Feel Happier by Enjoying These 18 Delightful Simple Pleasures Most Days

Simple pleasures can add a little joy to your day when you indulge in them.

They can be easy to experience when you can slow down. Sometimes becoming aware of them can help us to recognize and enjoy them.

You can also choose one of your simple pleasures to have a better day!

Fresh Sheets

Simple Pleasures - Fresh Sheets
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Clean sheets feel great! The first few moments of getting in bed feel awesome when the sheets are clean.

Sunshine on Your Face

Simple Pleasures - Sunshine on Your Face
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Feeling the sun on your face can feel great, especially after a few cloudy days.

The Smell of the Rain

Simple Pleasures - The Smell of the Rain
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Researchers have documented what causes the smell and even named it petrichor.

It’s a simple joy to inhale the fresh air after it rains.

Watching a Sunrise or Sunset

Simple Pleasures - Watching a Sunrise or Sunset
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The sun rises and sets daily, giving plenty of chances to take in a beautiful sky.

You may need to take a drive and plan in advance if other homes, trees, or buildings block your view.

Look for nearby lakes or other open areas where you can see the horizon.

The Taste of Food

Simple Pleasures - The Taste of Food
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Taking time to enjoy the taste of each bite of food can be a simple pleasure.

And you may enjoy the food more if you take small bites and appreciate the taste and texture.


Simple Pleasures - Nature
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The beauty of creation is all around us. From trees to flowers, even weeds can look beautiful.

Take a moment to appreciate the landscape. Even in big cities, there are parks offering a break from buildings.

Petting a Pet

Simple Pleasures - Petting a Pet
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I love spending time with my cats. They enjoy being petted, and I enjoy petting them.

If you do not have a dog, cat, or other animal that enjoys being petted, you may be able to get your fix at an animal rescue. Sometimes, rescues or shelters allow people to visit animals in their care.

Or you may have a friend or family member with a pet that enjoys attention from people other than its owners.

You could also go to a petting zoo!

The Smell of Coffee

Simple Pleasures - The Smell of Coffee
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Many people start their day with coffee and its distinctive scent.

Taking in the aroma and drinking slowly is a way to make coffee drinking a simple pleasure.


Simple Pleasures - Desserts
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Indulging in your favorite dessert can be a simple pleasure, especially if you can have it on hand to enjoy whatever you’d like.

For example, having your favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer.

Warm Blankets Right Out of the Dryer

Simple Pleasures - Warm Blankets Right Out of the Dryer
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You’re probably not washing your blankets every day. However, when you do, cozy up with the warm blanket as soon as you remove it from the dryer.

Of course, this will require you to take the blanket out of the dryer promptly.

Your Favorite Movie

Simple Pleasures - Your Favorite Movie
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You’ve probably seen your favorite movie many times. That’s why it’s your favorite!

Defaulting to your favorite movie is a simple pleasure. It can take away decision fatigue when you’re ready to relax for a couple of hours.


Simple Pleasures - Hugs
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Hug a friend, partner, spouse, or child.

A Clean Room

Simple Pleasures - A Clean Room
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Perfect vacuum lines on the carpet and a room free of clutter can feel relaxing as soon as you walk into it.

Instant Connections

Simple Pleasures - Instant Connections
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You can text your favorite friend or family member with an encouraging message adding joy to them and you.

Getting Deliveries

Simple Pleasures - Getting Deliveries
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This is one of my husband’s simple pleasures. He loves ordering things online and having packages show up the next day.

I’m not encouraging shopping addiction, but take a moment to appreciate the advances in technology that make it so easy to have most things delivered directly to your home with the click of a button.

Watching Children Play

Simple Pleasures - Watching Children Play
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Many people enjoy watching children, when the kids are getting along.

Joy can be found watching them interacting with each other and having a good time.

My parents love to watch their great grandchildren.

Alone Time

Simple Pleasures - Alone Time
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Having some alone time is a joy for those that are rarely alone.

Laughing at Memes

Simple Pleasures - Laughing at Memes
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Memes often represent life. And sometimes those memes are funny.

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures - Junk Food
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There are also many guilty pleasures, which are things people sometimes enjoy and keep it a secret.

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Happy Couple Shopping
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