7 Ways People Ruin Thank You Messages. Don’t Make These Mistakes

Yes, it’s actually possible to ruin a thank-you note with poor wording choices.

There are things you shouldn’t write when writing a thank you a message.  You don’t want to offend the recipient when expressing gratitude.


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When saying thank you, leave out the comparisons.

For example, if you are thanking your boss, don’t compare them to a previous boss.

Don’t say, “You are so much better of a boss than John.”  While your current boss may be better than John, the comparison isn’t a thank you or a very good compliment.


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Sometimes, you may get a gift that you don’t like or want. Don’t lie when saying thank you for the gift.

Instead of “Thank you for the gift. I love it”, you can say “Thank you for the gift. I appreciate you for thinking of me.”

The trick here is instead of complimenting the gift, you are expressing your gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

Passive Aggressive Comments

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Backhanded compliments are an example of passive-aggressive behavior.

An example is: Thank you for finally meeting your sales goals!


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Leave out the insincere compliments.

In the office, excessive over-the-top praise will make you look like a brown-noser.

Misspelled Names

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Misspelling someone’s name is a sign of disrespect.

Take care to learn the correct spelling and pay extra attention to names with multiple spellings.

Kaiden, Caden, Caiden, Caiden, Cayden, or Kaden?

Can I Have More?

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When thanking someone for money, asking them for more is not polite.

You don’t want to sound greedy or entitled in your thank you message.

What I Really Wanted Was…

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When you don’t get the exact gift you wanted, you don’t need to share that.

While being honest, you will not come across as grateful and will look more like a jerk than anything else.

Don’t Say:

Thank you for the gift card to Old Navy. However, I really would have liked a Banana Republic gift card. Can you keep that in mind for my next birthday?

Instead Say:

Thank you for the birthday gift card to Old Navy. I appreciate your generosity and will enjoy a shopping day soon.

Writing A Good Thank You Note

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In five steps, you can write a good thank you note for almost anything.

How To Write A Good Thank You Note

The #1 Tip to Writing a Great Thank You Note

How To Thank Someone for a Card
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The best thank-you notes are specific.

Taking a few extra minutes to personalize your thank you message will help it to feel more meaningful.

The #1 Tip to Writing a Great Thank You Note

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