How To Say Thank You to Your Boss for a Raise With Example Messages

You can follow up with gratitude after you receive a raise.

You can write your boss a thank-you email in just a few minutes. 

Even if your raise amount was less than you wanted, you can still express gratitude for what you received.

Tips For Your Thank You Message

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When writing a thank you email for a raise, a few things are best left out.

  1. The Amount or Percentage. You do not include the amount of your raise or bonus in your thank-you note. This will help avoid any potential drama if someone else happens to read your message and notices that you received a different amount than them.
  2. Your Plan for the New Money.  There is no reason to share with your boss how you plan to use the additional money you have now because of the raise.
  3. Flattery. A compliment is okay. You should only include sincere compliments. Now is not the time to “suck up.”

A Simple Professional Message

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Here’s a short message that can work for most situations:

Dear Boss’s Name,

Thank you for this year’s raise. I appreciate the increase and the recognition.

Sincerely, Your Name

Another Simple Message

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The beauty of this message is you can use it to thank the boss, even if you do not like the boss.

Dear Boss’s Name,

Thank you for the raise. I enjoy working for Company Name.

Kind regards,

Your Name

A Message With A Compliment

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Dear Boss’s Name,

Thank you for the recent raise. I enjoy working with you and the team. Your leadership skills inspire me every day.

Kind regards,

Your Name

Another Message With A Compliment

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Dear Boss’s Name,

Thank you for the excellent raise. I am glad you are my boss, as we work well together. I am looking forward to the next year together!

Best regards,

Your Name

A Message For A Raise And Bonus

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Sometimes, you may receive a raise and bonus at the same time.

Dear Boss,

What a wonderful day! Thank you for the raise and bonus. I appreciate both of them.

Kind regards, Your Name

Template Message

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This template can be followed to write your boss a thank you note for raise in your own words.

[1] Dear [Boss’s Name],

[2] Thank you for the raise.

[3] It feels good to be appreciated. I enjoy working at [Company name] and have learned much from you this past year.

[4] Sincerely,

[5] Sign your name

Step [1] – Begin your note with the greeting. Using Dear is formal. You could also begin with Hi or Hello or use only their name. For their name, use the name you refer to them when you interact with them. For example, if you call your boss by their first name, use their first name in the note. Otherwise, use their last name like this: Mr. Smith or Ms. Jones.

Step [2] – Express your gratitude for the raise. “Thank you for the raise” is the simplest way to say thank you. The example messages will show you other ways to say thanks for the raise.

Step [3] – Add another sentence or two about why you are grateful. This could also be a nice compliment of the boss, the team, or the company. You could also end with a holiday message if the raise was at the end of the year during the holiday season.

Step [4] – Use a closing appropriate for the workplace, such as Kind Regards, Sincerely, Best Regards, or Thanks Again.

Step [5] – Sign your name. Even with an email thank you, your name should be included. Using only your first name is okay if you have a close working relationship with your boss.

Note: Writing a thank you note for a raise is similar to writing a thank you note for a bonus. Most examples below could also be used to thank you for a bonus. You could easily modify the message by swapping “raise” with “bonus.”

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Other Times To Thank Your Boss

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