27 Thank You Messages For The Christmas Party Note Examples

After attending a Christmas party, you may want to thank the host. Or, if you were the host, you may want to thank people for coming to your Christmas party.

My parents host an annual Christmas party sometime near the end of the year. It’s not always on Christmas Day. They try to coordinate so that my siblings and I can also attend parties hosted by our spouse’s family.       

At most offices or other business organizations, the party is likely called the annual holiday party and aims to celebrate the employees and any success from the year. It isn’t celebrating Christmas specifically or any other year-end holiday. Instead, the focus is on bringing employees together.

At my last job at an office, sometimes the holiday party was set up to be like a casino (using fake money). That type of event was popular, and the food was catered. When I worked at a smaller company, all the staff had dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Parties can be a considerable effort, so it’s thoughtful to write a Christmas party thank you note after attending.

Christmas Party Thank You Tips

Here are a few things to consider saying thank you for when writing a thank you message for a Christmas Party.

  • The Fun. If you enjoyed a fun activity (white elephant, ugly sweater contest, etc.), you can mention it in your thank you message.
  • Being Invited. If you are thanking someone for inviting you to the party before attending the party, you will still want to RSVP in the requested manner.
  • Any Gifts. Be sure to say thank you for the Christmas gifts! Read through sample thank-you wording for Christmas gifts.
  • Boss Gratitude. If you are thanking your boss for the party, you may also want to thank the boss for other things at the same time. There are examples in this “thank your boss” post.
  • Best Wishes. If you write your note before New Year’s Day, you could end your note by wishing the recipient a Happy New Year. 

You can print a free printable Christmas-themed thank-you card if you want to handwrite your note. Or you can purchase thank you note cards online or at a retail store. Your card doesn’t have to be Christmas-themed. For example, I like cats, so I might use cat-themed cards.

Below the template, you will find many example messages.

Christmas Party Thank You Message Note Template

Here is a template to write a thank you message after a Christmas party. 

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the Christmas party. I enjoyed getting together with [friends/family/coworkers]. The [favorite food] was delicious. I look forward to the party every year and was not disappointed this year!


[Your Name]

Please use these examples as inspiration and modify the wording for your situation. Replace words in [brackets] as appropriate for your note.

You can see more detailed instructions for a basic thank-you note here. Always aim to be specific with your note so it doesn’t feel generic.

The examples will be only the center section of the note. If you are handwriting your note or sending an email, you will still want to include the opening and closing and include your name. If expressing your gratitude in another way, you may only need the center section.

Thank You for Christmas Party Invite Messages

Here are some ways you can say thank you when you receive an invitation to a Christmas party.

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#1 Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas party. I am looking forward to it and will participate in the white elephant gift exchange. We will see on December 28th.

#2 Thank you for inviting us to your Christmas party. You can count us in! We will be there and will bring green bean casserole. 

#3 We received the invitation to your Christmas gathering. We are grateful to be included. Jake and I will be there along with our kids. If you want us to bring anything, please let me know.

#4 We cannot make it to your Christmas party this year. I appreciate the invite and hope we can make it to your next party. They are always fun, and are sorry to miss out.

#5 Unfortunately, we are not coming to your Christmas party on the 23rd. Thank you for the invite, though, as that meant a lot to us. We love you all and hope to see you for New Year’s.

#6 We had the best time visiting with everyone at the family Christmas party. Thank you so much for inviting us and for hosting. Your big house and backyard are perfect for large gatherings. I am grateful for our family every day and enjoy the annual get-together.

#7 Our favorite party of the year is always your Christmas party. Thanks for inviting us! We had so much fun with the ugly Christmas sweater contest. Your visitors from out of town were also very nice to meet. You are an awesome host, and we appreciate your hospitality.

Thank You Messages for the Christmas Party Host

Here are messages are to say thank you for a Christmas party to friends or family. There is another section below with examples for thanking your boss for Christmas party

#1 Thank you for hosting the family Christmas party this year. Ted and I had a wonderful time hanging out with the extended family and catching up with everyone. The homemade stuffing was my favorite again this year. And we had fun playing Monopoly. A good time was had by all.

#2 We appreciate you and want to thank you for having the Christmas party at your house. We had fun playing the white elephant gift game. Susan is very competitive! Also, all of the food was delicious. The mashed potatoes and ham were the best that I’ve ever had.

