Thank You for Everything You Do for Me Note Writing Guide

Thanking someone for everything they do for you can feel like a huge task. A thank-you note may not feel like enough, but I recommend not saying “I can’t thank you enough.”

But how can you include everything in a note and avoid sounding generic? Following the three steps below, you can write a heartfelt note to thank someone that does a lot for you.

And you might opt to write a longer thank you letter instead of a thank-you note which is usually only 3-5 sentences. There are examples of notes and letters following the three steps.

Step 1: Make an “everything that you do for me” list

Brainstorm a list of the “everything.” “Everything” is going to vary by person. This could be items like the below. Keep in mind that these are only examples. Your list should be specific to your situation.

  • Supporting me through school
  • Homework help
  • College tuition
  • Always being there for me
  • Helping me with the kids whenever needed
  • Providing transportation
  • Food support
  • Weight loss support
  • Help with paying the bills or other financial support (such as a downpayment for a house)
  • Supporting my dreams no matter what they are
  • Consistent encouragement
  • Advice when requested

Step 2: Dive deeper

Now that you have a list of items, think about examples or reasons why you feel thankful or grateful for each item. You may want to complete the sentence completion exercises and download the How To Write a Better Thank-You Note Guide. These questions may help:

  • Why did the item make the list?
  • Did the support keep you out of debt? Allow you to get a bill paid on time?
  • Did the advice or help change your life in some way?
  • Were you rescued from a childcare bind?
  • Are they the best babysitter ever?
  • Do you feel they are always dependable regardless of the situation?
  • Did you and your family not go hungry?
  • Have you accomplished a dream or goal because of their support? What was the dream?

Step 3: Writing the note or letter

Now, you’ll want to combine your list from step 1 with your reasons from step 2 into a note or letter. If you have much to say, it’s probably going to be a letter.

Tip #1 Your note can begin or end with “Thank you for everything you do for me,” “Thanks for everything”, or “Thanks for being in my life”. Remember to include some specific details in your note as the details will make your note feel genuine and heartfelt.

You may also want to check out this quote list on Shutterfly for some generic appreciation messages.

Tip #2 I recommend handwriting your note. Most people will appreciate the extra effort, and it may feel more personal. But, if handwriting isn’t going to work for you, you can say thank you using another method.

Tip #3 If you are thanking someone for advice, you can also review the Thank you for the advice message examples for additional wording suggestions.

Tip #4 If you are writing your note to a parent, you could put it in a Mother’s Day card or Father’s Day card, but don’t wait for the holiday to write them. If thank your husband or wife, check out the spouse thank you message examples.

Tip #5 If your lists from steps 1 and 2 are long, you may want to review the examples from multiple sections to get plenty of message ideas for your later.

Tip #6 Make thank-you note writing a habit and write notes whenever you feel grateful to someone. There are tons of message wording examples on this site. Click here to see the examples by topic list!

Tip #7 You may want to give the person a gift card or other gift along with your note. This is optional. Your words in a well-written thank-you note may have a greater impact, and stick with them longer than a gift.

Thank you for everything Template Note:

Remember to include a greeting and closing in your note or letter. The note will look like this:

Dear [Person’s Name]

The content of your note goes here. Write 3-5 sentences for a short note. And a couple of paragraphs or more for a letter.


[Your Name]

You can also review the 5 easy steps to writing a thank-you note. The examples below will only include the content section. Replace words in [brackets] as needed for your situation.

You can also review “thank you for your support” messages in this post.

Everything that you do for me thank you note examples

The examples are split into examples based on the topic. The longer examples are referred to as letter examples and the shorter examples as notes.

Remember, you can combine examples as needed based on what the “everything” includes someone does for you includes.

The section will end with a letter example that includes thanking someone for many things in one letter.

Short Everything that you do for me note example

Note: In this example change the third sentence to examples from your life. Break your list into paragraphs, if needed.

The impact that you’ve had on my life is hard to put into words. You’ve done so much for me over the years. [For example, giving me the advice to make new friends when my grades started to drop, helping me out now when I need a last-minute babysitter, and giving me a bit of money when I was short on rent.] Thank you for being in my life. I appreciate your ongoing love and support.

School support letter wording example

Thank you for everything you have done to help me make it through college. I am very grateful for the financial support you have provided which has allowed me to stay debt-free. I will be graduating in a few weeks and will not have a student loan burden like so many of my friends. This will give me more freedom when deciding where I want to live once I find a job.

