33 Inspiring Thank You Messages For Your Personal Trainer

Expressing gratitude to your trainer is kind and thoughtful. A thank you message is great for letting them know you are happy with your results. 

Sharing words of appreciation with your fitness trainer is a fantastic way to acknowledge how you’ve benefited from their expertise.

In your note or thank-you message, you can include the results you have experienced.  The best compliment for the trainer at your gym is letting them know about your success because of their work with you.

Many examples will be provided. You can also thank them for their time or the program if it is self-guided. There are examples of thank you messages for appreciation for your trainer during any time of the year and a section for a Christmas message to a personal trainer.

 Also, Personal Trainer Awareness Day is on January 2nd, if you want to mention them to others on that day!

Delivering the Thank You Message

You can write your trainer a handwritten thank you note, email, or text message. 

If you choose a handwritten thank you card, you can hand it to them at a training session. Asking for their home address could be against the facility’s rules.

Their email address is probably on their business card or website. If you have your trainer’s phone number, you could also text them. 

Thank Your Trainer Note Template

This template can be used for thinking your trainer when writing a handwritten thank-you note or email. You can also read through the how-to-write a good thank-you note guide.

Dear [Trainer Name],

Thank you for outlining an exercise program just for me. I am finally seeing results! My body feels great. I am very thankful for your support. [Optional – include a compliment like “You are a great coach” or “You’re the best!”.

Thanks Again,
Your Name

Short Fitness Trainer Quotes

Here are some short quotes with words of appreciation for a personal trainer. 

  1. Thank you for helping me to get fit. 
  2. You’re the best trainer! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement. 
  3. Thank you for being the best personal trainer ever! My results with you are outstanding. 
  4. Thank you for helping me achieve my fitness goals and dreams.
  5. I enjoy working with you on my fitness and health. Thanks for all you do to encourage me. 
  6. Because of your coaching, I can enjoy a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for all that you do at the gym. My results are better than I ever imagined were possible. 
  8. You’re amazing. Thank you for helping me so much at the gym. 
  9. I appreciate you for helping me get in shape. Thanks for your support. 
  10. Thank you for inspiring me to stick with exercise. I’m fit and strong because of your program.  

Thank You Messages for Trainer

Here are longer messages to thank your trainer. 

#1 Thank you for being an excellent trainer. I have so much appreciation for you and how much you’ve helped me on my fitness journey. 

#2 I have lost [#of pounds] pounds since starting your program! I am so excited. I’ve had fun buying smaller sizes of clothing. I am telling all my friends about your program. Thank you so much for helping me lose weight.

#3 I have seen great success through [online program name]. I like that I can go at my own pace. I didn’t take a “before” picture, but I can tell you I’ve lost 3 inches from my waist so far! Your program is working for me. Thank you so much for sharing it online.

#4 What an adventure your class has been! I have lost weight, feel stronger, and am more confident than I have ever been before. This class has been life-changing, and I am deeply indebted to you.

#5 Thank you for introducing me to Beach Body [or another program]. I enjoy following the videos on my own at home. It’s nice not to feel like anyone is judging my moves, as can happen at the gym. My arms are starting to look fantastic!

#6 I appreciate your meeting with me at the gym early in the morning. This type of exercise is all new to me. Thank you for answering all of my questions and demonstrating all of the moves for me. My body is already starting to feel stronger for the first few weeks.

#7 Thank you for the excellent training sessions. I am in much better shape after working with you for the past six months. You are a fantastic trainer. I appreciate the time and dedication you put into creating the program.

#8 Thank you for being a great trainer! My nutrition and health have improved significantly because of our training sessions. I am forever grateful to you for encouraging me to make time in my busy schedule for fitness. I feel younger and stronger!

#9 I enjoy our late-night workout sessions. Thank you so much for meeting with me after my shift ends. The amount of time on the treadmill and lifting weights is paying off. I feel so much healthier. You’re a great trainer!

#10 Thanks for being my trainer at the gym. I am definitely benefitting from all your years of experience. Thank you for encouraging me to preserve when I wanted to quit. My body’s transformation is more than I ever expected.

#11 I had the best time shopping for new clothes last weekend! Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me lose weight. I feel fantastic in my new clothes that are two sizes smaller than when I started working out with you.

#12 Thank you for putting together a customized training program for me. It was easy to follow and helped me get off the couch. I feel much more confident in everything that I do.

#13 For the first time, I’m not dreading swimsuit season. I’m so happy to be looking forward to spending time at this beach this summer. Your workouts and, more importantly, the coaching to feel confident with any body size have improved my enjoyment of life. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

#14 Thank you for making exercise feel fun! I like forward to your training sessions at the gym every week. The hard work paid off! I walked 10 miles around the city last weekend with my family. You’re a great fitness instructor.

#15 Thank you as my trainer; I’m living a healthier lifestyle. I no longer get out of breath, walking up three flights of stairs. I feel amazing!

#16 I’m so glad that Betty referred me to you. I needed your personal training style to turn around my fitness. I have confidence in all the workouts now, and my body feels much better. Thank you for taking me on and never giving up on me!

#17 Thanks for teaching me how to use the weight machines correctly. I am finally strong enough to do one pull-up. And my legs are so much stronger. 

#18 Thank you for teaching me the importance of exercise. I have much more energy overall, and doing simple things feels more accessible. You’ve changed my life for the better! 

Christmas Message To A Personal Trainer

The thank-you messages for trainers in this section are similar to those above, including an extra holiday thank-you message. These are perfect messages to thank your fitness coach at the end of the year. However, you can modify them to work at any time!

#1 Thank you for being a great personal trainer. I have enjoyed the workouts this year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!

#2 I’m grateful for all of our training sessions. I never thought I would be in this fit when I started with you at the beginning of the year. Thank you so much for being an excellent role model and encouraging me when my fitness journey felt tough. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

#3 Thank you again for all that you have done to help me improve my fitness level this year. I am delighted with the fitness goals that I have achieved. I wish you a Merry Christmas and will see you in the new year!

#4 You are the best trainer! Thank you for all you have done for me this year. I feel so much better than when I started on my fitness journey. I sincerely thank you for the training sessions and your words of encouragement. I wish you the very best holiday season!

#5 Thank you for helping me to feel stronger. The fitness sessions have improved my life and given me more confidence. I am grateful that you are my trainer. I look forward to working with you again next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.

– Robert Collier

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