21 Funny Monday Memes To Make You Laugh

Sometimes, Mondays get a bad rap. Some people actually love Mondays.

Do you dread them or love them?

Enjoy some funny Monday memes today!

You Tried

Funny Monday Meme - Failing to Get Pumped Up
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You tried to get excited for Mondays on Sunday night. However, it didn’t work out.

What Stinks?

Funny Monday Meme - Monday's Stink
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Monday is stinking up your day!

Monday Feeling Jealous

Monday Meme - Annoyed Monday
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Monday, wondering what is so special about Friday. Many people prefer Fridays to Mondays!

Monday Mood

Monday Memes - Zombie
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Sometimes, you are so tired on Monday that you might feel like a zombie calling it in!

Weak Day

Funny Monday Meme - First Weak Day
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Of course, there are puns for Monday, the first day of the work week.

Tired Mondays

Monday Meme - Too Tired for Monday
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When you’re not quite ready for Monday.

Need Coffee

Monday Meme - Need Coffee
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On those Mondays when you need a lot of coffee.

Happy Monday

Monday Meme - Happy Coworker
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That annoyingly happy coworker on Monday morning.

Hello Monday

Hello Monday Meme
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Monday is here! Some people are excited to start the week and whatever opportunities it may offer.

Tired is Tired

Monday Meme - Tired
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Tired from lack of sleep on Mondays. Tired from working too much during the week on Fridays.

Go Getter Monday

Monday Meme - Excited for Monday
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Monday is a fresh start every week. You can do it!

It’s Still Monday

Monday Meme - It's Still Monday
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When you’re having a slow Monday.

Monday Mood

Monday Meme - Monday Mood
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When you’d rather be sleeping in on Monday morning.

Have a Great Week!

Hello Monday Meme
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This is a meme for those excited to start the week on Mondays.


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Deciding not to work on Friday afternoons can lead to an extra busy Monday.

Monday Allergy

Funny Monday Meme - Allergic to Mondays
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Sometimes, we might feel allergic to Mondays, especially following a super fun weekend.


Funny Monday Meme - Exhausted Hen Pun
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Even the hen looks annoyed with this Monday joke.

Monday Feelings

Monday Meme - No Fun Monday
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How you feel about each day of the week on Mondays.

Extra Larger Coffee, Please

Monday Meme - Extra Large Ceoffer
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When you’re extra tired on Monday, you might need an extra large coffee.

For the Love of Mondays

Monday Meme - Yay
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Some people love Mondays!

Dreading Monday

Monday Meme - Kitten
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You might want to find a different job when you dread working on Monday.

Bored at Work Solutions

What To Do When Bored at Work - Bored Woman.
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When you don’t have enough work to do, there are things you can do to stay busy.

Funny Work Memes

Funny Work Meme - Getting Texts on Vacation
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Are you stuck working during the long weekend? Laugh at some work memes:

Generation X Kid Things

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There are things I did growing up in the 1980s that kids these days don’t do.

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Cute and Funny Animal Memes

Funny Animal Memes
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Ready for more memes? Check out some funny animal memes.

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Cute Cats

Tortoise cat
Photo Credit: Vronivis/Shutterstock.

Cats are my personal favorite.

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