#3 Thanks for having me come to your family’s Christmas dinner. I also loved your Christmas party theme!  I was grateful to be included since I couldn’t fly home to my parents this year. Your kids are great, and they taught me how to play Settlers of Catan. I also enjoyed the dinner conversation and getting to know others in your family. It turns out that I have a lot in common with your sister.

#4 I am thankful to you for hosting the Christmas Party! I know it’s a lot more work for the host than the attendees. Your house is beautiful, and the decorations were perfect. The kids also enjoyed decorating the cookies and eating a few, too. And we enjoyed having tacos instead of a traditional Christmas dinner. Thanks again for a great party!

#5 Thank you for hosting the annual Christmas dinner. We appreciate the time and effort that went into preparing the food. I was super impressed with the homemade ravioli. And Ted loved the turkey with stuffing. Also, getting to spend time with the family all together was fun. I like hearing the highlights people share about their lives. The dinner helps us all stay connected.

#6 Thank you for having us over for the family Christmas party again this year. We had an excellent time visiting with everyone. Also, your Dutch apple pie was incredible. We appreciate that you take the time to make enough pies for everyone to have a piece. Also, your Christmas tree was decorated beautifully. The homemade ornaments give it great character. 

#7 You’re a wonderful Christmas party host! We had so much fun playing the games and enjoyed the food as well. Your homemade stuffing is the best. And the kids liked the sugar cookies. 

Thank You for Coming to Christmas Party Messages

Here are example messages for when the host wants to write a thank you message for attending the Christmas party.

#1 Thank you for coming to the Christmas Party. The Brussels sprout dish you made was amazing; even the kids had some. Spending time with your family was a blessing. Also, thank you for the gift card to [location]. I love going there and will think of you when I am shopping.

#2 I enjoyed spending time with you at my Christmas Party. Thank you so much for coming and for bringing the green bean casserole. You know it’s good when there are not any leftovers. I look forward to seeing you soon. Happy New Year. 

#3 Thanks for coming over for my Christmas party. We enjoyed playing [the name of the game] with you and Jake. It’s one of our favorite games. Sharing dinner and celebrating Christmas was great, too. We are glad that we are friends. 

#4 I want to thank you for coming to the Christmas party at [church]. The kids loved having their faces painted with cute [Christmas cats]. Your joyous and happy attitude makes you so much fun to be around. May you be blessed in the new year!

#5 Thank you for bringing the homemade dinner rolls to the Christmas family gathering. They were a big hit again this year. We were also happy to see you and liked hearing about your time at college. You are learning so much, and we are excited to see where your future takes you. 

#6 Thank you for celebrating Christmas with us. We enjoyed having your family at the party, and thanks for bringing the delicious Snickerdoodle cookies. 

Thank You To Your Boss for the Christmas or Holiday Party

Note 1: These examples could also be written to the company owner or whoever was responsible for it, as it’s not always your direct boss. 

Note 2: If you are writing the note to someone you do not work with regularly (like your boss’s boss or the CEO), you may want to stick to a professional tone.

Note 3: You can swap Christmas with holiday (or holiday with Christmas) as needed.

#1 Thank you for having a year-end holiday party for us. Getting together with others from the team outside of work was nice. Spending time with each other in a more relaxed setting is good. The food catered by [restaurant name] was an excellent choice. I enjoyed every bite. 

#2 The Christmas party was so much fun! Thanks for having the ugly sweater contest again this year. That’s my favorite part, and I was happy to see so many people participating. Also, you are a great boss all year!

#3 Thank you for the Christmas party. My husband was happy to meet my teammates finally. We also enjoyed the atmosphere, dinner, and drinks. 

#4 Thanks for the annual holiday party. It was nice to have the afternoon off for it as well. The food, especially the prime rib,  was great, and I appreciated the event. 

#5 Taking the team to [fancy restaurant name] was a wonderful surprise for the holiday party. The clam chowder was the best I’ve ever had, and the view of the sunset made it feel extra special. It’s the most memorable work party I’ve ever attended. 

#6 Thank you for being a wonderful boss throughout the year. Taking the team bowling for the year-end holiday party was fun. And the greasy bowling alley food felt like a treat. A good time was had by all. See you next year!

#7 The karaoke at the Christmas party was a blast! Thank you for throwing a super fun holiday party for the team.  It was nice to do something different than the traditional dinner that the company has sponsored the last few years. 

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