25 Sincere Thank You for Your Hospitality Messages

You know when you’ve experienced it. Excellent hospitality feels good.

Whenever you receive genuine hospitality, you can show your appreciation for hospitality with a thank you message.

How To Say Thank You for Hospitality?

Here are a few suggestions for how to say thank you after you experience fantastic hospitality.

  • A verbal thank you. You can say thank you to your host or whoever provided the hospitality. Then you can decide whether to follow up with a handwritten thank you note or an email.
  • Compliments. Gratitude with a compliment is an easy formula for expressing appreciation. Compliments can be of the hosts, food, accommodations, etc.
  • Plan Ahead. For an overnight stay, plan ahead and leave thank you note in the room you stayed in.
  • Gifts. A small thank you gift could be given along with a thank you note. An easy idea to consider is giving the host a gift card to a local restaurant or another thank-you gift idea.

I encourage you to write a handwritten thank you note; however, you can also write a thank you email, or a text message could also work for personal situations.

Thank You for Your Hospitality Templates

Here is a template for a thank you note for hospitality. The first example is for hospitality when you are the guest of a friend.

Hospitality From a Friend

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for your generous and kind hospitality. Also, my family enjoyed our stay at your lovely home. We appreciated your recommendations on lesser-known places to visit on our sightseeing days.

Kind Regards,

[Your Name]

Hospitality From a Business/Hotel/Restaurant 

Dear [Person’s Name – or Staff when you do not know the person’s name],

Thank you for your kind hospitality during our vacation to your wonderful city. We appreciated the warm reception by the hotel staff when we arrived. Also, the breakfast buffet was delicious and the perfect start to our day. The kids had a great time in your free game room as well.

Kind Regards,

[Your Name – or The Jones Family]

How to Customize Your Thank You Message

Your first sentence can be a generic “thank you for your hospitality” message acknowledging the hospitality.

Then, the following sentences can include a compliment and anything else you appreciated. You can also mention a memory that was made.

Also, for a heartfelt thank you for the hospitality message, I recommend being specific about your reasons for the gratitude in your note.

Thank You for Your Hospitality Template Messages

Remember that there are many different ways to experience hospitality. For example, what you say to a friend who hosted dinner will be different than for a weekend stay in someone’s home.

The examples below will give you some wording ideas for various hospitality situations. The messages are only the thank you section of a complete note. Be sure to include the greeting and closing, as shown in the templates, for a handwritten thank you note or email.

Here are some short messages that could be included in longer thank-you messages.

  1. Thank you for your hospitality. You are a gracious host.
  2. Thank you for your generous hospitality. We loved the royal treatment while staying with you.
  3. You’re an excellent host. Thank you for having us over to visit.
  4. Thank you for being such gracious hosts. We enjoyed every minute of our time with you.
  5. Thank you for opening your home to us on such short notice. We greatly appreciated the last-minute hospitality.
  6. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity.
  7. Your dinner parties are the best! Thank you for your generous hospitality.
  8. We loved your hotel. Thank you for the kind hospitality from all of the staff.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality.
  10. Thanks for the hospitality! You’re a great friend and a blessing to many.

Thank You Messages for Hospitality

These examples are a little longer and can be used to thank a host or friend. To write a better thank you note, you can add specific details.

#1 Thank you for the hospitality yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed our visit and the desserts. The homemade chocolate chip cookies were delicious.

#2 You’re a wonderful friend and master of hospitality. Thank you for having our small group over for the evening. I enjoyed the time together and the chance to get to know [Name] better. And thank you for letting me bring my kids along. They had fun playing the simple paper games on your porch while the adults visited. 

#3 Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me yesterday. I appreciate you for inviting me over. And your hospitality is fantastic! I felt right at home. I also want you to know that your orange cat is the cutest!

#4 Your hospitality is out of this world. Thank you for everything you do for the events held at [location]. Once again, the attendees were full of compliments last weekend.

#5 Thank you for your hospitality and generosity. I appreciate you for taking on the organization of the family reunion and offering to host it in your background. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Thank You Note for Dinner and Hospitality Messages

These examples are to help you say thank you for dinner and hospitality. You can also review the thank you for dinner guide.  And you could easily modify the examples to work for a lunch party.

#1 Thank you for your hospitality last weekend. You are a wonderful host. We immensely enjoyed the dinner and the party last weekend.

#2 Thanks for the dinner party! I had a great time and appreciated your generous hospitality. I also was happy to meet your cats. They are lovely, and I enjoyed playing with them while we visited after dinner.

#3 We enjoyed every delicious bite of your dinner last Saturday night. All the food was fantastic and so tasty. You’re a wonderful chef, and we appreciate your hospitality. Would you consider sharing your recipe for the ribs?

#4 Thank you for hosting dinner at [Restaurant Name]. It was the perfect venue for our annual meeting and excellent hospitality. The beautiful lake view helped create a relaxing atmosphere. And as usual, the food and wine were delicious.

#5 Thank you for opening your cozy cottage for the dinner party. Your hospitality is above and beyond. The warmth and comfort from the fireplace were appreciated. And having smores inside was super fun for the kids.

Thank You Note Messages for Hospitality After an Overnight Stay

These examples are to help you say thank you for the hospitality after an overnight visit at a friend’s place.

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#1 Thank you for the overnight stay at your home and the invitation to stay again during my next trip. I am thankful for your kind hospitality. Also, I am so grateful you had an extra room available while I was in town for business during the tourist season.

#2 Thank you for welcoming us into your home. We had a blast on our vacation. Your house was the perfect retreat after a long day of activities. Thanks to your generous hospitality of free accommodation, we were able to enjoy a few expensive dinners.

#3 You are the perfect host. Your house rocks and we had a fabulous time staying with you last weekend. The view from your deck is amazing! We have beautiful memories of visiting while watching the sunset.

#4 Thank you, my dear friend, for hosting me last weekend in your home. Your hospitality was out of this world. I felt like I was at a 5-star resort. I may be back during my next vacation.

#5 Thank you for your warm hospitality. I had a wonderful time and a lot of fun staying at your home last week. I enjoyed our laughter as we relaxed and played board games. The time away from work was just what I needed to recharge. Thank you for being a great friend.

Thank You Messages for Hospitality at Hotels and Restaurants

Sometimes, you may want to thank the staff of a hotel or restaurant after they provide exceptional hospitality. This could be after a vacation stay, or perhaps they hosted an event.

#1 Thank you for the excellent hospitality during our company holiday party. We are pleased with how smoothly the evening went. Many of the employees shared how much they enjoyed the food as well. Kudos to the chef!

#2 We enjoyed our stay at [Hotel Name] and appreciated the hospitality. Also, the pool party for the kids was a huge success. Thank you for providing a lifeguard, which helped the parents feel comfortable.

#3 We had an excellent vacation while visiting [City]. And your hotel has the best hospitality we’ve ever experienced. Your staff went well beyond the usual common courtesy.  Also, the complimentary breakfast each day was a generous gesture. The eggs benedict was the best!

#4 Thank you for helping us create such beautiful memories during our vacation. Your location serves as the ultimate lodge for skiers. We also met some awesome people on the slopes. We will all be coming back next year!

#5 Thank you for hosting the perfect party in your ballroom. Everyone had a great time. Your excellent hospitality sets you apart from other locations.

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