How To Say Thank You When Someone Adopts a Cat or Kittens

In the summer of 2014, I decided to help a mother cat who brought five kittens to my yard. We kept the mother cat and her two orange kittens after being unable to find homes for them.

That means three of the kittens were adopted. One went to my brother’s family, and a friend’s parents adopted two.

I was very thankful that 3 of the kittens were adopted, as we already had three cats. Having six cats sounded a little crazy, but not as crazy as going from three to nine cats. 

When someone adopts your cat or kittens, it’s kind to thank them. 

Reasons To Thank the Cat Adopter 

Here are a few reasons to thank someone who adopted a cat or kittens from you.

  • The adoption means the cat or kittens will have an indoor comfy home.
  • You know they will be safe and well-cared for. 
  • The cat was adopted directly instead of being taken to a rescue. 
  • You’ll be able to foster more kittens or adult cats.
  • They covered your cost of taking the cats to the vet for vaccines or other care. 

Thank You for Adopting My Cat or Kittens Messages

Here are some example thank-you messages, which could be written in a handwritten thank-you card. Include the cat or kitten’s name to make the message feel personal. 

  1. Thank you for adopting Fluffy. She is a lovely cat, and I’m so happy you chose her. 
  2. I’m so thankful you adopted Rocky after I learned he would prefer to be an only cat. I appreciate you for taking him in! I don’t think he would have done very well at the shelter. 
  3. Thank you for adopting Sam and Roxy. They are beautiful kittens, and I hope they fill your home with joy. Please let me know if you need any tips for introducing them to your other cats. 
  4. Thank you for adopting two of the kittens that were found in my yard. I’m sure you will give them a loving home, and I look forward to visiting them. 
  5. You’re amazing! Thank you for adopting Jake and Elwood together. I am grateful you wanted a bonded pair of kittens, as I think kittens do best with another kitten. 
  6. Thank you for sharing that Charlotte and Violet are doing well in your home. I am thankful to you for giving them a great home. 
  7. Thank you for your donation when you adopted Spot. His vet bill was more than expected when I rescued him from the side of the road. 
  8. I thank you for adopting Nacho. She is a magnificent kitty, and I’m thrilled that you decided to become a cat owner.
  9. Thank you for adopting the cute black cat. I’m confident that you’ll provide them with a caring home.
  10. I am excited for your family! I remember that your daughter has wanted a cat for a long time. Thank you for adopting the two tuxedo kittens. 


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