10 reasons to thank your cat on National Cat Day or any day!

10 reasons to thank your cat on National Cat Day or any day!

October 29, 2014 is National Cat Day. I have 6 cats, having recently decided to keep a mother cat and 2 of her 5 kittens (the others went to good homes).

Have you ever thought about reasons to thank your cat? National Cat Day inspired me to make a list!

10 reasons to thank your cat on National Cat Day:

  1. You no longer need an alarm clock. The cat wakes you up each morning wanting food at the same time each day.
  2. Your blood pressure is lower from daily petting sessions
  3. The cat is always at home waiting for you.
  4. The cat is a great listener!
  5. Reminds you to take a nap. Cats set a great example of taking naps during the day.
  6. The cat gives you purpose. They are dependent on you for food and care!
  7. He loves you. He may ignore you or swat at you sometimes, but really he loves you on the inside.
  8. Uses her litter box. Every time.
  9. Helps you be less selfish by demanding attention.
  10. Best Pet Ever.

Thank your cat National Cat Day

The cats pictured all belong to my husband and me. We are still adjusting to having 6 and the cats are adjusting to each other. The two orange kittens are Elwood and Jake. The orange and white is Buster. The mostly gray cat in the middle is Violet (aka Mom Cat of Elwood and Jake). On top of the tower is Lina and in the same picture is Kilala (they are litter mates).

Should you write your cat a thank you note?

Now that you have some reasons to thank your cat, you may be wondering about a thank you note for them. Since they can’t read or open an envelope, no thank you note is needed in this situation!

What if you don’t feel thankful for the cat?

Remember it’s not all about you! Cats are not perfect. They may have days when they miss the litter box or hide from you all day. But overall cats make a great pets, if you or a family member are not allergic to them.

If you are struggling to feel thankful for your cat, read the 10 reasons to thank them again. Surely they will meet the criteria for at least one of them!

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