10 Things Dads Say They Never Get Thanked For

Dads make many contributions that are sometimes taken for granted.

Ten real dads share things they aren’t thanked for.

It may be time to write Dad a thank-you note!

Being the Primary Driver

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Driving
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From my experience, some dads don’t get thanked for the many hours they spend behind the wheel.

When my family and I have to go anywhere, be it a short drive to the grocery store or a 6-hour road trip, I’m usually behind the wheel and often don’t switch with my wife.

This is the case for many of my friends and family as well. Good thing I like driving!

Ramses, husband of Arnie Nicola

Teaching Life Skills

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Life Skills - Dad teaching how to ride a bike
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The one thing that dads never get thanked for is teaching life skills.

There are so many things that you learn from dads, like riding a bike, driving, fixing things around the house, and so on.

Usually, you don’t realize you learn so many things from your dad, which goes a long way in life.

Anika (on behalf of dads), What Anika Says

Dad Humor

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Dad Jokes
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Much is made of ‘dad jokes,’ but we often forget to thank our fathers for being a never-ending well of good humor.

Just think of how much less fun you’d have in life without your dad’s sense of humor bringing levity to everyday situations.

John, Frugal Rules

Homework Help

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Homework Help
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Dads never get much love when they are the default homework helper.

Helping my 3 boys with their homework is like taking a trip down memory lane, except the lane is full of fractions and algebra I’ve long since forgotten.

I feel like I’m in sixth grade all over again, and let me tell you, it wasn’t my favorite the first time around!

But do I get a gold star for my efforts? A thank you note? Nope, just more homework!

Jake, Sampling America

Working to Support the Family

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Working to Support the Family
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Being a dad is a rewarding but demanding role, and sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I work tirelessly to provide my kids with everything they need – a safe home, good education, and opportunities for a bright future.

However, it breaks my heart when they do not understand this and they get angry. I cannot play with them when they want.

I know when they get old and have their kids they will understand why I did not have enough time for them and I hope they will change that to spend more time with their kids.

Frano, Get Know Trading

Being the Bad Cop

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - The Bad Cop
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While both parents are responsible for disciplining their children, dads often take on the role of the bad cop to maintain balance in the household.

We set boundaries and enforce rules to teach our kids valuable life lessons, even if it means being the unpopular parent at times.

This often goes unappreciated, but it’s crucial in shaping our kids’ character and behavior.

Hanif, EcosGuide

Doing Maintenance Work

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Maintenance Work
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It’s a bit of a generalization, but one thing dads and stepdads don’t get thanked enough for is maintenance.

Every time the car gets the family to and from a holiday, you can’t bet that Dad has made sure the tires are safe, the car’s been serviced and there’s enough fuel in the tank.

The same applies for household preparation – when winter rolls around, you can bet it is Dad who’s made sure the heater is working properly before the cold sets in and that those roof leaks that started to appear in the fall have all been fixed.

Of course not all families are the same, but in my experience it’s maintenance that tends to fall to fathers. And it often tends to go unnoticed and unacknowledged… until something goes wrong!

Rick, Registered Agents Reviewed

Family Event Planners

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Event Planning
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Event planning takes up a lot of time but the effort is easily overlooked.

The planning process begins days before the weekend arrives, taking into account the interests of every family member. The considerations go beyond merely filling the hours with engaging activities; there are multiple other factors to bear in mind. It’s a process that involves taking care of the smallest details, such as ensuring the chosen activity is suitable and safe for our toddler, accommodating our respective work schedules, and even taking into account the fickle nature of the weather.

Furthermore, it involves a substantial amount of research. After all, not all activities are suited for a two-year-old child. Hours are spent poring over family-friendly blogs, event listings, and suggestions from parenting
forums, searching for a blend of educational, fun, and recreational activities that would be appreciated by both my wife and daughter.

However, once we’re on the weekend getaway or at the family event, the toil and effort behind the planning typically fades into the background, replaced by the immediate pleasure of the activity. The preparatory work
becomes like the stage before a theatrical performance, crucial yet unseen, or the scaffold beneath a piece of art, pivotal yet invisible. Yet it’s this meticulous planning that sets the stage for a memorable family outing,
letting us enjoy our time together without any hitches.

Therefore, I think it’s important to acknowledge the planners in our families. Whether it’s the mother or father, their efforts in coordinating and arranging activities plays a vital role in creating precious family
moments. These silent orchestrators deserve our gratitude and appreciation for their unseen yet essential contributions.

Billy, Data Analyst Guide

Balancing Work With Family Time

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Work Life Balance
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We have 3 kids, 1, 2 and 3 years old. I am constantly worrying whether or not I am doing enough as a father and provider for them.

We have had financial struggles recently but since I am the sole provider, I need my wife to know that we are okay so I never let the stress be seen. I know that we truly are going to make it through the hard times because I will do whatever it takes to make it work.

I need to be an emotional rock for my family. Steadfast and strong. My wife and kids need to know they can rely on me for whatever they need ,but in the back my mind, I’m wondering if I should be doing more to make more money.

Am I spending enough time with them? Am I playing enough with them? Is it worth spending more time working if it means I have less time with them?

I know I need to be more than just a provider and today’s fathers are more involved than ever before. I want to be part of their lives as much as possible, support them and provide for them, but I don’t want my kids to know how hard it is to do it all.

Devin, Devin Wall’s Treat 

Planning for the Future

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Planning Ahead
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One of the things that Dads often do but never get acknowledged for is the meticulous future planning and execution – in particular in relation to education. I have two boys, both 12 years old. As a parent, I understand the significance of providing my children with a strong foundation for their future, and I invest considerable time and effort into ensuring their educational needs are met.

From researching and selecting the right schools to mapping out their academic curriculum, I am deeply involved in crafting an enriching educational experience tailored to their unique interests and abilities. I actively seek out resources, arrange tutoring sessions, and explore extracurricular activities that complement their learning. I dedicate countless hours to fostering a supportive and stimulating environment that nurtures their growth.

While I do not anticipate gratitude for these endeavors, knowing that my boys are thriving academically would be a source of immense satisfaction. A simple recognition for the countless hours spent crafting their future path would be greatly appreciated.

Kim, DocPro

Photos are for illustrative purposes only. They are not the dads who provided the quotes. 

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