Thank You Notes For Funeral Food: A Simple Guide with Examples

Following the death of a loved one, family members, friends, or others may provide food.

This guide will help you with writing thank you notes for funeral food and is part of the Writing Funeral Thank You Notes series.

The food could be for a meal after a funeral, for visitation hours, a celebration of life event, or brought to the home of those closest to the person that passed. It’s also possible that you will be thanking a church or other host group without knowing who provided the food.

I’ll provide various examples to help you with your wording to express gratitude and appreciation for the funeral food.

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Funeral Food Thank You Note Wording Template

Keep in mind that your thank you note for the funeral food will need to be adjusted based on who you are writing it to and the purpose of the food (after the funeral, for visitation, or brought to your home).

Template #1: Food Brought to Your Home

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for organizing the food for the calling hours. The church has been a real blessing to us during this difficult time. The family loved the chicken wings and side dishes.

Thanks again,

Your Name

Template #2: Food For An After the Funeral Service Meal

Dear [Church Name or other Host Name],

Thank you for organizing the delicious food for the [meal/lunch/dinner] following [Name’s] funeral. The church has been a blessing to us during this difficult time. The family loved [list some of the food dishes here].

Warm Regards,

Your Name on behalf of the Jones Family

Funeral Food Thank You Note Tips

Here are some tips that will help when writing thank you notes for funeral food.

  • In your notes, “funeral” can be replaced with “memorial service,” “celebration of life,” or whatever best represents the gathering that occurred for the deceased.
  • When writing a note for the deceased’s family, you can sign the note with your name followed by “on behalf of the Deceased Last Name Family.” If you wish, you could include the deceased’s first name as well.
  • When a church or other group provides the meal, you do not need to write a thank-you note to everyone that contributed food to the group. This is because it’s unlikely that you will know who provided the food. However, one thank you note can be written to the group coordinator.
  • If you need to thank a person for food and flowers, please review the examples in the thank you for the funeral flowers post. Then you can combine wording from both sets of samples to say thank you for the funeral food and flowers in one thank you note.
  • Hopefully, the food was good! If you didn’t like the food, you could still say thank you for it, just don’t include compliments.
  • You can mention specific dishes that were well-liked as a way to make your note a bit longer. However, writing long thank you notes is not required etiquette.
  • When choosing thank you cards, look for cards that are blank on the inside so that you have space to write a personalized thank you message. Here is an example of all occasions thank you cards on Amazon.

Thank You Note Messages for Funeral Food Examples

This section provides example thank you note messages for funeral food. Please remember to include the greeting and closing as shown in the templates above.

The samples are only the thank you section (the center section) of the thank you note. You can learn more about the contents of a good thank you note here.

The examples are split into three sections, as the content of your thank you note will need to be adjusted for where and when the funeral food was provided.

Funeral Food Brought To Your Home Thank You Message Examples

When someone in your home or a close family member passes away, you may have people bringing food. The examples below will help you write them a thank you note.

#1 Thank you for bringing food for my family after [Name] died. Losing him was very difficult, and I am grateful that we were able to warm up your casseroles for quick dinners. It was such a relief not to have to worry about meal planning. The entire family loved the taco casserole.

#2 We really appreciate you for bringing over a crock pot of chili the day after losing Susan. The family members could have something to eat when it was convenient for them. Thank you so much for your support. The kids said the chili was delicious and would like your recipe.

#3 Bringing over a few casseroles when my grandpa died was incredibly thoughtful. I greatly appreciated being able to warm up something quick in the microwave. Thank you for caring about me and remembering that mac and cheese is my favorite comfort food.

#4 Thank you for all the food you organized with our church group when my mom passed. It was such a comfort to have support from my church family during this difficult time. Not having to worry about preparing food this week was a true blessing.

#5 Thank you for bringing dinner last week on Wednesday. It was a tremendous help not having to cook for the family after making the funeral arrangements. And, of course, the pot roast and mashed potatoes were excellent. You’ve been extremely generous with your time, and we appreciate you.

#6 You are a true friend! Thank you for the beautiful flowers and Chipolte gift cards. I felt very grateful to have a somewhat healthy meal choice while I was in [City, State] for grandma’s funeral.

#7 Thank you for all the casseroles you provided my family during the week of Steve’s funeral. Having extra food on hand was very helpful. The entire family appreciates your support. Your lasagna is fantastic and was the perfect comfort food. Also, thank you for the flowers. The daisies were beautiful.

Thank You Messages For Food At The Funeral Home Visitation Examples

The examples in this section will help you with the wording of a thank-you note to someone that brought food for the family to have at the visitation. For instance, if the funeral home provided the food, a thank you note could be written to the funeral director.

#1 Thank you for the snacks for my family during my grandma’s visitation hours at the funeral home. It was a long day for the family, and having food at the funeral home was greatly appreciated.

#2 On behalf of the entire family, we want to thank you for ordering pizza for us during the calling hours. We had not planned what the kids would eat for lunch, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also, thank you for helping to supervise the kids. The day was so stressful, and we were blessed to have your support.

#3 Thank you for organizing the snacks for the family to have during the visitation at the church the evening before the funeral for Betsy. The spread of meat, cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit was perfect.

#4 Thank you so much for stepping up and helping the family by providing the sandwiches during the visiting hours for my mom. Your ability to prepare food on short notice is impressive. The family has a sincere appreciation for your efforts. Thank you for being such a great friend.

#5 The family appreciated the food during the visiting hours. The day was so long for us, and we were glad we didn’t have to organize any food or snacks. [This example could be included in a longer thank you note to the funeral director]

Funeral Food Thank You Messages For Meal Following the Service Examples

The food provided for a meal after the service may depend on where the meal takes place. For example, the funeral home may have arranged the food. At a church, members of the church could be providing the food. Or there could be a gathering at a family member’s home or another location.

These examples can also be used for a meal following a death if there was a gathering without a funeral or memorial service. I’ve attended a celebration of life even where there was no service, but plenty of good food!

#1 The taco bar following [Name]’s memorial service was perfect. A huge thank you to those in your group who provided the food and those who prepared and served it. It was a blessing to the family.

#2 We want to thank you for the food you brought to the funeral meal for Steve. Thank you for taking the time to make your famous mac and cheese. Also, the flower arrangements on the tables were beautiful.

#3 We wish to express our gratitude for the dishes you brought to Steve’s memorial meal. The ham, potatoes, and coleslaw were delicious. Thank you for supporting the family in this way.

#4 You are an incredible friend! Thank you for not only organizing the food for Doug’s celebration of life dinner but also for cooking so much of it. Having homemade food helped the gathering to feel even more special. The entire family appreciates your generosity.

#5 Thank you for organizing and providing food for the meal following my mom’s funeral. During this busy time, I am very grateful that the church was able to take care of everything for the dinner. The whole family and all the friends in attendance seemed to enjoy the food.

#6 Thank you for bringing food for the gathering to honor Jake. Your support means so much to the family during this sad time. Your taco casserole and bean dip were fantastic, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. The box you made to collect sympathy cards was awesome as well.

#7 The family thanks you for providing the cheesy potatoes for the memorial meal for Elwood. Serving Elwood’s favorite foods helped the meal feel extra special. Thank you for coming and sharing your stories about him. He was a special guy that will be dearly missed.

Thank You Notes for Funeral Food Summary

Writing thank-you notes for funeral food is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to close friends and other family members that supported you by providing food.

Following the provided templates and examples will help you with thank you card wording for those bringing food to your home, during visitation hours, or a meal after the funeral service.

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