Thanking a feral Cat Caretaker

October 16 is Feral Cat Day and October 29 is National Cat Day. I love these days as I have 8 cats. It’s also a great day to thank feral cat caretakers. These are individuals who may be providing food and outdoor shelter to the cats. They may also be trapping them and getting them neutered or spayed (usually through a low-cost program). Then they are returned to the area they were taken from.

I fed a feral cat for a year and half in my background. Then he was gone never to return. That was sad but is always a risk with feral cats.

I was almost a feral cat caretaker again

Another cat started coming as we kept putting food out hoping the one we were feeding would come back. This other cat turned out to be a mom cat. She is the gray cat in the picture below. Then one day she surprised us when she brought 5 kittens to the feeding station in our yard.

Turns out I am not that good of a feral cat caretaker as now the mom cat and 2 of the kittens (now full grown) live in my house. I spent several weeks that summer socializing them (wet food was the key!). I found indoor homes for the other 3 kittens.

Buster, the orange and white tabby in the top left in the picture below also came from my backyard. I opened the door on a cold winter day and he came inside. Unable to find an owner we kept him. The two calicoes (bottom right and left) were born in a friend’s barn. The gray cat is the mom cat mentioned previously and the two orange tigers are her two kittens that we kept.


Thanking a feral cat caretaker

The best way to thank a feral cat caretaker is to help them or make a donation of money or food.

  • Buy them a bag of cat food (check if they have a preferred brand). They may have an Amazon wish list.
  • Offer to help with trapping cats for a Trap-Neuter-Return program. This could be lending them a trap (or carrier) or helping with transport.
  • Donate to their Go Fund Me or You Caring fund. Be sure the person and cause seem legitimate before making a donation if you do not personally know the caretaker. Some caretakers seeking funds will have a Facebook page sharing the story of the cats they care for.

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