21 Thank You For Your Insight Messages

When someone gives an understanding that helped you in some way, you might want to thank them for the insight.

The insight may be practical advice, suggestions you had not considered, or other helpful ideas.

Below you will find example messages for how to say thank you for your insight. The insight could be for a project, work situation, personal situation, or anytime you’ve learned something valuable from another person.

The examples will be short thank you messages to help you express your gratitude. However, if you intend to write a complete thank-you note or email, you can review the detailed example of how to write a thank-you note. Also, you can print a free thank you card here.

Replace words in [brackets] can be as needed for your situation. Ideally, you want your message to be as specific as possible so that the recipient knows what and why you are thanking them.

You may also want to read the thank you for your advice examples and the thank you for the clarification messages.

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Thank You For Your Insight Example Messages

#1 Thank you for your insight into [problem/issue/situation/project]. Your helpful advice helped the team to overcome the challenges we were facing. We used your input to move forward with the project.

#2 I appreciate your wisdom and insight about my problem with [topic]. Your perspective was interesting and unexpected. Thank you for talking with me!

#3 Thank you for your insight and guidance about [problem]. It helped me realize that I need to make some changes in my life. The suggestions you gave me to [action to take] are very much appreciated.

#4 Thank you for sharing your perspective on [issue/situation/project]. Your wisdom and experience aided the team in overcoming the difficulties we were up against. We took your suggestions to keep the project on schedule.

#5 I appreciate your expertise and insight into my [subject]. Your point of view was unique. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me!

#6 Thank you for your advice and insight on [issue]. It assisted me in realizing that I needed to adjust a few of my habits. I really appreciate your suggestions. 

#7 Thank you for your insight and experience regarding [topic]. I have a great appreciation for what I have learned from you. The conversation the other day at [the office or other location] was helpful and gave me confidence that I will improve.

#8 You’re the best! Thank you for the insights about how to understand the section of the book that I was struggling with. I am grateful for the way you explained it. I’m so glad we were assigned to the same group for discussion.

#9 Thank you for your insights. Your knowledge was exactly what the team needed to work out the problems with the product. The importance of sharing our experiences paid off.

#10 Thank you for the insights you provided to the team. They let me know that you had the answers they needed about the new product. The team would like to invite you to our potluck next Friday to show our appreciation.

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#11 Thank you so much for your insight. The solution you came up with was the answer we needed to move forward. We were stuck, and talking with you made the difference. The next time we are unsure, we will wait to see what you say!

#12 You’re fantastic! Thank you for the tips on how to understand the portion of the training material that I was having trouble with. I appreciate how you explained it. I’m delighted we are on the same team.

#13 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. Your expertise was precisely what the group required to solve the product’s issues. 

#14 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the team. They informed me that you had the data they needed for the new report. Thanks for being awesome and always willing to help my team! 

#15 Thank you for your insight and patience. Your feedback about the process was priceless. And I’m grateful that you were able to talk with us as we went through each step. The information you provided made a huge difference in shaping the product.

#16 You’re an excellent resource. Thank you for providing so many insights as I worked through my plan to get out of debt. My family members are also grateful for your willingness to review my budget. I will no longer need to ask for their financial support.

#17 Your ability to explain things has been key for helping me to understand the new reporting system. The little insights you gave me on how to think about the steps differently helped me so much. I no longer doubt my ability to use the tool! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

#18 Thank you for your insights. Your comments on the process were invaluable. And I appreciate you taking the time to speak with us as we moved through each phase. The information you gave was quite helpful in designing the final result.

#19 You’re a fantastic source of information. Thank you for giving me so many valuable insights as I went through my meal planning strategy. I am confident now that I will be able to lose some weight.

#20 Thank you for your insights into my cat’s health problems. With your encouragement, I took Kilala to the vet on Friday. The vet tested her blood, and it turns out that she has hyperthyroidism. She will be taking a pill twice a day, which will help her regain weight.

#21 Thank you for providing your insights after my interview last week. I am grateful that you took the time to explain why I was not the right fit for the position. Your advice will help me as I move forward with my job search. Also, thank you for referring me to [Company Name], as some of their open positions look great for me.


Saying thank you for your insight can be done with a short thank you message.

The example “thank you for your insight” messages can be written in an email, text message, a handwritten thank-you note, etc.

I hope these sample messages helped you express your gratitude for the insights you received.

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