31 Things in Life That You Can Always Be Grateful For

There are some things in life that we can always be grateful for. Life has much to offer.

Need some inspiration? Here are suggestions of things to feel thankful for, which may brighten your day.


Things You Can Be Thankful For - Laughter
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Laughter can be a blessing, a sign of good friends.

Even during a hard day, a little laughter can cheer us up for a few moments.

The People In Your Life

Things You Can Be Thankful For - The People In Your Life
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We can be thankful for our friends and family.

There is likely at least one person in your life for whom you are grateful.

Expressing gratitude can help take the focus off yourself and your current problems.

On a hard day, you can reach out to them and say thank you for your support.

Indoor Plumbing

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Indoor Plumbing
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Anytime you have to use a port-a-potty or an outhouse, will make you be grateful for the luxury of indoor plumbing.

Rescue Teams

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Rescue Teams
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When you’re lost or injured, rescue teams will search for you.

Even if you never need a rescue, you can be grateful for them as they could help someone you know or your community.

Having Access to Food

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Having Access to Food
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Having access to food is a blessing, and if you are reading this list, you probably had or will have a meal today.

The USDA reports 89.9% of U.S. households were food secure throughout 2021.

Many community programs or shelters can provide free meals if you are homeless.


Things You Can Be Thankful For - Music
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Music can lift your spirits!

Take a moment to feel thankful that music exists. Then crank up your favorite song!

Random Acts of Kindness

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Random Act of Kindness
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Hearing about a random act of kindness can remind you that there is still good in the world.

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Your Faith

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Your Faith
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Embrace your faith and be grateful for your beliefs.

Christians can turn to the Bible or their church family when needed.


Things You Can Be Thankful For - Love
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Having the love of even one other person is something to be grateful for every day.

The love could be from a partner, child, parent, or friend. Love is beautiful and sometimes taken for granted.

Your Pets or Animals

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Your Pets or Animals
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Pets can bring us so much joy. Cats are my favorite, and I own many.

If you do not have pets, you can still appreciate all animals and their beauty.

Clothing and Shoes

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Clothing and Shoes
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Clothing and shoes are basic needs in life.

And you may be fortunate to have many pairs of shoes for different activities such as hiking, walking, the office, and even slippers for leisure.

The Ability to See Beauty

Things You Can Be Thankful For - The Ability to See Beauty
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Open your eyes. Beauty is everywhere in nature.

Look around your world and appreciate a sunset, a field of flowers, fresh snow, or a beautiful fall day.

The Ability to Taste Delicious Food

Things You Can Be Thankful For - The Ability to Taste
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Enjoy your favorite food slowly. Appreciate each bite. Notice the texture and combination of flavors.

Your Job

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Your Employment
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If you do not like your job much, it provides an income.

Easy Access to Water

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Water
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Whether the water comes from a well or a public water system, we can access clean water at the turn of a handle.

Your Health and Excess to Care

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Your Health
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Good health is a blessing.

And when your body needs help, you can see a doctor or go to an urgent care facility.

Chocolate and Desserts

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Chocolate and Desserts
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Our favorite candies, chocolates, and desserts can be a delight!

The Good Times

Things You Can Be Thankful For - The Good Times
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Reflect on a fun or happy memory.


Thankful For Teachers
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Teachers are dedicated to helping others learn. Sometimes teachers change students’ lives forever when they inspire a child to learn or take up an interest in something.


Things You Can Be Thankful For - Sunshine 
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Sunshine is free and can be a mood booster.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Things You Can Be Thankful For Sunset or Sunrise
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Begin or end your day by viewing the beauty of the sky!

Bees and Butterflies

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Bees and Butterflies
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Bees, butterflies, and other insects pollinate the flowering plants, including food crops.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 35% of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollinators to reproduce.


Famous Painters Art Gallery
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Paintings and other forms of art can add joy to our lives.

The Internet

Things You Can Be Thankful For - The Internet
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The Internet allows us to connect with others easily and opens up many opportunities.


Things You Can Be Thankful For - Memes
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Memes can make us smile and laugh! The funny pictures and sayings can bring a moment of joy to our day.

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Things You Can Be Thankful For - Shelter
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Our homes keep us dry and safe.

Your Education

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Your Education
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Education should never be taken for granted. Learning more usually means that you’ll have more job opportunities.

Good Neighbors

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Good Neighbors
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Having good neighbors is something to be grateful for. If you’ve ever had bad neighbors, you may be even more thankful for the good ones.

Fresh Sheets

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Fresh Sheets
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Fresh sheets feel great and should always be appreciated.

Choosing Alone Time

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Alone Time
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When your life is full of others, such as children, and other family members, choosing alone time can feel like a blessing.

So, you may feel grateful when you can break from others and do whatever you’d like alone.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Things You Can Be Thankful For - Random Acts of Kindness
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Random acts of kindness still happen. When they happen to you or a friend you can feel grateful.

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Cute Cats

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Cats are my personal favorite.

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