You were so good at supporting me whenever I wanted to drop out. You always seemed to have the right words to help get me through. Completing this degree feels like a huge accomplishment. I have also made many friends while living on campus and so glad that you encouraged me to make the most of college life. Because of my time at college, I’ve grown into an independent adult.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

School support note wording example

I appreciate all that you have done to help me get through school. Your support made the difference, and now my dream of becoming a vet tech has come true! I start at [Vet office name] next week. Thank you for all of your encouragement to keep going and not give up.

Dream support letter wording example

My dream of being a published author has come true! I am excited that my book, [Book Title], will be released by [Publishing company] next month.

Thank you for everything you did for me so that I could peruse my dream. Because of your sacrifices, I was able to spend every morning writing for the past four years. This focused practice time made the difference. I am grateful that you didn’t let me skip a day. And thank you for all of the breakfasts you made so that I didn’t start the day hungry.

And most of all, thank you for your honest opinion when reading my rough drafts. Not everyone would have had the courage to tell me when a character or plot wasn’t working out as you did.

Always being there for me letter wording example 

Thank you for always being there for me. There have been times when I could have made better or different life choices. I am grateful for all of the times that you were there to bail me out.

Looking back, I am embarrassed by some of my decisions. It’s hard to believe that I spent a night in jail [if you want – you can say why]. All it took was a phone call you were there to pick me up.

And all those times you brought me gas. I bet you are glad I outgrew that phase! I am happy to report that I’ve made a habit of getting gas when down to 1/4 of a tank.

Wow, what was I doing spending so much time with [person’s name]? You were there for me whenever I needed to talk about the latest problem in the relationship. I’m so glad I finally met [person’s name] who is a much better fit. It means so much to me that you like [him/her] too!

Always being there for me note wording example 

We’ve been through a lot together! Or should I say, I’ve put you through a lot! Thank you for always being there for me.

Helping with the kids letter example wording 

Thank you for everything you do to help out with my kids. As you know from your own experience, being a single parent is hard! I am thankful for all the times you’ve been able to watch kids at the last minute. You’ve been amazing with adjusting your life by saying “yes” every time.

The kids love spending time with you. You are the best babysitter ever! I am glad that I don’t have to worry when they are with you.

I am happy that my work schedule is becoming regular. This should mean many fewer last-minute requests for help with the kids.

Helping with the kid’s note wording example 

I am thankful every day for everything you do for the kids and me. I appreciate the years of free childcare which made it possible for me to go to work. The kids, [Spouse name], and I love you very much!

Thank you for all of your support mom, I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

Food help wording note example

Life feels like less of a struggle with your support. I am grateful for all that you do for me, including helping up when I’m short on groceries. The gift cards you’ve provided me with over the past few months to [Grocery store name] have been a blessing.

Food help wording letter example

You are a wonderful blessing. Thank you for all you do to make sure I and the kids never go hungry. I am grateful that there is always room for us at your dinner table. You’re meals also taste wonderful too.

Inviting us over for dinner has made accepting help easier. As you’ve noticed sometimes, we struggle to put food on the table. We’ve been able to get by with very cheap simple meals.

Because of your help, we’ve been able to stay in the apartment and be on our own. Fortunately, there is hope for us to be independent soon as [Spouse name] got a promotion!

Everything that you do for me letter example

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for everything that you do for me. I realized that “everything” can feel generic, so I want to be specific about the ways you’ve helped me.

First, thank you for your support while I was in college. When I went started as a freshman, I felt like I had my whole life planned out! Well, as you know, once I finished my first year, I wasn’t so sure college was for me. I am grateful that I was able to discuss my fears with you. And because of you, I had the courage to switch majors to a field I am passionate about. I am so happy to be a [position name] at [Company Name]. You’ll be excited to know that I look forward to going to work every day and enjoying the work!

And then, because I listened to your advice (even when you thought I wasn’t!), I didn’t graduate as a broke college student. Working while in school was tough, but I am grateful that I did not have to take out student loans. I learned how to stay focused on schoolwork since I had limited time to get it done. The ability to focus has been a tremendous skill at my job. It’s helping me to stand out amount the other recent college graduates that hired at the same time as me.

Finally, I am thankful that you encouraged me to not commit to the first [man or woman] that came along. I didn’t want to feel alone or like the only one without a significant other. Thanks to your encouragement and advice, I avoided some relationships that would not have been good in the long run. Better alone than when the wrong person!

You’ve done so much for me in the last few years. I am proud to be able to call you my friend. Thanks again for always being there for me!


[Your Name]

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.