Don’t Forget To Say Thank You On These 5 National Days in March

There are National Days in March which offer several chances to express gratitude! I’d like you to plan to write thank you notes to let people know they are appreciated.

If you want to write handwritten thank-you notes, you read through my seven tips for choosing the design of the thank-you card.

Depending on who you are thanking, you could opt to write a thank-you email or a text message.

Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of March. This year, it’s Friday, March 23rd.

Managers and bosses can write a thank-you email to each employee on their team. A thank you message can help employees feel like their contributions are valued and noticed.

You can read example Thank You Note Messages for Employees to get started.

Not the manager? You can thank your coworkers anytime you feel grateful for them, such as after they help you.

National Dentist Day

National Dentist Day is every year on March 6th.

Many people do not like going to the dentist, which can show in their behavior.

Instead of giving your dentist a reason to hate you, how about writing them a thank you message for their care of your teeth?

I have had unpleasant experiences at the dentist, but they were not the dentist’s fault. I show my dentist the respect he deserves by being a good patient.

Surprise your dentist with a nice handwritten thank-you note. You should be able to find the office address on their website. Unfortunately, they probably do not get many!

To Get Started Read: Thank You Note to Dentist Examples

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is on March 9th and is the perfect opportunity to thank the women in your life.

A quick thank you message can be sent to your friends.

The message can be short and sweet, or you can write a longer thank-you letter if you’d like.

“Thank you for being a great friend!”

“I’m grateful for our friendship. Thank you for being part of my life.” 

For More Wording Ideas, Read: 45 Simple Thank You Messages For Friends

Also, think about the other women in your life. Your spouse, coworkers, bosses, or other professionals you interact with.

Writing a good thank you note to anyone can be done in a few steps.

How to write a thank you card infographic
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National Funeral Director Day

National Funeral Director And Mortician Recognition Day is every year on March 11th.

If you’ve needed the services of a funeral director recently, you have my sympathy.

Funeral directors help us through the difficult times when a loved one dies. But, in our grief, sometimes we may forget to thank them.

Here’s how to thank a funeral director: Writing Funeral Thank You Notes: How-To, Etiquette, and Examples

National Doctor’s Day

Ending the month is National Doctor’s Day on March 31st.

You can let your doctor know that you appreciate them!

My OB-GYN shared that he’s received many fewer thank-you notes than he once did from new parents. For example, before digital photos became widespread and easy, he would receive a thank you card and a picture of the baby in the mail.

Of course, there are many other reasons besides help with having a baby to thank a doctor. Your motivation to say thank you can be for general care and support.

Here’s How: Thank You to Doctor Examples

Expressing words of appreciation is an easy way to show gratitude to others.

You may make someone’s day in March when you say thank you on one of these National Days.

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