuous support and guidance.
  5. Thank you for guiding me.
  6. I appreciate your support and guidance.
  7. I am thankful for your guidance and support.
  8. Thank you for taking me under your wing.
  9. Thank you for your words of wisdom

Thank you for your Guidance and Support Examples

There are many different reasons why someone could be receiving guidance and support. Therefore, I choose a variety of situations for the sample messages.

Including specifically why you are thankful will help your note sound personal. Here are some questions to think about as your write your thank you message

  • In what area of your life have they been providing guidance?
  • How has their guidance or support helped you?
  • Why do you value the guidance you received?

#1 Thank you for your guidance and support lately. You always seem to have the right words when I need advice regarding the kids. I’ve learned a lot from your years of experience raising your own kids. The tip to [whatever the tip was] worked perfectly with [child’s name].

#2 Thank you for all the support and guidance. Learning how to care for foster children has been challenging. However, your words of encouragement have given me hope that I can help the kids while they are under my care.

#3 Thank you for being a great role model. The guidance and support you’ve given me throughout the last year are very much appreciated. I feel like I am finally on the right path with managing my life and my finances. Thank you so much for not giving up on me.

#4 Thank you for your words of wisdom as I learn to apply the Bible to my life. You’ve been very helpful in developing my understanding of how to study the Bible. I appreciate all the insights, prayers, guidance, and support you’ve provided.

#5 You’ve been a best friend as I learn more about the church and the Bible. Thank you for guiding me to commentaries and websites that help me dig into the scriptures. I am so glad you offered to guide me and become my mentor.

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#6 Thank you for your continuous support and guidance as I balance my work life and home life. Yesterday, I was very thankful and felt so much gratitude when you were able to guide me through saying no to the overtime request. It feels good to be back in the workforce while also being a mom.

#7 You’ve been a wonderful teacher! Thank you for guiding me as I apply for colleges. My parents didn’t have any experience and also pass along their gratitude. Because of your support, I will be enrolled in college next fall.

#8 Thank you so much for all the guidance and support. You are a great person, and I will always be thankful for the time you spent teaching me how to manage my finances. Because of you, I am on the right track to being a millionaire in 10 years by automatically investing a portion of each paycheck.

#9 I’ve had many difficult moments with [Person’s name] in the past few days. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. Also, I appreciate your guidance on how to reply to their text messages and Facebook posts. Hopefully, this situation will be behind me soon, and I will work on becoming a better person.

#10 Thanks for your guidance and support through your words of wisdom. I appreciate the encouraging notes you sent me in the mail as I figure out what to do with my life. Also, I admire your simple life and selflessness. Your success at being a minimalist is inspiring.

#11 Thank you for your guidance and support. You are the best dad ever! I love you so much for always helping and guiding me through difficult situations. Yesterday was hard for me when [situation that happened], but you knew exactly what to say.

A boss guiding an employee

Thank you for your Guidance and Support Messages For Boss

The examples in this section will help you with wording to thank your boss for guidance and support. You may also want to read through the Thank You Messages For Your Boss post.

Also, if you like the wording for someone other than a boss, feel free to use it in your note to them.

#1 Thank you for your guidance as I learn to be a manager. You have the leadership qualities that I admire. Your integrity, communication, and delegation are amazing. I hope my team will think I am a great boss someday too.

#2 Thanks for your guidance and support. The whole team is grateful for how you’ve handled the latest transition. Your open communication and guiding us through each step have been excellent.

#3 I appreciate your support and guidance as I take on the new [role/position/job title] on the team. Thank you for spending time reviewing emails before I send them out and providing tips for improvement.

#4 You are a great leader! Thank you for supporting the team and me as we learn the new processes. Your guidance on working with the training team has been on point. We will be up to speed very soon and working independently.

#5  Thank you for your support during the hiring process. I appreciate you for taking the time to guide me through the application process for the internal posting on the other team. You’ve been the best boss, and I am also thankful for the quick note you sent to the boss on the other team as I look to try out a different position within the company.

#6 I want to thank you for all the help, guidance, and support during the past few months. The time you spent with me helped develop the skills I needed for the other position I am interested in. You have my deepest gratitude for helping me out, knowing that my goal is to go to another department. You truly are an excellent boss and a person anyone can look up to.

#7 You’re a terrific boss! I appreciate your help while my staff and I learn the new procedures. You provided excellent advice on how to approach the training materials. We will quickly become proficient. Thank you for your continued support and guidance.

#8 Your mentorship has been a blessing to me. I appreciate your willingness to provide me with guidance and support as a fellow manager. Whenever I have needed words of encouragement, you have been there for me. Learning how to handle the complexities of managing employees has been hard work for me! You are an inspiration!

#9 Thank you for taking me around your wing. I appreciate your guidance and support as I work on my passion for becoming [new job title]. You’ve been the most supportive boss ever. I am thankful that you have shared your history with me and given me valuable advice.

#10 Thank you for guiding me on the best way to use my talents here at [company name] with my goal of a promotion. You’re an amazing mentor and boss to help me develop my passion as I move forward in my career. You have my utmost gratitude and respect.

Thank you for your Guidance and Support Summary

Acknowledging someone’s support and guidance is wonderful. Your friend, boss, or whoever you are taking will likely feel appreciated upon receiving your words.

Writing them a thank you message is a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation. A few words of appreciation can make someone’s day.

The template, tips, and example message in this post will help you write a thank you note to say thank you for the guidance and support.

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