Thank You on Sweetest Day

I am writing this on Sweetest Day, the third Saturday in October. Since I had two teeth removed earlier this week my husband and I did not plan to do anything to celebrate.

I was very surprised when checking the history of Sweetest Day that this day was not started by card companies to sell cards to give to the ones that we love.

The day was started in 1921 by candy makers to promote candy! “The Sweetest Day in the Year Committee distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to “newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor”.

The poor and less fortunate seem to have been forgotten as celebrating the day now consists of giving cards, chocolate, flowers, candy, love poems, etc. to our friends and family. Today I am on day 13 of my second 21 Day Sugar Detox, so I will not be indulging in any candy or cake or other sweet streets. I will have some homemade chocolate mousse!

For those avoiding sugar on sweetest day cards, flowers, or a thank-you note are great ideas.

A quick word of thanks could be written inside a greeting card (regardless of sugar avoiding status). The messages could be the same as used on Valentine’s day. Also, they are not intended to be super specific thank you notes like I usually recommend. These are little messages to thank someone on a holiday that is intended to be all about the sweets!

A message could also be shared on someone’s Facebook Page or by tagging on them on Twitter by adding “Happy Sweetest Day” before or after the message.

Thank you messages on Sweetest Day

♥ Thank you for supporting me!

♥ Thank you for trying the new recipes I’ve made lately.

♥ Thank you for helping me get the kids to school.

♥ Thank you for always loving me no matter what.

♥ I appreciate all the time you spend with me!

♥ Thank you for encouraging me to exercise and eat right (this would also be good thank you message for a personal trainer).

♥ I am grateful for our weekly board game nights!

♥ I am thankful for our marriage!

♥ I am glad you are my [insert relationship]. Thank you for being their when I need you.

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