21 Funny Love Memes That Will Make You Smile or Laugh

Get ready to smile, forget your worries, and find relief in the humor as we bring you love memes that will brighten your day!

Most people can relate to love memes, having loved or been loved at some point.

Some of these memes are funny, and some are so cute. Have a laugh today!

The Unique Couple

Love Meme - the perfect matcdh
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Most people know a goofy, unique couple made for each other.

No One Like You Pun

Love Meme - There's no bunny like you
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When you’re in love and also love puns, there’s no bunny like you!

You Fit Me to a T

Love Meme - You fit me like a t pun
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This is another love meme for those who enjoy tea and puns.

Sending Memes to Each Other

Love Memes - texting memes
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My husband and I send each other memes while watching TV, sitting next to each other.

Couples are also known for texting each other memes throughout their days.

A Love Test

Love Meme - Different Phones
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You know love is strong when you can make having a different phone system work. Most people have a strong preference for one or the other.

Dinner is Made

Love Memes - making dinner
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Deciding what to have for dinner every day for the rest of your life can be exhausting. You know you’re loved when you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner.

When Love Works Out Eventually

Love Memes - distracted boyfriend
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He may have been distracted along the way, but he eventually committed to you in the end.

Cheesy Love Pun

Love Memes - The cheese to my macaroni
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It’s a funny love meme for those who also love mac and cheese.

Cute, I Love You, Pun

Love Memes - I love ewe
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Of course, there are I Love You puns!

You Complete Me

Love Memes - you complete me like butter on bread
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Another love meme for foodies.

Sleeping as a Couple

Love Memes - Sleeping
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You may have thought you’d be snuggling every night. However, sometimes, one person snores or hugs all the blankets.

That Loving Feeling

Love Memes - Funny Owl
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Sometimes, you might feel surprised when you suddenly realize you’ve fallen in love.

Puppy Love

Love Memes - Falling for you like
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Is there anything cuter than puppy love?

I’m Not Kidding

Love Memes - Not Kidding
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Purrfect for cat lovers. As a cat lady, I appreciate this meme!

More Fish in the Sea

Love Meme - More Fish In the Sea
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Hearing that there are “more fish in the sea” can feel insensitive after a recent breakup.

Bear Hug Love Pun

Love Memes - Bear Pun
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For those lovers who appreciate puns!

A Pair of Pears

Love Memes - great pear pun
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For those who appreciate fruit puns!

Piece of My Heart

Love Memes - Piece of my heart pun
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This is another pun for when you love someone as much as you love pizza.

I Love You in Many Ways

Love Memes - cat loaf pun
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For cat lovers who are familiar with cats that sit in the classic loaf position.

Cute Cats

Love Memes - Cute Cats
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It’s not funny, but it’s cute. I chose this meme because cats are my favorite, and I think my husband would send it to me if he saw it online.

Waiting Memes

Skeleton Waiting Meme - Waiting on Man in bathroom
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

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Bored at Work

What To Do When Bored at Work - Bored Woman.
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When you’re bored at work, there are things to do after you’ve looked at memes.

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Pumpkin Spice Memes

Pumpkin Spice Meme - too much
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is in full swing.

Fall Activities

Fall Meme - Amazing Corn Maze
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Check out our list of fall activities:

Cute Animal Memes

Animal Memes - Hungry Squirrel
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Animals are awesome! They are great for funny and cute memes.

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