15 Fun Father’s Day Memes

Memes are a fun way to celebrate dads on Father’s Day. Dads hold a special place in our lives and hearts, from dad jokes to cooking on the grill.

Enjoy these fun Father’s Day memes!

Cliché Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day Meme - Shirt and Tie
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Fathers working in an office may be given practical gifts for Father’s Day, like shirts and ties.

Father’s Day is an occasion for any dad to be given new socks.

Dads Say They’re Not Sleeping

Father's Day Meme - Dad Resting His Eyes
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Dads, including mine, like to say things like, “I’m just resting my eyes.” We know that’s code for taking a nap.

Mom’s Restaurant vs. Dad’s BBQ

Father's Day Meme - Mother's Day Lunch vs Father's Day Lunch
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For some families, taking mom out for lunch on Mother’s Day is a tradition.

However, on Father’s Day, dads are expected to cook for the entire family on the grill.

Best Pop Pun

Father's Day Meme - You're the Best Pop
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Your dad may appreciate this Happy Father’s Day pun.

Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day Spending

Father's Day Meme - Mother's Day spending vs Father's Day Spending
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This is true. I fact-checked it!

According to the National Retail Federation, 2023 spending for Mother’s Day was expected to reach $35.7 billion.

For Father’s Day, spending is predicted to be only $22.9 billion.

Dad Jokes

Father's Day Meme - Dad Jokes
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Dad jokes are not always funny, but we are prepared to laugh anyways on Father’s Day.

Father's Day Meme - Superhero Dad
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A meme to compliment the dads that are fantastic support for their families.

Father's Day Meme - You're My Rock
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For the dad that is always there for you, no matter what!

Ask Mom

Father's Day Meme - Ask Mom
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Dads can rest on Father’s Day when the kids don’t wake him up to ask him something. Usually, when this happens, he says, “Ask Mom,” anyway.

The Favorite Kid

Father's Day Meme - Favorite Kid
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It’s fun to tease Dad about being his favorite when you have siblings.

Who Needs a Map?

Father's Day Meme - Dad Looking at Map
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On Father’s Day, we take Dad’s route even when we know it’s not really a shortcut.

Father's Day Meme - Best Day Ever with Dog
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For the best dad ever. Or, also suitable for a dog dad.

The Best Dad

Father's Day Meme - Best Dad
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For the fantastic dad in your life.

Cool Cat Dad

Father's Day Meme - Dad is a Cool Cat
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For cool dads everywhere that like cats!

Fishing Pun

Father's Day Meme -
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Dad’s reason for not answering when you called. He may have really been fishing.

Father’s Day Thank You Messages for Dad’s Card

Father's Day Thank You Messages
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Consider surprising Dad with a thoughtful thank you message this year in his Father’s Day card!

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Some Dads Feel Underappreciated

Things Dads Are Never Thanked For - Homework Help
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There are times when dads feel like they are never thanked for some things.

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Skeleton Waiting Memes!

Skeleton Waiting Meme - Waiting on Man in bathroom
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Ready for more entertaining memes?

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