15 Amusing Christians Memes to Make You Smile

Funny Christian memes are a delightful blend of humor and faith, providing a light-hearted take on the quirks of Christian life.

Whether you find these memes funny or not may depend on your background as a Christian, as there are many different denominations and experiences.

Now it’s time to laugh and enjoy some memes!

Not So Perfect Family

Christian Meme - Way to Church vs Walking into Church
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Sometimes, a family will look perfect and happy at church after having a battle on the way to church. Appearances can be deceiving!

God Answering Your Prayer

Christian Meme - Patience Test
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You asked for patience, and God delivers with slow traffic on the way home from church.

That’s in the Bible?

Christian Meme - Obadiah
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Obadiah, one of the shortest books of the Bible, is a book of the Bible that isn’t preached on often at church, at least not at my church.

Close Your Eyes

Christian Meme - Eyes Open for Prayer
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Of course, someone needs to check to make sure everyone else has closed their eyes!

The Over Hugger

Christian Meme - Hugs for all
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Sometimes, there is someone at church who is very excited to hug everyone they can.

New Worship Song

Christian Meme - Singing
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When the praise band plays a new song, some people lift their hands in the air and pretend to sing.

Goliath the Giant

Christian Meme - David and Goliath
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The giant in the David and Goliath story was probably not as big as I imagined when I heard the story as a kid.

Lunch in the Oven

Christian Meme - Sprinting to lunch in oven
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Usually, the church service lasts about the same amount of time each week. But sometimes the service runs late, and you must hurry home to take the pot roast out of the oven.


Christian Memes - Explaining Revelation
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Revelation may be the most challenging book of the Bible to understand. It’s packed full of imagery and poetry.

VBS = Free Babysitting

Christian Meme - VBS means free Babysitting
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Some parents do the Vacation Bible Study (VBS) circuit in the summer. They are likely interested in the spiritual growth of their kids but also enjoy some alone time without having to pay a sitter.

Free Donuts

Christian Meme - Free Church Donuts
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Some churches serve coffee and donuts every week!

Getting Ready for Jesus Time

Christian Meme - Jesus Loading
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Loading up Jesus for prayer, bible study, or on the way to church!

Pastor Changing Churches

Christian Meme - "The Call"
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When pastors have left churches I’ve attended, they usually say something like God has called them to go elsewhere.

I like to imagine them answering the phone one day, and it’s God on the line telling them exactly where to go next.

Coffee in the Bible

Christian Meme - Hebrews Pun
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The book of the Bible dedicated to coffee: Hebrews.

When Will This Prayer End?

Christian Meme - Long Prayer
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When the closing prayer goes on, and on, and on.

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Is Lying Ever Okay?

Bored Woman Talking To Another Woman
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Are those little white lies better than the truth?

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Animal Memes - Cat Licking Paw
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Pastor Appreciation

Pastor With Sheep
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